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Biblical Subjects

Irritability and Annoyances

This is another one of those words that are not found in Scripture, per se, but principles of Scripture do bear upon it.  Irritable means “easily irritated or annoyed,” and irritate means “to make impatient or angry; annoy.”[1]  Irritable means “easily irritated or annoyed; readily excited to impatience or anger.”[2]  We’ve already discussed what the Bible says about impatience and anger, thus we don’t need to make a long exposition of irritability here. In short, to be irritable is to be impatient and angry—both of which are sinful attitudes and dispositions and responses. (More)

Each of Us Must Give an Account to God!

Daniel Webster, the well-known statesman in the early years of the United States, was the speaker at a luncheon for employees of the government. At the urging the the assemblied group, the venerable older man gave a statement that has been passed down through history. It is one that touched the guests and it is one that has penetrated to the hearts of many who have read the words. Mr. Webster said: “The most important thought that ever occupied my mind is that of my individual responsibility to God.” Is this the way you would have answered an inquiry into your most solemn thoughts? (More)

Can We Approach God Directly?

(Is Jesus the Only Way to God and Heaven?)

Today we live in what has been called a pluralistic world.  Unknown to previous generations, the term pluralism may be defined as “a condition in which numerous distinct ethnic, religious, or cultural groups are present and tolerated within a society” (The American Heritage College Dictionary). We are particularly interested in religious pluralism. (More)

General Topics

"Christian Leaders Who Uphold Genesis"

Modern-era theologians and prominent church leaders from around the world affirm biblical creation (historical Genesis) (More)

Biblical Subjects

Was Jesus Really Sinless?

Traditionally, one of the pillars of sound belief in the world of Christendom is that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was without sin. Many would not question this central tenet of Christian faith. It is a truth thoroughly taught through the New Testament.

On the other hand, along with the gradual decay of faith in the Bible in the country, we find that vast numbers of people in general refuse to believe that the Lord Jesus did not sin. Further, an amazing number of professing “Christians” also doubt that Jesus could or did live a sinless life. Barna Research conducted a survey to discover what Americans believe about the Lord’s sinless life. The results were interesting, revealing, and dismaying. (More)

General Topics

The Dark Side of Halloween

Excited children masquerading as witches, pirates, devils, ghosts, Dracula and other creatures bounding through the neighborhood, going from door to door shouting, "Trick or Treat" the party at school or a friend’s house where they tell ghost stories, bob for apples or tell fortunes the visit to the community "haunted house" and homes decorated with witches, skeletons and eerie looking grinning Jack O Lanterns...IT MUST BE HALLOWEEN! (More)

Biblical Subjects

Completely Transformed!

Most people assume that “religion” consists of being a good church member and living a moral life. Sadly, they entirely miss the real significance of being a follower of the Lord Jesus. What is your own conception of Christianity? God has revealed to us that following Jesus means that one will live an entirely different and transformed life, one that begins with a new spiritual birth of the Holy Spirit and continues with a love-relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. (More)

General Topics

"Theocratic Lying" and the Watchtower Witnesses


Many of you may be aware that the so-called “Jehovah’s Witnesses” who knock at your door believe in lying in certain circumstances.  That’s right. And it may be a shock to you! Witnesses believe that they are in a “theocratic warfare” and this includes warfare against anyone who opposes the Witnesses, the Watchtower, and their perverse doctrines. (More)


Why Be Kind to Others

Kindness is a missing virtue in our world, yet it would seem that nearly everyone appreciates the kindness extended to them. While this is a Christian virtue, we know that even unbelievers may offer at least a degree of kindness toward others. (More)

General Topics

What Influences Your Life?

Seven Factors to Consider

We are all influenced by different factors in life, some of which are positive and some are negative. None of us lives in a monastery or convent, thus we have contact with other people and with numerous other inputs that cause us to live, think, speak, and do what we do. What really influences you, personally? Recently I was watching a film that discussed why young men and women, in their twenties, do what they do. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Renounce All Known Sin!

We wish to discuss the serious matter of sinning with the full knowledge that some action or attitude is sinful before our holy God. This is a step beyond the matter of sinning unintentionally and involves sinning in a defiant way against God and His will. (More)

Make Sure Now!

Peter wrote to those who had received “a faith of the same kind” as his (2 Peter 1:1).To these recipients, the apostle wrote, “Be all the more diligent to make certain about His calling and choosing you” (v. 10). We also need to have diligence to be certain about our relationship with the living God and our right standing before Him. Nothing is more important than this! And we need to be assured of this now! (More)

The Simplicity of God's Organization and the Complexity of False Associations

When a person reads through the New Covenant writings (the New Testament) without wearing sectarian or cultic “glasses,” he is impressed with God’s arrangement for His family, the body of Christ. Instead of the Jewish model of organization found in the Law of Moses, the Lord Jesus planned for the orderly functioning of the community or assembly of God on earth today. (More)

Letter to Mennonites

A Sincere and Passionate Appeal of a Mennonite Pastor to His Brethren

The following letter is one of the most unique we have ever read. It was composed by a Mennonite pastor and his wife as they discovered truth from Scripture and compared it with what they had always been told, what they had studied, what they had always believed, and what they had inherited from their parents and forbears.  (More)

Comments on the News

The Supreme Court's War Against God

We all are aware of the Supreme Court’s decision to allow “same sex marriages” in the United States. This was against the wishes and sincere hopes of morally-minded Americans, but now it has been done and there seems no way to reverse the decision. The latest news is that the same Court “ruled against a Kentucky county clerk who says her Christian faith should exempt her from having to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.” (More)

General Topics

The Adultery of Ashley Madison

By now, most of us have heard or read of the website that promotes adultery.  If you are like me, I was totally shocked by the recent revelation that so many Americans and people from around the world had signed up with the website in order to get “hooked up” with the opposite gender so as to commit adultery against their lawful spouse! (More)

Before I Die

The final recorded words of a person generally are perceived to be of keen interest. Particularly is that so when the individual is of considerable prominence. Paul, God’s chosen apostle to the Gentiles, wrote thirteen known books of the New Testament. His final composition was the second letter to Timothy. The fourth chapter of that epistle contains a concluding exhortation to his faithful young co-worker in the gospel. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Fruit of the Spirit

Sober-minded, Prudent, Thoughtful, Sensible

Some of us may think that this quality is old-fashioned or dry, cold and lacking in "fun." But what does God really mean when He refers to this quality or fruit of sober-mindedness and sensibleness? The Authorized Version (KJV) of the Bible uses the term “sober” frequently, but this is seldom found in our contemporary language. (More)

General Topics

Those Sensitive Subjects!

Aspects of God’s Will that Many Avoid, Alter, Deny, or Despise!

Many families are aware of “sensitive” areas of concern and conversation that are “off limits” and must not be brought up.  Because of deeply-held convictions and personal bias, these families just refuse to discuss certain issues.  This kind of sensitivity may be found in religious circles as well—in churches, Bible study groups, and professing Christian fellowships. They just don’t want to converse about some Biblical matters because of the controversy that often surrounds them. (More)

The Woman's "Imperishable Quality" of Quietness

We know that some readers may tend to view the topic of our discussion here with a degree of negativity. They may assume that this is a “put down” of the feminine gender that fails to recognize the variety of responses that women may legitimately have. They may say, “A woman may be quiet and a woman may be loud. It all depends on her personality!” We do recognize that there are different personalities in women—as well as men—but, at the same time, we must accept what God in Scripture desires in both genders. (More)

Hollywood Stars and the Passing of Time

Many are under the mistaken impression that movie celebrities from Hollywood are the most attractive people in the world. They pursue bits of information, go to their movies at the mall, read of them in the tabloids, and see interviews of them on TV. There is something fascinating about these entertainers of the silver screen! (More)

Who is Knocking at Your Door?

The Dilemma of Negative, Close-Minded, Deceived Watchtower Witnesses

If you are like me, you occasionally have someone knock at your door and want to pass you some of their religious literature. This may be two Mormons who promote Joseph Smith’s doctrine, or it may be members of the Moonies, or—more likely—you will find two Watchtower Witnesses with smiling faces and a hand full of literature that you will find as you open your door. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Scattered Brothers and Sisters--The Dilemma of Believers Alone

I don’t know if you have seen a contemporary situation as clearly as I have, but it is out there in America and around the world. It is a problem that has always been with us but is continuing and maybe increasing. What is this dilemma to which I refer? (More)

Comments on the News

Will We Follow Jimmy Carter or Will We Stand Firm, Regardless of the Cost?

Recently, Jimmy Carter, the past president of the United States was interviewed and his personal opinion was revealed. For decades now, we have known that Carter held liberal views and didn’t mind promoting such views publicly. We think this is a shame for a Baptist teacher, one who would not be approved by a great number of his Southern Baptist brethren. According to one news report, Carter said:

About half way through the interview on Huffington Post Live, Carter was asked his opinion of gay marriage, to which he gave the obligatory, “That’s no problem with me. . . ." (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


It would seem that until a hundred years ago, people were more concerned about modesty than they are today. At one time, women were embarrassed to show their ankle or allow anyone to see any flesh other than their hands and face. Today, women freely show their legs and arms. When in outdoor recreational activities in summertime, women may wear a bikini that is merely two tiny bands of cloth to cover explicitly sexual parts of the anatomy; perhaps 90 to 95% of the body is shown before the lustful gaze of the opposite sex. We are led to ask, “Is anyone modest anymore?” (More)

Comments on the News

And Now What Will They Do?

Now that the Supreme Court of the United States has unjustly and wickedly made sodomite unions (misnamed “marriages”) legal in America, some very serious thinking needs to be done. It would be difficult to change the present unjust law that was passed by five liberal judges. But immediately we see a crisis looming for thousands of good-hearted and usually sincere professing Christians. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Are We All Children of God?

Yesterday I was visiting a public place and heard someone near me make the remark, “We are all children of God!” I don’t know the context of the comment, but I do know that something like this is frequently said. It may be at a funeral where a liberal pastor is seeking to reassure a family about a sinful loved one who has died. He may say, “We are all children of God and Joe (John, Jim, James) is in a better place!” (More)

A Woman as President?

We know that the presidential race is in full swing in the United States these days. For a long time now, people have known that Hillary Clinton would be seeking the presidency and she has made this quite clear at this point. Clinton’s hopes would be founded on political and social liberals from the Democratic party (e.g., young people, woman, atheists, homosexuals, many minorities, etc.). (More)

Comments on the News

Lifting the Fist against God our Creator!

(The New Supreme Court Ruling on Sodomy and Other Sexual Perversions)

President Roosevelt said of Japan’s “sneak attack” against the America at Hawaii in December of 1941, “this day will live in infamy.” Today, June 26, 2015, will also live in infamy as a day that America has formally and legally entered a stance against Almighty God and His moral structure! As many of you know, this is the day that the Supreme Court formally made it legal for sodomites and homosexuals to enter “marriage” in all 50 states of the union. Who would have thought that this would happen? (More)

Biblical Subjects

Will it Seem Important 1,000 Years from Now?

As our days go by and they add up to weeks, then months, and eventually years, what thoughts go through your mind? We all see the passing of time and may lament how our life seems to go by so quickly, but how do we evaluate all of this? What’s the bottom line in the passing of time and your lifespan? (More)

The Second Coming of Christ and How We Should Prepare

In our day, we find a special interest approaching a passion to examine the New Testament regarding prophecy. This dominant theme of sermons, books, and conferences focuses on the coming of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. One new convert had a consuming passion to study and learn of Christ’s return found in contemporary prophetic books specializing in speculative interpretations. His interest crowded out other topics that he needed as a young believer. Sadly, this devoted convert fell away and could not be reached. Has this become your own theme in Bible study? (More)

Five Spiritual Enemies and Five Victories for God

As followers of the Lord Jesus, we face manifold trials, temptations, and hardships every day of our life. Along with this, we encounter spiritual enemies that threaten to overcome us. How can we meet these adversaries through Christ? Have you consciously dealt with the world and its evil ways? Have you battled with your own flesh and Satan, our arch-enemy? Have you overcome the enemy of sin? And are you prepared to face the inevitability of death? All of these spiritual enemies have their solution in Jesus our Lord! (More)

General Topics

Muhammad and Apostate "Christianity"

We all know that spiritual influences may come from many different directions. Generally our parents’ view of God and religion has a great influence on the views of their children.  Church affiliation and TV programs can also have some bearing on what religious views we adopt. Friends are one of the chief factors in the formation of our religious views. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Who is the "Helper" of whom Jesus Spoke?

Although Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit during His lifetime (Matthew 12:32; Mark 12:36; 13:11; Luke 11:13; 12:10, 12), He gave additional insights into the Spirit in the upper room before He left for the Garden of Gethsemane on the night of His betrayal. The Lord Jesus had His twelve disciples (apostles) around Him and promised, “I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever” (John 14:16). (More)

Who Are We?

Do People Really Understand?

Many of you really want to love and serve God apart from denominational systems and institutional connections. You are tired of the religious machinery that obscures your view of God and twists His will for mankind.  You also want to have a simpler walk with the Lord as an individual or as a family, under the authority of His Word. But people don’t seem to understand! (More)

Letters to the Editor

Acceptance, Popularity, and Numbers Do Not Reflect Morlaity

Increasingly the local newspapers promote various aspects of the sodomite agenda.  This media immorality (including radio, TV, and Internet) reflects the contemporary immoral age. The ultra-liberal ACLU campaigns to make sexual immorality acceptable in society. The twenty-first century is not the twentieth century! (More)

God and Science Belong Together

Jim Hahn’s article (Keep science and religion separate) is a typical Deistic argument that fails to address reality. Sadly, Hahn thinks one can devise a “Creator” of his own imagination, one who is totally separate from science and creation and may be easily dismissed. It can’t legitimately or rationally be done. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


Do you consider yourself to be a hostile person? Do other people--including your family--consider you a hostile man or woman? We need to discover the identity of someone who practices hostility and then find out how to avoid this terrible sin. (More)

Some Contrasts Between the Nature of the Mosaic System and Christianity

In this context [Galatians 4:1-3]the apostle refers to the condition of the world (including the Mosaic system) prior to the introduction of the religion of Jesus Christ. It was a child-like state, lacking maturity; it was a sort of “kindergarten” condition, where only the ABCs (cf. “rudiments”) were known. By way of contrast, Christianity is a system that expects a deeper level of service to God. There are several ways to illustrate this principle. (More)

General Topics

The Bible and Self-Esteem

No person is one-dimensional. Actually, there are three views of every individual: the view that God has of us, the opinions that others hold concerning us, and the perception we have of ourselves. Each of these is quite important. First, let us consider the divine vantage point. This is the assessment that is accurate in every detail. (More)

Worn-Out Welcome: Saying "No" to the TV

Ever had a guest you wish you hadn't invited?  Maybe you were looking forward to a little fun and found a lot of wasted time instead.  If so, maybe you'll tune right in to this picture of an ungracious guest.  He dominates the room, grabbing attention whenever he can. (More)

Do Not Sin Against Your Children

It is a terrible thing to sin against another person.  Scripture says that when we sin against a brother, we actually sin against Christ Himself (1 Corinthians 8:12). When we sin against another person, we sin against God. We also sin when we wrong a child. This society gravely and grossly sins against children! (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Erosion of Marriage

According to a 2004 census, some 5,080,000 American couples are living together without the benefit of marriage. Several decades ago this practice was relatively rare and considered a sexual aberration; today it scarcely raises an eyebrow. Even in religious circles the walls of sexual restraint have crumbled. (More)

Open Your Eyes

What Do You Really See when Your Look at People?

If you have eyesight, you regularly use it every day of your life. When you are around people—whether at home, on the job, or in public—you look at them. But what do you see?  Do you really see these men and women, these boys and girls? (More)

General Topics

What is Marriage and Why Does it Matter?

Most people believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. According to a national Wirthlin poll by Alliance for Marriage last March, 62% of the people polled agreed that marriage is a heterosexual commitment; 26% disagreed; 12% didn’t know. (More)

The Amazing Benefits of Physical Activity

Do you know one of the chief ingredients of healthy living? We all know that good nutrition, sufficient sleep, clean habits, avoidance of tobacco and drugs, and clean air all contribute to good health. But have you really considered the matter of exercise as well? By this we refer to physical activity and movement. (More)

The Early Church--Catholic Church Connection?

Is it Really True?

Modern Catholicism of the twenty-first century makes the claim that the same church about which Jesus spoke is the very church we know as the Roman Catholic Church. Is this true? We know that you may be a devoted Catholic, observing all of its precepts and loyal to the Roman bishop. Maybe you attended Catholic schools through high school, have read Catholic literature, and gone on Catholic retreats. All of this time, you were told and assumed to be true that the Catholic religion is indeed the Church that Christ established 1,000 years ago. (More)

Comments on the News

New Thoughts on Springtime

This time of the year, most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are thinking of the season that is now upon us—spring! After a long and hard winter, virtually all of us enjoy the prospects of warmer weather and the “new life” that springtime represents. Since this past year has been particularly frigid, with depths of snow seldom seen in previous years, and temperatures at minus 30 degrees in some places, the relief that we want is coming just at the right time. As life has it, after hard times, we especially enjoy the better times and seasons. (More)

Biblical Subjects

What Does the Bible Say about the Rapture?

“In case of the Rapture, this vehicle will be unmanned.” “The Rapture: the only way to fly.”

The preceding slogans are but two of the many circulated by folks who believe in the so-called “Rapture” theory. You see these slogans on bumper stickers, Twitter, and Facebook. (More)

General Topics

The Mormon Creation according to Joseph Smith

“In the beginning God created the heaven and earth … ” is the first sentence in the Bible. And one to which Joseph Smith, prophet and seer of the Mormon Church, has given his own peculiar interpretation. To comprehend the Mormon version of Creation, one has to first understand their teaching on God. The Heavenly Father, according to Joseph Smith, is the literal father of our spirits. (More)

Protecting our Children

How Can We Protect our Children from Worldly Influence

 The family is the foundation of our society and Satan is out to destroy this foundation. We have often allowed Satan to enter our homes like a thief, and have not even noticed his presence. He has not just come once and disappeared, but continues to sneak in undercover daily, using the influence of games, toys, books, TV, videos, movies, music, computer games, the Internet, and above all school friends and teachers. Often parents do not realise how their children are being affected as they busy themselves with all the work they “have” to do. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Growing Trend Toward Universalism

We recently received a letter from a courteous reader who asserted his belief that all people will be saved ultimately. He feels there is Bible support for this position, though he introduced not a solitary passage in defense of the theory. Perhaps there is some value in discussing this theme—in this day of widely diversified religious views, and a growing tendency to excuse or justify every conceivable ideology. (More)

The Perversion of Pluralism

We have often read or heard that we are living in a pluralistic society in which many different philosophies and beliefs may co-exist with a degree of tolerance exercised by all.  We are living in an age and dwelling in a land of extensive religious pluralism —but is this reasonable and right? We especially want to focus on religious pluralism. (More)

Do You Try to Live a Good Life?

If you are like many other people, you want to live a “good” life and be loving and kind toward others. By this means, we suppose that God will be pleased and will choose to let us into heaven when we die. One large but aberrant religion supposes that God will have supernatural scales on the Day of Judgment and use this to weigh the good and the bad that people have done during their lifetime. If the good outweighs the bad, the person will be welcomed into heaven, whereas if the bad outweighs the good, that person will be rejected by God and go to hell. (More)

General Topics

Young Person, Prepare for Your Future

You may be a fourteen-year-old or you may be a twenty-five-year-old. Either way, your life is largely before you. But let me ask you frankly, have you ever visited a nursing home and observed older people who can no longer walk or talk or even think well? They may be incapacitated or look at you with blank stares. They are a shadow of the vibrant men and women they used to be at your age. Remember, one day those men and women you now see could be you! (More)

Biblical Subjects

What is the "Gift" of Celibacy in
1 Corinthians 7:7?

Occasionally, when one of some years and experience believes he has heard about every devious manipulation of scripture that is possible, he must pause and confess that he has not. There is always a new, bizarre twist to some text. Let me introduce you to one of the latest that engaged my attention, resulting in an uncommon degree of dismay. It involves the “gift” of celibacy (1 Corinthians 7:7). Exactly what is this? And how does it relate to one’s sexual conduct? (More)

Learning to Trust God

In his classic novel, Robinson Crusoe (1719), author Daniel Defoe has his leading character, Crusoe, cast upon a deserted island off the coast of South America following a violent shipwreck.

For more than 28 years he languished under conditions that most would consider unbearable. On a certain occasion, however, the isolated Englishman reflected upon his circumstances — perhaps more deeply than he ever had. (More)

General Topics

Agape--A Christian Husband's Obligation

Paul instructs husbands to consider Christ, the perfect model for agape. Using agape as an acrostic, let us study five truths that help us understand the husband’s obligation. A is for attitudes and actions. It does not stand for avoidance. It is not a strategic apology to prevent a conflict. Attitudes and actions mean that the husband must think and act like Christ; he ought to be a “Christian husband.” (More)

The Captivity of Paul and Contemporary Imprisonment

Have you ever wondered how Paul viewed his capture and time in captivity in Rome? The apostle himself gives us a few hints as we read through his captivity letters and his last extant letter, 2 Timothy. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Leaving Your Denominational Church

Have you grown up in a denominational or sectarian church or denomination? If so, you should know that large numbers of people have departed from the church of their childhood. It may surprise us to know that “As of 2008 over 3,500 people leave the church every day” (simple church athome. com/Why.html). As you can see, this is an exceedingly large number! “Between 2000-2005, 20 million people, of all denominations, left the typical North American local church” (Ibid.). (More)

General Topics

An Atheistic Assault upon the "Design" Argument

William Paley (1743-1805) was a British theologian/ mathematician/ logician who produced several erudite works, not the least of which was his volume called Natural Theology (1802). In this work, Paley argued that just as a watch logically implies a skilled, intelligent “watch-maker,” even so, a structured universe points to an intelligent universe-Maker. (More)

Comments on the News

No Visit to Heaven after All

Most of us have seen advertisements of a book that has been circulated far and wide. I refer to the book entitled, “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life Beyond this World” by Alex Malarkey. Numerous readers have eagerly read the account with the hope of finding out something of the life beyond. But did Malarkey actually go to heaven? (More)

General Topics

Creation and the Age of the Earth

For thousands of years Genesis chapter one has been understood as the original creation of the Universe that took place in six normal, but majestic, days. Within the last two centuries, many have been conned into believing that the billions of years required for evolution must fit somewhere within the first chapter of the Bible. For numerous “Bible believers,” flawed evolutionary dating methods have become the tyrant of biblical interpretation. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Did Jesus Ever Travel to India?

There is no biblical support for the idea that Jesus meditated in India before beginning His ministry in Israel. Nor is there any evidence that He left the land of His birth at any time to go to India or anywhere else. (More)

General Topics

Calling False Teachers by Name

Are you reluctant to publicly identify a past preacher or minister as a false teacher? Are you hesitant to name a well-known TV “evangelist” as a false prophet? Some go so far as to refrain from mentioning such people publicly. They explain, “God will take care of them if He wishes. I need not identify them myself. Besides, I have enough faults of my own to be concerned about those of others!” (More)

How Wisdom Affects Causes of Death and Death Rates

If we have God’s wisdom, we can do certain things and refrain from doing other things that have a bearing on certain causes of death and death rates. In other words, although God knows beforehand when we will die and He holds us in His hands, we can have wisdom to do certain things that will either cause death, hasten death, or slow the progression of death. Our physical and health decisions, therefore, are figured into God’s own knowledge of our earthly life. Of course, 100 percent of people will die, but we have some effect of how or why we die. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Facts You Neeed to Know

Do you want to live forever? Do you want your eternal dwelling place to be heaven. . . . where you will find true fulfillment, absolute security, unimagined beauty, breathtaking surroundings, perfect health and vigor, and inexpressible joy? And this will not last for a year, a thousand years, but it will be endless existence—eternal life! What’s more, you will enjoy the presence of God, your Creator, Lord, King, and Friend! You will also have sweet fellowship with Jesus Christ, your crucified, risen, living Lord! What could be greater than this prospect of everlasting joy and blessedness! (More)

General Topics

Santa and the Law of Physics

Santa has 31 hours of Christmas to work with, thanks to the different time zones and the rotation of the earth, assuming he travels east to west (which seems logical). This works out to 822.6 visits per second. This is to say that for each Christian household with good children, Santa has 1/1000th of a second to park, hop out of the sleigh, jump down the chimney, fill the stocking, distribute the remaining presents under the tree, eat whatever snacks have been left, get back up the chimney, get back into the sleigh and move on to the next house. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Myths of Music

The Birth of Christ in Light of the Word of God

Popular religion has often been infused with religious myth. As people allow their imaginations and superstitions free reign, these myths or fables arise and become part of common misconceptions. The only remedy for this is a close examination of Scripture—along with a deep respect for the truth of God. (More)

General Topics

Word-Faith Theology

God issues a warning to those who attempt to cloud an important issue as Paul says, "charging them before the Lord that they strive not about words to no profit, but to the subverting of the hearers. Study thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:14-15). (More)

Biblical Subjects

Greater Acceptance of Divorce in America

The older a person lives and the longer he is a resident of the United States, the more he realizes that we are in a sweeping tide of change. While change can be good or bad, the change I am referring to is related to a change for the worse. More and more of the American population are accepting immoral and degraded activities and relationship as compared to the past. (More)

The Hope of Immortality

Throughout the many centuries of earth’s history, rational men and women have entertained the belief that death does not terminate human existence. A commonly shared conviction, of course, does not necessarily provide proof of a proposition. Before the age of scientific investigation, vast multitudes believed the earth to be flat, but such a persuasion did not alter reality of our globe’s spherical design. (More)

General Topics

Why Would a Loving God Allow Death and Suffering?

The origin of death and suffering is vitally important in defending Christianity, and many people use the present suffering and death as an excuse not to believe. So it is vital to have an answer―such a justification of God’s goodness in the face of evil is known as a theodicy.2 The big picture is that Adam’s sin is the reason for all the death in the world. A consistent biblical answer points out that death is an intruder, so it is not part of God’s original creation, but is ultimately due to man’s sin. (More)

Can We Choose our End?

Assisted suicide and euthanasia are not the answer

On 1 November, Brittany Maynard, a young newly-married woman, took her own life rather than suffer the effects of her rapidly progressing brain cancer. In the UK recently, a mother won the right to kill her severely disabled autistic daughter who was in continual pain.1 Increasingly, assisted suicide and euthanasia are being championed as brave and ethical ways to end the suffering of oneself or a loved one who is unable to make that decision for him-or herself. (More)

To Kill or Not to Kill--Muslim, Moses, or Christ?

I’ve just read an online article about the account of the woman caught in adultery found at John 8:1-11. The writer cited the recent killing of a woman who committed adultery in one of the Middle Eastern countries.  Here is the beginning of the article... (More)

Comments on the News

Days of Autumn

During these days we think of autumn, the third season of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, the cooler weather of autumn continues from September to November, while in the Southern Hemisphere, the autumn weather goes from March to May.  We may naturally think of the way that leaves change colors and then fall to the ground during this season. (More)

General Topics

What about the Title "Reverend"?

Some of you may have grown up in a Catholic Church or Protestant denomination, thus you are familiar with the term, “Reverend.” Maybe you presently belong to the Methodist Church, the Episcopal Church, or the Lutheran Church, thus you may refer to your “pastor” or “minister” as Reverend. When you greet the pastor, you may refer to him as “Reverend Smith” or “Reverend Jones.” (More)

Halloween From a Christian's Perspective

Up until the time I was saved I allowed my children the 'right' to go out trick or treating as I felt it had no harm. Only until I DID become saved and started researching Halloween, was I very much awakened by all the goings related to this 'holiday'. I have put together an article for your reading pleasure. Please take this seriously. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Are you a factionalist? Do you fall under the condemnation of one who actively pursues a faction and promotes factionalism?  We must examine this carefully lest we fail in this area. Further, we must distinguish between certain attitudes and actions that could be wrongly interpreted as factionalism. Faction comes from the Greek erithia, meaning “ambition, self-seeking, rivalry.” (More) 


General Topics

Train Up a Child: Home Schooling

It should come as no surprise that the current state-run public school system in the United States is both morally and academically bankrupt. Educational experiments during the last 50 years have shown that top-down reforms are not effective. The frustration with our educational system has been building for years. (More)

An Unbalanced View of Homosexuality

Most of our readers know of our earnest opposition to sodomy, a sinful orientation that seems to be spreading like wildfire in America as well as in other countries of the world. (Thankfully, there are some places where this sexual aberration is still condemned openly, such as Africa and certain other countries.) We’ve discussed how male sodomy, female lesbianism, transvestism, transgenderism, and anything pertaining to these sexual orientations and activities violate many of our Creator’s principles for His creation. But we must admit that if we limit our exposure and condemnation to these forms of sin, we are being unbalanced—and even hypocritical. (More)

The Dreadful Departure of Faith at Christian Colleges

By now, most of us who are regularly exposed to Christian influences in the media—whether in print, online or in other ways—have heard or read of the lamentable defection of professing Christian young people when they enter college or the university. This should alarm every parent reading these words. And it should concern every teenager who would like to pursue a college education. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Roman Catholic Professor Denies the Resurrection of Christ

Professor of Theology at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota. The controversial teacher recently authored a book under the title, Jesus and the Quest for Meaning (Fortress Press, 2001). Unfortunately, the gentleman’s “quest for meaning” remains unfilled, for he has yet to grasp the basic meaning of the very foundation of the Christian religion. Rather, his book demonstrates that his mind has been cluttered with a discombobulated mass of assertions that reflect only the stagnant residue of an infidelic ideology. (More)

General Topics

Is Transgenderism Acceptable to God?

Not many decades ago, no one would have had any idea what is meant by Transgenderism, although a few might have heard of transvestism. However, in this age when traditional standards of morality have been torn down, the terms are being used increasingly in the media. But just what is transgenderism? (More)

Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists
Part 3

We continue with the blog that we've noticed the last two installments. In those articles we listed a number of reactions to my online comments on creation and theism. Most of the excerpts were from self-professing atheists and committed evolutionists. You will see how I chose to response to this assortment of unbelievers. We hope this encourages you to be ready to answer the unbeliever "with gentleness and reverence" (1 Peter 3:15). (More)

Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists
Part 2

In our last installment, we stated that recently we responded to a brief internet video. Our comments online, within the blog that pertained to that video, generated a great amount of interest with many responses. lmost all of these responses were in support of evolution and atheism. After my initial post in the blog, I began to receive many responses in reaction to my promotion of God and His creation of all things. (More)

Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists
Part 1

Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss the truth of God and creation with a number of self-professed “atheists” and evolutionists on the web.  This is how this happened.  A couple months ago I noticed a short video with a drama. The scene showed a teacher in some unknown country (some suggested Poland, India, or another one) requiring the class to affirm that 2+2=5. (More)

Skepticism Abandons Logic

Several years ago I was invited to participate in a public debate with Professor Paul Ricci, a philosopher associated with Cypress College in the Los Angeles area of California. In that discussion I affirmed this proposition: “Resolved: The Universe, and all within it, is best explained as the result of creation by a Supreme Being.” Mr. Ricci took upon himself the ambitious project of denying that affirmation. (More)

"God's Not Dead"

(A Movie Review)

On March 21, 2014, the movie God’s Not Dead was released in 780 theaters across the country. Since then, more than 1,000 other theaters began showing the film, which grossed over $41 million in less than one month—pretty good for a movie with a budget of only $2 million (God’s Not Dead, 2014a). Though many Christians and pro-Christian organizations around the country have been fairly complimentary of the film, general reviewers have not been so kind. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Husband, Do You Love Your Wife?

Probably most of us have read or heard the admonition of Paul, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25). The apostle says the same thing to the Colossian brothers: “Husbands, love your wives and do not be embittered against them” (3:19). We read this counsel, noting that the husband is to love his wife as Christ loved those for whom He died.  Thus, we are to love our wife with a self-giving, self-denying, and self-sacrificing love, one that is willing to lay down our life for the benefit of the wife. (More)

General Topics

Analyzing an Extreme Healing Doctrine

Recently the news of the arrest of a Pentecostal husband and wife came to my attention. According to the news sources, these parents allowed their child to die without seeking medical attention.  Apparently this couple also had another child who died in the past without their seeking medical help and the court placed them on probation. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Character Traints of the Spiritual Life

Sincerity, Honesty, Transparancy

One of the traits that even unbelievers appreciate and admire is that of sincerity and honesty. People want friends who will respond in sincerity and will manifest a transparent attitude. Without this positive quality, people will be afraid to get too close to you. They will question whether you can be depended on. (More)

General Topics

Reading in the Christian Home

To some extent, you are exactly what you are except for the books you read, the people you meet, the places you go, and what the Holy Spirit does in your life. Think about it. Reading as a good habit is on the decline; it is being replaced by television, movies, surfing the net, computer games, social networking, and cell phones. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Mark of Rebellion

Throughout history tattoos have symbolized rebellion. There’s nothing normal about a tattoo. A tattoo screams of unabashed rebellion and deviancy. Every tattoo book, and every article, I researched, both old and new, openly affirmed the deliberate rebellion symbolized by the tattoo. Book after book, article after article, sung the same song – tattoos are open rebellion. (More)

General Topics

Reality Reading

I was shocked when I read the results of a survey of men and women in America. The study indicates that the typical man doesn’t read even one book a year whereas the average woman does read a number of books—but those books are fictitious novels. This not only reveals the extent of the non-reading public but it also shows that many are exposed to large doses of fiction rather than true literature. Add to this the fiction found on television and computer games, and we are dismayed at the kind of information that is being consumed by Americans—both men and women. (More)

Is Your Pet a Person?

“Your pet is a person too,” the newspaper advertisement proclaimed. Some people apparently believe this. Large sums of money are spent to buy pets and care for them. An ordinary pet, such as a puppy, may cost several hundred dollars. Veterinarians are trained to treat your pet as your child. But, no, your pet is not a person. Consider these Bible facts about man and his pets. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Traveling to Heaven?

Modern Day Accounts of Heavenly Travel

In the last number of years, we’ve learned of various men and women who claim that God has permitted them to go to heaven and then return to earth to talk about it! For some reason, they think that they have the permission or even duty to tell other people about their experience even though Paul (Himself an apostle) was forbidden to share what he heard on his “trip” to Paradise. Doesn’t this strike you as odd—or even preposterous? (More)

Imaginative Angels

We’re not sure whether to call certain creatures “angels” or not.  I’m inclined to not refer to them in this way for they in no way meet the description of angels found in the Scriptures. I was reminded of this interesting but tragic situation as I thought of the so-called “angels” that grace the outside of the Bass Performance Hall in downtown Fort Worth. This is an auditorium or hall where “high society” performances occur.  On the outside of this magnificent structure are found two 48 foot “angels” by Yaqui. (More) 

General Topics

Did Jesus Come in 1914?

We know that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is coming back!  He promised that He would come and believers everywhere look forward to this approaching climactic event. The Lord promised, “I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also” (John 14:3). When Jesus ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, the two angels told His disciples, “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky? This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched Him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11). But no one knows when that coming event will occur! (More)

Do Pets Survive Death?

A great number of people have had pets in their lifetime. Maybe some of you have a pet of some kind at the present time.  Dogs are slightly more popular than cats but both of them enjoy great popularity. Other pets are also popular. Some choose a gerbil or a guinea pig. Others choose a snake or a lizard.  Canaries and parakeets as well as other exotic birds are chosen by many. And still others choose tropical fish.  When I was a young boy, I had three different dogs—Spot, Dasher, and Pal. Each of them meant something to me. (More)

Christian Science: Healing to Death

A two-year old baby girl, dies of a treatable lung infection, as her mother "...follows church guidelines..." (Insight, June 20, 1988, p. 57). In Florida, a family withheld "insulin" from their "diabetic daughter" which resulted in her death (El Paso Times, December 6, 1988, p. 6-A). In 1984, Natalie, an 8-month-old child died "...of complications from a virulent flu-like illness..." and in March of the same year a 4-year-old girl "...died of meningitis..." (The Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, CA April 12, 1989, p. B-3). These are but a few of the countless cases, in which members of this nationally recognized Church, have died as a result of refusing to seek medical treatment. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Why We Lack Assurance of Eternal Life

Down through the centuries, men and women of faith have failed to have a solid assurance of their relationship with God. While they may think that they came to God in the way that their church or religion dictates, still they have doubts—sometimes many doubts about their eternal destiny. Why is this so?  While there are a variety of different reasons—and all of them are worthy of study—we’ll limit ourselves to just one reason for these lingering or persistent doubts. (More)

Was Jesus Actually Naked on the Cross?

Again and again we have heard and read that Jesus was naked when He hung on the cross for our sins.  Have you read this yourself?  Why then do artists’ renderings of the crucifixion always have Him wearing a loincloth? Have they portrayed Jesus in this way to preserve His modesty—or for some other reason? (More)

General Topics

Distressing Distractions

We’ve all known them. We’ve all faced them and tried to overcome them. Some of our attempts have been successful, others have been partially successful, and still others have largely failed to deal with them.  I refer to those common daily distractions that inevitably come as we pursue an understanding of God’s Word. (More)

Biblical Subjects

What Would You Have Done?

Sometimes we hear or read of an incident in the news and are led to ask the question, “What would I have done?”  Today we ask you the question, “What would you have done?” If we are a sincere and devoted follower of Christ, this settles a lot of these issues. If the matter involves honesty, truthfulness, kindness, gentleness, love, devotion, diligence, or endurance, then generally the matter is already settled. (More)

General Topics

The Sacredness of Marriage

Since its inception, the United States of America has been a country whose Founding Fathers recognized the need for God in public life, and the need for Bible principles of morality to govern and structure American society. Our Founding Fathers recognized that if our country ever strayed significantly away from these foundational moral, spiritual, and ethical principles, we would be doomed as a nation. For 150 years, our society recognized the importance of what some are calling the “traditional family,” i.e., a husband and a wife who marry for life and rear their children together. Divorce was almost unheard of in this country. (More)

What Should We Think of Homosexuality?

On nearly every radio newscast and in nearly every daily newspaper, we read of some notice about the issue of homosexuality. Numerous states have now accepted what they label “homosexual marriage,” although most of these have come from judicial decisions rather than popular vote. The practice of homosexuality—whether male or female—is not going away but most definitely is spreading.  In light of this current phenomenon, we need to address this directly and truthfully. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Seeking the Narrow Way

A 15-year-old's Search for Truth

It has been years ago now that God worked in my heart to seek Him and pursue eternal life. Although many years have elapsed since that significant time, aspects of it are indelibly written on my memory. Join me as I describe my life situation as a young, earnest, and searching adolescent boy. I am assuming—for the purpose of this account—that you are a young person yourself. Whether you are a boy or a girl, you may be twelve to twenty years of age. (More)

General Topics

False Prophets Abound in Word of Faith

I believe the Word of Faith (WOF) movement is home to many false prophets. Both the Old and New Testaments are replete with warnings about false prophets and, on at least two occasions, the Apostle Paul called out by name men who were teaching false doctrine (1 Tim. 1:18-20; 2 Tim. 2:16-18). There is, therefore, biblical precedent for calling by name purveyors of spiritual error. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The "Weak" and the "Strong" (Romans 14)

How do we handle those with whom we differ? Could it be that you are a "weak" Christian? Or are you a "strong" Christian? Maybe you have been like me in reading through the fourteenth chapter of Romans and wondering how we are to apply Paul’s teaching to our own situation in life. We try to understand the original context and what the apostle is saying, but this may not solve the whole problem of application to our present life circumstances, particularly in our relationship with others who name the name of Christ Jesus. (More)

Giving to Brothers and Sisters

This world is full of needs—physical, material, and spiritual. Have you ever been perplexed with the needs that come your way? Over the years many people from overseas have written letters or emails to me with a request for various material things. Sometimes it might be money, or an electronic device, or a Bible, or other literature. Surely some are legitimate while others may not be. How do you deal with the many needs that you know about? (More)

General Topics

Who Really is a Saint?

There has been much discussion of late about the Catholic practice of sainthood. Just this past Sunday the city of Rome hosted the grand ceremony that supposedly elevated two former “popes” to the status of saints. Some 800,000 people are reported to have filled the plaza before Saint Peter’s in the “Eternal City” of Rome.(More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Why is it that some people seem to ridicule our desire to obey the Lord?  Some go so far as to call this effort toward obedience “legalism” or “works righteousness.”  Yes, there is such a perspective or condition as legalism and works righteousness, but often this merely is an effort to put down careful obedience to God’s revealed will.  (More)


Have you ever come to a place in your life when you felt helpless and hopeless?  The English word discourage means “to deprive of confidence, hope, or spirit.”[1]  It means “to deprive of courage, hope, or confidence; dispirit,” and “to discourage is to dishearten by expressing disapproval or by suggesting that a contemplated action will probably fail.”[2] (More)

Misunderstood Verses

1 Corinthians 3:16-17

Will God "Destroy" Those who Misuse their Body?

Is it true that this passage forbids us from harming our physical body? And does it say that God will “destroy” such a person who “destroys” his health by using tobacco, by getting drunk, using drugs, or by eating junk foods? (More)

Comments on the News

The Unexpected Death of Hellwig--and maybe Us!

The news has reported that superstar legend James Brian Hellwig (called “The Ultimate Warrior”) has died at the young age of 54! The report states that he “collapsed outside an Arizona hotel at 5:50 PM on April 8th ... while walking to his car with his wife. Warrior was transported to a nearby hospital ... where he was pronounced dead." (More)

The Freshness of Spring

Spring has arrived as the harbinger of warmer weather!  The daffodils and crocus have arrived here in North Texas and tulips are now blooming as well. The pear tree in the front was bedecked in dazzling white for a few days and then the temperature plummeted to 17 degrees! By the next day, the pear blossoms were gone. Thankfully, some blossoms did arrive after that but not as they normally do. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Tongue-Speaking among the Early Believers

Millions of people around the world claim that they speak in tongues. Since the turn of the twentieth century, great numbers of devoted religious people open their mouths and believe that they are speaking in an “unknown tongue” inspired by God or directed to God. What began as the modern day “Pentecostal” movement has spread to many different denominations and independent groups across America, through Latin America, into Africa, and into Asia. What can we say about this phenomenon of the past century? (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Greatness of God's Plan

Would you agree with me that most people become overly concerned about other people, circumstances, and events in their daily lives—but that this has almost no consequence for eternity? We are concerned about earthly matters, but matters of eternity just pass us by. To use Paul’s words, we are too occupied with “things which are seen” and fail to focus on “things which are not seen” (2 Corinthians 4:18). (More)

Comments on the News

Are You Viewing the Physical or the Spiritual?

We are in the physical body and too often we see things only from the outward, physical perspective. We seem to be bound to the “here and now” and are tied to what we see with our eyes. We fail to look at things the way God surely must look at them. We get glimpses of this dichotomy in various scriptures. (More)


There is a Mystery in Human Hearts

There is a mystery in human hearts,
And though we be encircled by a host
Of those who love us well and are beloved,
o every one of us, from time to time,
There comes a sense of utter loneliness. (More)

General Topics


Did She Become a Christian?

Most of us have heard of Jane Fonda, the popular movie actress and feminist, and the daughter of the well-known movie star of a past generation, Henry Fonda. Jane, now 76 years of age, continues to be a favorite of some people, probably especially feminists and those with a new-age perspective. Some years ago, there was a rumor circulating that Jane had become a “born-again Christian” and this delighted the heart of those who jump on such news and look for any signs that would validate their faith. (More)

What to Do When Required to Sin

Although this topic could be expanded to a great measure, let’s limit it to the following question: What should the Christian do when he or she is required to sin on the job? Should he or she submit to any ungodly requirement? Or should they refuse to submit to wrongful demands? As you can imagine, this question has far-reaching implications. (More)

How Do We View the Death of an Unbeliever?

As we read the national and world news, we’ve noticed that recently certain high profile celebrities have died. Further, I’ve gone to several funerals of friends. So death is somewhat on my mind these days. Probably you too have had to face the reality of death among your own circle of friends and family and you have noticed the death of certain secular personalities. But do we go beyond being touched by these deaths—do we also think about the life and circumstances of their death? Do we ponder where these departed souls are now? (More)

Letters to the Editor

What Can the Christian Do?

(Religious Freedom)

One of today’s front-page articles brings up an important issue. It is entitled, “Ban on Gay Marriage is Rejected” (Feb. 27, 2014). The article refers to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s veto of a bill “that would have given business owners the right to refuse service to gay men, lesbians and other people on religious grounds.” There are two issues here and they must not be confused. (More)

Comments on the News

American Automobile Company Promotes Sodomy

Today I received a message from the American Family Association that troubles me. The email alert had this title: Chevrolet mocks God's plan for marriage and family.  The announcement does show how widespread sexual perversion has become even in a well-known American business enterprise. I refer to Chevrolet. Our family drove Chevrolets for many years and it is disheartening to realize that the company has become so pro-sodomy.  Here is the announcement that the AFA sent: (More)

Are You a Man or a Woman?

(Facebook's Gender Confusion)

It wasn’t more than a few years ago that we had a simple choice. You have filled in forms, as I have, and generally they had a place for one’s gender. Just as such forms asked for marital status, years of education, and place of origin, so they would give a choice for one’s gender—either male or female, man or woman. Today a rather long article was released from Menlo Park, California, dealing with the recent change in the Facebook menu. As you know, Facebook is a very popular form of social media. (More)

General Topics

Did Paul the Apostle Approve of Sports and Greek Games?

It seems that many preachers and teachers are under the impression that Paul followed first century sports and approved of Christian participation in this worldly activity. They think that Paul and probably other NT Christians were sportsmen and avid fans of first century athletics. Why do they come to this rather strange conclusion? Generally these preachers cite Paul’s references to the Greek games. (More)

William Barclay the False Teacher

Many of our readers will recognize the name of William Barclay, the voluminous writer of Britain in the past generation. This teacher and writer was quite engaging and many have found his writings to be interesting and illustrative of Biblical teachings. He wrote small commentaries on the entire New Testament and many other books, a total of more than seventy! But not all of his writings are safe! Some of his teachings are subtle, false and dangerous! (More)

Comments on the News

Was the Ark that Noah Built Round?

Quite regularly in our day, secular news (by way of newspaper, magazine, and television) reports on sensational stories that conflict with the Word of God. How do we look on such reports?  Do they shake our faith? Or does our confidence in the authority and inerrancy of the Scriptures remain solid, steadfast, and unmoved? A news report now suggests that Noah’s ark was round in its construction. Yes, you read that accurately.  Round! Could this be true? (More)

General Topics

What about High-Heeled Shoes?

The reader may be somewhat surprised to see a question of this nature posed in a Christian context. Don’t professing “Christian” women wear high-heels as often as secular women of the world?  What could possibly be wrong with a woman wearing high-heeled shoes—and what could be wrong with a man if he were to allow (or even encourage) his wife to wear high-heeled shoes? Isn’t this entirely a matter of Christian “liberty” in which anything is permitted unless it is specifically forbidden in Scripture? (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ

Denial of Christ

Another sin that is commonly committed is denying Christ Jesus.  In other words, refusing to confess or acknowledge Him in public—with our words or actions. We all will remember how Peter denied Jesus three times when the trial for our Lord continued. (More)

General Topics

Resolutions for a New Year

Too often we go through life without a plan or purpose, without an awareness of how brief life is and the fact that we will live only one single time on this fallen earth—for all eternity! What’s the answer to this blindness, to this utter carelessness about something that should shake us out of our complacency and look at life with the kind of seriousness and soberness that reality demands? (More)

Night is Coming!

During His three-year ministry, Jesus was constantly aware of His limited time on earth and the need to testify to the truth of God (John 18:37) and eventually to die for our sins as a ransom sacrifice (Matthew 20:25-28). Our Lord knew of this limited time and ordered His life accordingly. . . . As we leaf through the New Testament, again and again, we are reminded of our limited time on earth and the necessity of serving our God while we may. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life

Self-Control and Self-Discipline

What do you think of when you think of self-control? Do you think of something negative, something to be avoided, or something that is fit only for the professional athlete, one able and willing to live a Spartan life of rigorous self-discipline? God requires that we live in self-control and He also provides His divine help to do this in the Holy Spirit! (More)

Comments on the News

Mandela and His Surprising Beliefs

Probably most of us have been amazed at the amount of coverage the news reporters have given to Nelson Mandela and his recent death. The Presidents of leading countries around the world have attended his funeral and much attention has been given to Mandela’s role in ending South African apartheid. (More)

General Topics

15 Resolves for Maintaining Spiritual Balance in Severe Interpersonal Conflicts

The pain of interpersonal conflict may seem too acute to bear. Sometimes we see these conflicts erupt suddenly among families, or between church members, or at work or school. They may involve serious allegations that tend to rip people apart in ways that seem irreparable. In these most severe ruptures of confidence, when the necrosis of sin is eating up the lives of those involved, is it possible to rise above and maintain a spiritual composure? Certainly that must be so. But we have to apply biblical principles ruthlessly, without wavering. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Our Eternal Abode

It should be no surprise that the preoccupation with materialism that is characteristic of humanity has spilled over into religion. Some are so enamored with earth and its carnality, they long to remain here eternally. It is a cardinal doctrine of the Watch Tower Society (“Jehovah’s Witnesses”) that only 144,000 will go to heaven, while the remainder of the righteous will live on “God’s glorified earth.” (More)

General Topics

The Historical Jesus

When one faces the question of the historicity of Jesus Christ, he should remember that the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are all books of history. And no one has the right to dismiss these books as evidential material concerning Jesus merely on the basis that a claim of divine inspiration is made for them. Their existence as historical documents has to be faced before the issue of inspiration can be considered. (More)

Biblical Subjects

My God

None of us can fathom how utterly essential it is to be in a right relationship with God Almighty. Without Him, we are lost in sin, spiritually dead, alienated from God, and absolutely hopeless. With Him we find spiritual life, eternal salvation, reconciliation to Him, and ultimate hope. But what does God say about this saving relationship with Him that comes through Christ Jesus our Lord (John 14:6)? What is involved in this oneness between the Creator and the creature, the Father and His child? (More)

Is the Holy Spirit a "Ghost"?

The title above must be somewhat of a shock to our readers. Why should we talk about a “ghost” in matters of theology? However, when we think about the implications of this question, we can see why it is needed. The term “Holy Ghost” continues to be used by (1) traditional Catholics, (2) Charismatics and Pentecostals (e.g., Holy Ghost revival), (3) King James Only Baptists and other fundamentalists, (4) Anglicans, and (5) Mormons.[1]  But what is the background for this term and its usage? (More)

General Topics

Working in Today's World

How can you discern God’s will for your Job?  What occupation or profession should you choose?  What should you do if you feel uneasy and have concerns about the job that you presently have?  These are questions that should concern each of us.  Since our daily work is such an important part of our life, we need answers and we should be seeking answers. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Kingdom of God-- Postponed or Present?

As Jesus began his public ministry, he said: "The TIME is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is AT HAND: repent and believe the gospel" (Mk. 1:15).    Many Christians believe the setting up of the kingdom is still in the future--that it will occur at what is commonly called the second coming of Christ. But, if that is correct, how can we explain Christ's message 2,000 years ago: that the TIME was fulfilled and the kingdom was AT HAND--back then? (More)

General Topics

The Mysterious Moon

The Moon!  Down through the ages, people have viewed the moon high in the night sky and have been made to wonder about this mysterious heavenly body. What about you? What comes to your mind when you see or think of the moon? Probably all people, beginning in childhood, have looked at the moon and imagined that they could see a face imprinted on the surface. (More)

Keeping a Clear Conscience on Your Job

What is one of the most priceless possessions God has given to us? It is our conscience. The conscience, the ability to judge between right and wrong, must be kept clear, clean, pure—and accurate. Paul says that we are to keep “faith and a good conscience” (1 Timothy 1:19). And this “good conscience,” along with “a pure heart” and “a sincere faith,” will enable us to have love for God and others (1:5). (More)

A Tale of Two Fish

What happens when society teaches its young people that atheism is ‘science’?

When travelling and presenting at churches, CMI speakers explain why the creation issue is so important for Christians. They often present information about the loss of young people from churches and their belief in moral relativism. Many times, older congregants seem dumbfounded by the loss of morality and Christian ethics in western society. Confronted with statistics such as two thirds (more in many cases) of our ‘churched’ young people falling away, many seem flabbergasted at the extent and rapidity of our cultures abandonment of Christianity. (More)

Share Healthy Habits with Your Children

Childhood obesity rates have skyrocketed over the past 40 years. Between the late 1970’s and 2008, obesity rates doubled in preschoolers and more than tripled in 6-11 year olds and adolescents. According to the CDC, 17% of American children are currently obese — not surprising when you consider that vegetables consist of less than 2% of children’s diets


The Dangers of Obesity

Probably most of the readers of this piece will be professing Christians.  Further, most of you come from a perspective in which the use of tobacco is looked on with a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. If you are like me, you wouldn’t hesitate to say that smoking (as well as the use of smokeless tobacco) is sinful and displeasing to God. Why would we say this? (More)

Biblical Subjects

What about Religious Titles?

As human beings, we are inclined to exalt ourselves above other people. Man wishes to appear greater and wiser than others. He desires open expression of respect, honor and praise. This inclination to self-exaltation may be plainly revealed in the titles that he assumes. Perhaps the clearest example of this desire for honor before men is seen in the military. (More)

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Is Suicide the Answer?

The term “suicide” derives from Latin roots, sui, “one’s self,” and caedere, “to kill.” It is defined as the killing of one’s self with malice aforethought, while in the possession of a sound mind. In some societies, both ancient and modern, suicide is seen as an honorable way to terminate one’s earthly existence. The Greeks considered it a part of man’s freedom. (More)

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God's Great Plan Consummated

Can man know that God exists? Is humanity the result of divine creation, or merely the consequence of impersonal evolutionary forces? If man is a creature of God, fashioned in the divine image (Genesis 1:26), has the Maker communicated with His creature? If so, for what purpose? Is the Bible a revelation from God? Can it be trusted? And what of Jesus of Nazareth? Who was He? (More)

Peace: A Precious Gift from God

Most of us are aware that the Jews greeted one another with the Hebrew term, Shalom. This word means “peace,” from the word denoting health, well-being, welfare, or prosperity. The Greek term is eirene and it is found multiple times in the New Testament. All of us want to have a life of peace and not all of this is wrong. But it must be properly understood. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life

Selflessness or Unselfishness

Would you consider yourself a selfish person? Do others consider you selfish--or unselfish? In reality, we would be asking whether you have genuine love for if someone does have true love, he will think of others. He will be unselfish. (More)

Overcoming Sin through Christ

Covetousness or Greed

Have you ever known a person who wanted more material goods, whether it be luxury automobiles, the finest house, or the highest-priced clothes?  Have you known those who insist on more and more “things” that are not really needed? Have you recognized a spirit of idolatry in this attitude of greed? (More)

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25 Ways to Show Your Wife You Love Her

The key to a successful marriage is putting your spouse’s needs ahead of your own. Here are 25 practical suggestions gleaned from 25 years of happy marriage. (More)

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Mass Murder for Muhammad!

We continue to be shocked and dismayed by the denial of some Muslims about their own Islamic religion. Just a few days ago a local Muslim wrote a letter to the editor, claiming that his religion is a “religion of peace.” He lamented that so many think of it as a faith characterized by war and bloodshed. But this is just what the Koran and history leads us to believe! (More)

Sickness or Sin?

This week we noticed the headlines that stated that Ariel Castro of Cleveland, Ohio was sentenced to life in prison, “plus 1,000 years.” Castro is the 53-year-old former school bus driver who abducted the three teenage girls and locked them in his house for eleven years. During this time, he raped and beat these young kidnapped captives. (More)

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Our Greatest Offense

When you think about sin, what comes to your mind? What do you think of sin and how is it expressed? What sins do you struggle with yourself? Do you generally think of thought sins that come from the mind, such as greed, lust, envy, hatred, or deceit? All of these may be correct, but isn’t there a more fundamental sin that outweighs them all? (More)

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Do you know of anyone who may be described as a "contentious" person? Could this sin describe you? Do you know what God's Word says about this disagreeable and offensive trait? Like so many other words, this word has a negative meaning but a related word can be used in a highly positive way.  (More)

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Why You Should Home School Your Christian Child

Part 4

The right place for a child’s education is his home, and the right teachers are his parents. We hope we’ve convinced you by now that the public school, for a host of very good reasons, is the wrong place for this. But there are equally strong reasons for educating at home. This article will introduce you to them, and they will be fleshed out in subsequent articles. (More)

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Overcoming Sin through Christ

Confusion and Chaos

We know that “God is not a God of confusion but of peace” (1 Corinthians 14:33).  But what is confusion? What is chaotic thinking? How can we avoid being described in this manner? Do you live in confusion? Or, on the other hand, do you look at things logically and clearly, with full insight into problems and full awareness of your plans? (More)

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Why You Should Home School Your Christian Child

Part 3

Why do so many parents who seriously consider homeschooling stop short of actually trying it? Quite a few of them worry about their children’s ability to earn a living when they grow up. When we run into resistance to homeschooling, we often hear something like this: “If he doesn’t go to a ‘real’ school, how will he learn the skills he’ll need to get a good job? To say nothing of going to college!” (More)

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Apostasy of Washington Churches

Probably all of us are aware of the ultra-liberal perspective of many churches in our nation’s capital.  Washington has long been known as liberal in many ways. Along with certain other politically liberal and morally-compromising states, Washington D.C. has legalized “gay marriage” or the sexual union of sodomites that many misname “marriage.” Another deplorable demonstration of the capital’s degeneracy was announced in today’s newspaper. (More)

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Why You Should Homeschool Your Christian Child

Part 2

A few years ago, in the middle of a 10th-grade science class I was teaching at a local public high school, a girl unexpectedly rose from her seat and demanded her classmates’ attention.

“Listen, everybody! I’ve got something to tell you. I’m pregnant — I’m gonna have a baby!” (More)

25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband


Actions speak louder than words. You can say you respect your husband, but he’ll have a hard time believing that unless your behavior backs it up. What does respectful living look like? Here are 25 ways you can communicate respect to your spouse without uttering a word. (More)

Why You Should Homeschool Your Christian Child

Part 1

God has commanded us to teach our children; but how many Christians are obeying that commandment? There is always some teaching going on that we can’t control. Movies, television, and music videos teach. The daily news teaches. What does a child learn when he sees movie stars lionizing a convicted murderer? A disgraced public figure making a fortune on his tell-all book? Towns and cities holding parades to celebrate behavior that the Bible calls abomination? It’s hard, if not impossible, to shield children from these “lessons.” (More)

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Sin Pride Month

In case you haven’t heard, we Americans are supposed to be celebrating sin this month. At least, that’s what our President tells us. From his whitehouse.gov website comes a proclamation which reads, in part:

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America. . . ." (More)

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Five Alleged Mistakes in the Bible

A recent article entitled “Five Mistakes in Your Bible Translation which appeared in the Huffington Post, a liberal online newspaper, alleges that the Bible contains numerous translation errors. Let us consider some of the examples mentioned. (More)

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What was so "Good" about that Samaritan?

One of Christ’s most popular forms of instruction was the “parable”—a true-to-life story designed to illustrate important spiritual concepts. Perhaps the two most recognizable of these twenty-nine deposits of New Testament instruction are the parables of the Prodigal Son, and the Good Samaritan. In this piece, we will reflect upon the Samaritan narrative (Luke 10:25-37). (More)

Do You Believe in the Rapture?

I definitely believe in the rapture—and I hope that you do also!  Everyone who believes in the Bible must believe in the rapture. Whether you are classical premillennial, dispensational premillennial, postmillennial, or amillennial in perspective, you must be willing to see what Scripture affirms about the rapture. (More)

Who May Lead in Public Prayer?

Certain Biblical truths have been avoided, abused, neglected, or disobeyed for so many years that some people are totally ignorant of their importance. Life goes on as normal and these men and women give no thought at all to something that Scripture teaches. Let’s explore one of these neglected truths about which most people are ignorant. Vast numbers of people assume that women may do publicly anything that men may do. (More)

Jerusalem's Destruction

Jesus predicted Jerusalem's destruction. He told his disciples, "I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down" (Matt. 24:2). Although Jesus' life was a remarkable fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy; his teaching was remarkable (John 7:46) and his miraculous deeds were undeniable, still the leaders of the Jews not only rejected him as their Messiah, they hated him and were determined to see him dead (John 11:49-50). (More)


Who are We?

What if. . . ?

Often in our day the imagination is employed in an unholy and evil way to fantasize worldly activities and relationships. Instead, I encourage you to come with me as we imagine what it would be like if we became “seekers” of truth ourselves as well as “seekers” of those others who valued truth more than life and were determined to walk in it, regardless of consequences. (More)

Biblical Subjects

What is the Greatest Sin?

Over the years, people have discussed the question of sin. Part of this discussion revolves around what we should think of the various sins that bring guilt on people.  The Catholic Church has traditionally categorized sins as either venial or mortal, with venial being sins of lesser importance and mortal being sins that bring eternal condemnation. (More) 

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Hinn and Others Shun Sound Doctrine

If you do not know him by name, you would almost certainly know him by sight. Toufik Benedictus “Benny” Hinn is one of the most widely recognized individuals in Christian television today. A self-proclaimed "healing evangelist," Hinn has achieved almost superstar status. (More)

Noah's Ark Floats Again!

Most of us are familiar with the great destruction of the earth at the time of Noah, as described in Genesis 6-9.  You will recall that God’s Word describes the fact that “the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5). (More)

Letters to the Editor

The Downward Moral Plunge in America

Our beloved country continues its downward spiral.  The present homosexual debate, in its various forms, underlines the immoral trend that is sweeping across America. This is indicated in various ways: Homosexuality legal in every state, homosexuals allowed in the military, homosexuals permitted to adopt children, homosexuality as required content in California education, homosexuality viewed as positive in the media. And now the president and other liberal politicians want to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. (More)

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The Teaching of the Church

Does the Order of the Church Really Matter?

Probably a number of our readers are aware of the Greek term, ekklesia.  This is a word that means assembly, community, congregation, gathering, or group.  Generally, in most translations, this is rendered as “church” (although this is not really the best translation). The term ecclesiology refers to “the doctrine of the ekklesia” or “the teaching of the church.” (More)

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Reaching Out with Love, Kindness, Gentleness, and Friendliness

Being Christlike in attitudes, words, and relationships

We are living in a cruel and hard world.  The world often seems cold, unfeeling and harsh in their attitudes and disposition. This is true of the world at large (1 John 5:19). We’ve all had the experience of stopping at a car repair shop and the owner or repairman is gruff, cold, and only interested in our business. He may show little interest in our real needs but only wants to increase his profit. (More)

Religious Lying

Probably many of our readers are somewhat surprised by the title of this article and you wish to learn more.  Is there such a thing as religious lying?  Do some churches officially permit their members to lie under certain circumstances? Do some actually encourage deception? Before we examine this teaching as it relates to several religious groups, let’s see what God says about lying in His Word, the Bible. (More)

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A Great Man Has Fallen

Van Cliburn Has Died

Probably many of our readers know of the world renowned pianist by the name of Van Cliburn.  Fort Worth, Texas has been generally known as “the place where the west begins” and probably many think that everyone wears cowboy hats and rides a horse.  The city pridefully boasts of its stockyards where tourists congregate, its rodeo where national contests are regularly held, and its horse shows that attract thousands. However, the city has also been known as the home of Van Cliburn and the Van Cliburn piano competition. (More)

Benedict is a Pope No More

The Question of the Papacy and the Bible

Benedict no longer is a pope, according to the news media. After eight years in this highest office of the Roman Catholic Church, he stepped down after expressing his inability to continue the work he was called upon to do. (More)

General Topics

Do You Speed?

Driving like a Christian

Decades ago, I learned that a friend of mine (I’ll call him Dan), whom I admired greatly, had taken a long trip to other states.  Although I forget the details, either Dan himself or a member of his family informed me that he had driven very fast just to “make time” in his driving. I believe that he may have been driving 70 or 80 mph in a 60 mph zone. What was I to do? (More)

The Spiritual Disaster of Young People in High School and College

Some 70 to 90% of young people go astray. Don’t let that describe you!

Let me address those of you who are in your teens and twenties.  This is a warning, one prompted by both love and fear—a love for your soul as well as a fear in the face of countless temptations and dangers that are found on every hand. (More)

Biblical Subects

Why Baptize a Baby or Young Child?

Perhaps most people assume that if a church baptizes an infant or young child, that it is their own prerogative.  “Who are we to judge them?” is the common response when this subject is raised.  However, just because a church or denomination baptizes the young children of members, this doesn’t necessarily say that the practice is pleasing to God or rests on the teachings of the Bible. As in all things, we must ask the primary question: “What does the Scripture say?” (Romans 4:3).  (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Competition and Comparing

We know what it is like in the realm of sports or athletics.  One team fights another team to gain the mastery.  One person seeks to win over another player and gain the title or the award.  One person aims to win the trophy or medal by defeating the opponent.  In a similar manner, the worldly educational system is arranged for students to compete against other students, thus there is a continual pressure to get better grades than their fellow-students.  (More)

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Obama's Scary New Reality

If you heard Barack Obama's inauguration speech, it's clear that what was once associated with the extremist views of radical gay activists is now as American as apple pie. The president declared it. A pastor prayed it. And woe betide those who differ with this new reality announced at yesterday's presidential inauguration: Gay is now an official social category, as defined and tangible as black or white. Put another way, romantic attraction and sexual desire are now viewed as being as innate and immutable as skin color. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life


Would you consider yourself a "pure" person? Most people wouldn't think of themselves with this term, but, if pressed, they would claim that they indeed are pure. As Scripture says, "There is a kind who is pure in his own eyes, yet is not washed from his filthiness" (Proverbs 30:12). Even the impure want to assert their own purity! Yet no one can make this claim unless they have been forgiven by God. "Who can say, 'I have cleansed my heart, I am pure from my sin?'" (30:9). (More)

General Topics

The Quest of a Young Person's Heart

As we look on the spectrum of today’s young people, most of us imagine that there are very few who really have an appetite for God and seek to do His will.  You will remember that Jesus said that “few” find the “small” gate and “few” walk the “narrow” way that leads to eternal life (Matthew 7:13-14).  This is probably especially true of those who are younger—those in their teenage years and twenties. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Have You Considered the Consequences of Sin?

The theme of “sin” dominates the Bible. There are at least eight different terms in the Hebrew Old Testament reflecting some aspect of sin, e.g., “bad,” “wickedness,” “iniquity,” etc. Some thirteen different words in the New Testament similarly depict various shades of sin, e.g., “evil,” “unrighteousness,” “transgression,” etc. (cf. Pfeiffer, 2003, 1594-95). Sin has left a deadly legacy upon our earth and its inhabitants as we subsequently shall demonstrate. (More)

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Are You Making Your New Year's Resolutions?

Another year is upon us—the year of 2013—and along with this new year there will be millions of resolutions made by men and women like you.  A resolution is “a resolve or determination,” or “the act of resolving or determining upon a course of action, method, procedure, etc.” (More)

Misunderstood Verses

If My People Pray

One of the basic principles of Biblical interpretation is that the passage must be understood in its original context. Once the original meaning is determined, one can ask whether there is some principle that is applicable to other situations in our contemporary world. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life

Punctuality and Promptness

Do people know that you will be prompt and on time for your appointments? Do people know that they can depend on you to be there when you state your expected time of arrival? Or are you perpetually late and need to make excuses for your tardiness? The virtue of punctuality is practical and important in our life in Christ.  (More)

General Topics

The Influence of Home Life

To what extent does the influence of the home affect the religious convictions and practices a child develops as he/she grows into maturity? Almost none, say some modern scientists, who now are alleging that the most significant influence in the child’s religious life is the “God gene.” This is the notion that one’s religious inclination is grounded in heredity, and that, in reality, a person can do little to alter this “urge,” or lack of it. (More)

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Muslims Denounce American Vices

Many have traced the history of the United States back to its origins, claiming that it was founded on Christian principles and promoted Christian standards.  Although there is fallacy in this view and there were not the thoroughly Christian convictions and beliefs that we would like to assume, it is true that there were certain principles during the colonial period that could be traced to the Scriptures. (More)

Should Christians Rejoice at the Election Results?

On November 6th, Americans went to the polls and reelected Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency of the United States. Though his first term was marked as the most ungodly, atrocious approach to governing in U.S. history, Americans begged for another four years of it. President Obama’s policies have advanced the sanctioning of sodomite “marriage” by government, the continuance of the legal infanticide of unborn children. . . . (More)

Putting it in Perspective

The 2012 presidential election was a bitter pill to swallow. We oppose the President on moral grounds (e.g. his rabid support of abortion and homosexuality), but there are too few Americans who know what morality is these days. It is easy to despair with thoughts of gloom and doom, but a dose of Scripture helps put it all in right perspective. For the Christian there is not only a silver lining to a dark cloud, but a big blue sky, above which God smiles down on his own. (More)

The Lord Still Reigns in the Realm of Mankind

Thoughts on the 2012 American Election

While he was lying on his bed, Daniel saw an angel appear to him in the form of a vision (Daniel 4:13-18). Toward the end of the angel’s message, we read that God is overruling the nations of the world and He installs earthly rulers to carry out His purposes.  Note these significant words: “. . . in order that the living may know that the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind, and bestows it on whom He wishes and sets over it the lowliest of men.” (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


Probably most people are willing to denounce the sin of cheating, yet this continues to be one of the most widespread and selfish sins in the world. In fact, when someone wishes to condemn another person, he may call him or her a "cheat." We may read in the newspaper about a man “cheating” someone out of money by telling her that he will repair her house, then he leaves without completing the job.  (More)

Does God Regard our Righteousness with Disdain?

How often have you heard a preacher or teacher say that God rejects our personal righteousness and that the only righteousness that He will accept is His perfect righteousness in Christ? This is very common in tracts, books, and on Internet articles.  There is a sense in which this is true. (More)

Did Jesus Exclude Repentance from Forgiveness?

Would you explain what appears to be a conflict in the way we interpret the Scriptures? Jesus frequently encountered sinful people whom he “forgave,” with no mention of repentance. For example, he said to a crippled man, “Son, be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven” (Mt. 9:2). There is no mention of repentance. (More)

When was the Book of Revelation Written?

Traditionally, the book of Revelation has been dated near the end of the first century, around A.D. 96. Some writers, however, have advanced the preterist (from a Latin word meaning “that which is past”) view, contending that the Apocalypse was penned around A.D. 68 or 69, and thus the thrust of the book is supposed to relate to the impending destruction of Jerusalem (A.D. 70). (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life

Peace and Peacefulness

We all know that Jesus was to be called the “Prince of peace” (Isaiah 9:6) and that the Angels announced in the presence of the shepherds, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased” (Luke 2:14).  Christ was the bringer of peace.  (More)

Buried with Christ

The Acts of the Apostles – really “some of the acts of some of the apostles” – is a riveting multi-decade history of the development of the infant church of Christ. From the ascension of Christ back into Heaven and the thrilling arrival of the Holy Spirit through the ministries of Peter and Paul, the writer weaves a narrative that is both doctrinal and inspirational. (More)

Why Bother with the Old Testament?

Although the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament contain some of the most thrilling narrative in both the Bible and literature overall, the Hebrew Scriptures exist today in the shadow of the twenty-seven volume New Testament of Jesus Christ. (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


Are you turned on to the Lord one day, but then on the next, you have very little thought about Jesus?  I’ve known certain people say something one day but they are apt to have a complete change of mind the next. We may assume that such a person will follow through on a commitment that he or she made, but later they change their mind. In fact, they are well-known for their changes! (More)

General Topics

Profanity--A Biblical Assessment

A sincere Christian recently noted that the Bible in general, and the book of James in particular (cf. Jas. 3:1ff), warns about the improper use of the tongue. Yet he laments the fact that profanity and vulgarity are perhaps more widespread now than at any time in history – at least in America. He wonders how it is that one identifies “profanity.” The Bible only warns against the evil use of language in a general way, but it doesn’t specify which words are to be avoided. Is it a cultural question? (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


When we think of carousing, we probably have images of young people spending the night on the town. They may be teens who get drunk, go to parties, and live irresponsible lives with little thought of tomorrow. We think of carousing during the night when certain sins are prevalent (cf. 1 Thessalonians 5:4-8; 1 Peter 4:2-5). (More)

General Topics

What Are You Advertizing?

How Clothing Reflects a Person's Worldly Perspective

The follower of our Lord Jesus Christ must especially be careful of the way he clothes himself or herself.  Just as the speech reveals the heart (Matthew 12:34), so our clothes reveal our heart.  One can determine the attitudes, perspectives, interests, and lifestyle of a person by what he likes to talk about.  Similarly, a person can readily discern where our heart lies by observing the kind of clothes we wear. (More)

Biblical Subjects


Most devoted people say that they would like to have patience, but few of them attain this virtue.  Even secular people look on patience as a desirable trait.  It seems to run counter to our rushed lifestyle and also counter to the exasperation that people have when people or things aggravate them.  God knows that we need patience and gives much instruction on the subject.  Patience is one of the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) and we should do all we can to grow into deeper levels of this heavenly quality. (More)

General Topics

My Formal Report to the State of Florida about Our Largest Source of Child Abuse: Food

On Friday, April 27, 2012, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed HB 1355 that establishes stricter criminal penalties for individuals who fail to report known or suspected child abuse; and especially involving victims of sexual abuse. Children are among the most defenseless victims of crime. I (John McDougall, MD) am a physician licensed to practice medicine in the state of Florida (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Carelessness and Thoughtlessness

We’ve all known of at least one person who seemed to have a careless attitude about living and the duties for which he was responsible. What about you and me?  Do you recognize that you, yourself, fail to care about things as you should?  Are you careless about life and your responsibilities? Careless means “taking insufficient care; negligent. . . . lack of forethought or thoroughness. . . . showing a lack of consideration. . . . unconcerned or indifferent; heedless.” (More)


How busy are you in life? Do you find your life so filled, so absolutely packed, with good and wholesome activities, that you fail to really accomplish what is most important in life? Does your busy lifestyle detract from your spiritual activities and your personal devotion to the Lord? Do you so occupy yourself with good and worthwhile pastimes that you fail to achieve what should be your priorities? Are you too busy? Are you addicted to "busyness"? (More)


We have probably all known of a person or two who is always prying into someone else's affairs. They are not content with simply knowing the superficial but they want to know what others do and why they do something. This may be combined with a propensity to condemn. While we should know much about brothers ans sisters in the family of God and even know what their lifestyle is like (away from the meetings), we need not know the private areas of one's life. But a busybody is not content with this. Being a busybody often leads to gossip. Just what is a busybody? (More)

Romans 6 and Galatians 3: Spirit Baptism?

It is a tragedy of heart-breaking proportion that some otherwise credible scholars will go to such outlandish lengths to defend cherished theological theories. They hurl exegetical caution to the wind and adopt absurd views that are wholly without substance.

No better example can be mentioned than the desperate attempts that some make in attempting to avoid the connection between the commanded rite of water immersion and the forgiveness of sins. (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Brutality and Harshness

Those who know Scripture are aware of the Christian virtues of love, kindness, gentleness, and patience. These are some of the fruit of the Spirit that the true follower of Christ manifests (Galatians 5:22-23). The sin that we want to focus on at this time is the very opposite of these virtues. Have you known of anyone who could only be described as brutal?  This means “extremely ruthless or cruel. . . . crude or unfeeling in manner or speech. . . . harsh or unrelenting.” (More)

General Topics

Diary of a Half-Hearted "Christian"

Have you ever failed to read your Bible even though you had committed yourself to this practice? Maybe two days went by and still you didn't open the precious pages of the Word of God. Read the revealing "diary" of one who made worthy goals but failed to live up to them. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Harps in Heaven?

Do you really think that in heaven God is going to give you a harp to play when you worship him? Do you know how to play a harp? Do you know how to tune a harp? Who would coordinate the playing of millions of harps simultaneously? The fact is that a careful reading of Rev. 5:8 will make it clear to you just what is meant by harps in heaven. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life


The meaning that we commonly give to the term meekness is somewhat different from the meaning of the Greek.  Our English definition for meek would be “showing patience and humility; gentle. . . . Easily imposed on; submissive.”[i]  Often it is thought of as “weakness.”[ii]  (More)


Do you always try to treat others in a kind way?  Do you appreciate those who treat you with kindness?  Do people know that you are filled with a kind spirit and do kind acts?  All of us appreciate the virtue of kindness when we see it in people.  Scripture says that “kindness” is a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). (More)


Are you a joyful person?  Is your heart filled with grateful and overflowing joy as you contemplate your rescue from the destruction of sin, your blessedness of knowing God through Christ, and your hope of eternal bliss?  Paul tells us that joy is a fruit that is inspired by the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22).   It is a joyfulness that comes to one in Christ. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life


Are you an "innocent" person? Do people consider you to be innocent and pure in heart? While we cannot be sinless on earth, God calls on us to be innocent in character. The word “innocence” is not found frequently in the New Testament, but we know the essence of its meaning in English.  (More)

Comments on the News

Labor Unionism and the Rejection of Christian Values

Years ago May Day (May 1) was a time when labor unions displayed their strength.  With the rise of the Soviet Union and their decision to accept May 1 as part of their celebrations, American devotion to May Day waned.  Labor unions want to revive May Day again. They hope for massive demonstrations and a show of solidarity. (More)

Indonesia Puts America to Shame

As the years pass by, devoted Christians find themselves more and more ashamed of the policies and practices of their earthly homeland—the United States.  We are not suggesting that most countries are any better in their downward plunge to destruction, but the difference is that America formerly had a degree of decency that many of the nations of the world didn’t approach.  In many ways, this has changed for the worse. (More)

General Topics

Dick Clark and the Degeneration of a Generation

By now most of us have heard of the death of an American icon, Dick Clark.  Clark had suffered a stroke in 2004 from which he never fully recovered but a heart attack was what finally took his life this past week.  Clark was 80 years old. Maybe none of us can fully understand the profound effect this man had on more than one generation of Americans, beginning in the 1950s.  (More)

What Happens to a Person at Death?

When the human body dies, it goes back to the dust of corruption (Genesis 3:19; Ecclesiastes 12:7; 2 Corinthians 5:1) where it remains until the “last day” of earth’s history (John 6:44, 54). At that point it will be raised in a new form, an immortal body (Daniel 12:2; Matthew 10:28; 1 Corinthians 15:54). The human body is not “recycled” successively into a series of fleshly bodies, as advocated in those religions that subscribe to the “reincarnation” dogma. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Is Gambling a Moral Issue?

Michael Fitzgerald is an award-winning columnist for The Record, a leading newspaper for the north-central region of the sprawling San Joaquin Valley [Stockton, California]. Some time ago, he penned an article addressing the growing encroachment of gambling casinos in California. While gambling casinos generally are not legal in California, in recent years they have been sanctioned on behalf of various Indian tribes. (More)

The Matter of "Baptismal Regeneration"

Is the doctrine of “baptismal regeneration” scriptural? In order to answer such a question, one first must define precisely what he means by that designation. Exactly what is “baptismal regeneration”? The phrase connotes different things to different people. For some, the expression is merely a bit of inflammatory rhetoric designed to intimidate those who affirm that baptism is a part of the regeneration process. To others, it is the notion that baptism is a “sacrament” which has a sort of mysterious, innate power to remove the contamination of sin — independent of personal faith and a volitional submission to God’s plan of redemption. (More)

General Topics

How Do We Prepare Our Youth Girls for the Future?


Occasionally my husband and I, others at our church, or the tape ministry will receive letters asking us how we prepare our born again young ladies for their futures. These letters are often asking if we send our girls to universities, to Bible colleges, to seminaries, etc. With currently twelve youth thirteen years and up living in our home, and numerous others in the past, we have spent much time in prayer and practical application on this area. I will try to answer the question from our own experience. I am sure there are others who could add much wisdom to the subject. This is just one family’s perspective.

Young converted girls in the home bring so much joy, vitality, and sweetness to the home. They are wonderful helpers, companions, prayer warriors, and encouragers! They teach us now! (More)

"Sally and Brad love" is not blind

The most powerful part of Sally and Brad’s story is that it’s TRUE.

Sally and Brad live in southern Louisiana and have been married for 16 years. When I met them, they were living in a very small house in a “not so nice” part of town. After knocking on the door and after being told to come in, here is what I saw. The door almost hit the hospital bed located in the living room when I opened it. (More)

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The Twisted Logic of the World

We are living in a very perplexing world and in a time when inequities abound.  Whenever we read the news, again and again we are dismayed with the strange way that society deals with criminals and responds to national and local problems.  We walk away from the daily news with dismay, wondering how the public as well as those in places of authority can deal with moral and social issues in such an ignorant manner. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Don't Worry!

In writing to the Christians at Philippi, Paul urged them to "Be careful for nothing" (Phil. 4:6, KJV). Other versions render that phrase as follows: "In nothing be anxious" (American Standard Version); "Have no anxiety about anything" (Revised Standard Version). Today's English Version translates it, "Don't worry about anything"; and Phillips Modern Version, "Don't worry about anything whatever." The New International Version says, "Do not be anxious about anything." (More)

General Topics

Mitt Romney

Christian or Cultist?


the media frenzy about a Dallas Pastor saying

Mormons are not Christians.



At a recent Perry rally, Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress described the Mormon religion as a "cult," agreeing with about 75% of Christian pastors throughout the country. His sin was saying it publicly in a political meeting.

The immediate and relentless media response was to beat the issue to death, all the while bashing the pastor and others like him for expressing their opinion publicly. (More)

Preventing Parkinson's Disease

Each year, about 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD), which is second only to Alzheimer’s as the most common neurodegenerative condition. Alzheimer’s disease primarily affects memory, and PD primarily affects movement. There is a devastating loss of independence as slow and impaired physical movement interferes with daily activities.2-3 Fortunately, risk for PD is primarily environmental and can be greatly reduced with excellent nutrition and lifestyle habits. (More)

The Christian's Apparel--Inside and Out

The real measure of a Christian lies on the inside. Jesus repeatedly warned those who admired the hypocrites of that day that it was “out of the heart” that one’s actions arise (Mt 12:34-35, 15:18-19). Later, our Lord confronted these men with the plainest and strongest words of His ministry. “For you cleanse the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of extortion and self-indulgence. Blind Pharisee, first cleanse the inside of the cup and dish, that the outside of them may be clean also” (Mt 23:25-26). In every application we make of God’s word we must first start with the heart. (More)

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The Washington "Gay Marriage" Bill

Following the lead of six other states (New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington DC—mostly in the liberal northeast), the liberal state of Washington seems headed to allow the “marriage” of sodomites.  Both houses of the legislature approved the sodomite “marriage” bill. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Foundation of Doctrine

Does "doctrine" bring negative thoughts to your mind? Do you think of it as dry, tasteless, and boring? Do you contend that we should be interested in life, in excitement, in praise--rather than in "dry" doctrine? If this is your thought, let's see what God thinks of the subject of doctrine (or teaching)! (More)

Gospel Ministers and Ministerial Alliances

Some gospel preachers of the Lord's church are choosing to affiliate with their local ministerial alliance. The following observations are addressed to such men and to those who may be contemplating such a move.  

Through the years our preaching brethren have stood apart from these alliances. Was there any biblical foundation for their so doing? Was it just tradition, personal preference or popular opinion or was there a biblical reason for their practice? (More)

What was the Status of the Gentiles During the Mosaic Period?

Scripture reveals three major epochs or ages in which God has dealt with humanity.  We identify them as the Patriarchal Age which began with Adam and the Mosaic Age which began at Sinai which and the Christian Age which began on the  Pentecost following Christ's resurrection. (More)  

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Bodily Harm

This is a sin often overlooked. It would seem that when the physical condition is mentioned, it is in the context of dieting to lose weight in order to look better. Or it may be in the context of athletic performance in order to win a race or excell in a sport. Others may seek bodily health to live longer and it may become an idolatrous quest, exalting the human body to the status of a "god." The Christian, however, seeks to treat his body as a stewardship from God, thus he avoids harming his body since it is a gift given by God his Father. (More)

Boasting or Bragging

Are you sometimes around a fellow-worker, relative, or neighbor and you can always be assured that the person will boast about his or her accomplishments or abilities? Some people are more prone to this than others. It would seem that intrinsic in the human heart is the desire to be best and brag about it! Boasting may not be a serious problem for you, but we all know of others who do boast about their intelligence, their accomplishments, their knowledge, and their physical abilities. (More)

Blasphemy or Slander

Are you a blasphemer? Do you slander others with your speech? Is this a sin that you dare to commit? Do you do it regularly or occasionally? Maybe you know of others with whom you work or live who blaspheme God and slander others. If you do blaspheme or slander, you should know that this is a serious sin that God judges severely. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


Do you have an earnest desire to live a "godly" life? Do you pray for this virtue, work toward it, and take pains to experience it? Or are you embarrassed to think of someone calling you a godly person?

Our English word, godly, is defined as “having a great reverence for God; pious.”[i]  This is not far from the meaning of the Greek word, eusebeia.  The Greek is from eu, “well,” and sebomai, “to be devout,” and it denotes “that piety which, characterized by a Godward attitude, does that which is well-pleasing to Him.”[ii] (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


Are you a gentle person?  We may not have riches but each of us can be gentle in spirit and demeanor.  The English word gentle may be defined as “kindly; amiable. . . . not severe, rough, or violent; mild.”[i] (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


Do you realize that you are a steward of the Lord and that you don’t really own anything?  Do you regard your income as a trust from God and a means of carrying on His work on earth?  Are you frugal in your living so you can give more to God’s purposes?  “Have you rejected the goal of being rich in money, but made it your goal to be rich in good works?  How often have you sacrificed things you wanted in order to give to the needs of others?”[i]  Although generous and generosity are seldom found in Scripture, we all know what this virtue means. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


This is a very practical virtue, one that will affect every relationship that you have.  Do people know you as a friendly, kind, amiable, and winsome person? Do you know others whom you like to be around because they are friendly? You can trust them, feel at peace around them, and count on them. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


We, as Christians, are to be “imitators of God” (Ephesians 5:1) and are also to follow the example of Christ Jesus (1 Peter 2:21; 1 John 2:6).  One way that we follow our Lord’s example is in forgiveness. Paul writes, “Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you” (Ephesians 4:32).  (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


Let’s now consider spiritual fervency.  One of the leading characteristics of our life in Christ should be our fervent devotion to Him.  We should be consumed with God’s will (1 John 2:17), God’s truth (John 8:32), God’s Word (John 17:17), along with God’s honor, plans, and glory!  It was written concerning Jesus, “Zeal for Your house will consume me” (John 2:17) and a zeal for God like this should grasp our heart as well. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


Do we take God casually, with little regard for His absolute authority and absolute transcendence?  This is a common view today.  We hear of people referring to “the man upstairs” without a thought of God’s sovereignty and exalted position.  As Paul says, “There is no fear of God before their eyes” (Romans 3:18; Psalm 36:1). The Greek noun phobos and the verb phobeomai indicate “fear, terror, fright, or reverence.”[i]  (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


We have already discussed “faithfulness” under “dependability” earlier.  Faith itself comes from the Greek pistis, meaning “firm persuasion.”[i]  In our day, many people seem to think that faith is a mere mental belief of certain facts about God or Christ.  This is only part of the significance of a true Biblical faith, yet it is a necessary one. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


We have all heard or read or seen runners in a race to win a prize.  Life is like this.  Paul urges us with these admonishments, “Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize?  Run in such a way that you may win” (1 Corinthians 9:24).  We are all "runners" in the race of life. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


One of the sins repeatedly condemned in Proverbs is that of slothfulness or laziness.  “Laziness casts into a deep sleep, and an idle man will suffer hunger” (Proverbs 19:15).  Solomon charges us: “Go to the ant, O sluggard, observe her ways and be wise. . . . How long will you lie down, O sluggard?  When will you arise from your sleep?” (6:6, 9).  The Christian is to be far different from this attitude of laziness, sluggishness, and indifference.  “Diligence is doing a task with the motivation of love and an attitude of joy.” (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:

Dependability, Responsibility, and Faithfulness

Let me ask you several frank questions: Can people rely on you?  Do they have reason to trust your word?  Are you an absolutely dependable friend?  Can your supervisor at work rely on you in all circumstances?  Do people consider you to be responsible in all of your actions?  Are you faithful in your marriage, as a parent, as a child, on the job, and with your friends?  Are you a dependable brother or sister to other children of God? (More)

General Topics

Becoming Rich Under the Anointing!

The Wealth of the Wicked Transferred

Some current teachers seem to think that Moses forsaking the riches of Egypt was not necessary. He could have had the best of both Egypt and God. He didn't have to give up anything for Gods kingdom. The teaching that is promoted is that if we are working for the Lord we should get paid better than we did when in the world. After all, we are serving God. (More)

Will We Ever Wake Up?

Suppose that you lived in New Orleans and the Weather Bureau issued an urgent warning of a huge hurricane that would reach the city tomorrow!  Would you continue your life as usual, unconcerned about the ominous storm that threatened?  Or would you desert your property, forsake your job, and immediately escape with your life for a safer area?  What would you do?  (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Anxiety or Worry

It would seem that worry is a modern pastime.  People worry about not having money, worry about their car breaking down, and worry about grades in school.  They worry about their health, worry about their children, and worry about the weather.  They worry about the national economy, worry about terrorism, and worry about their clothes and food.  They worry about the past that they can’t change and the future which is totally unknown.  But it is not just a problem for those in the 21st Century, it has always been prevalent.  People of the past had much to worry about: bad weather, plagues, illnesses with no cure, lack of food, terrible employment, heating their house, attacks by enemies, and much more. (More)

General Topics

Preventing Osteoporosis with Excellent Nutrition

Bone health is directly linked to nutrition. Certain foods promote breakdown of bone and osteoporosis. Other foods, such as fruit and vegetables, supply your body with the nutrients necessary to build and maintain healthy, strong bones and prevent osteoporosis. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Anger or Wrath

Do you have a problem with anger?  Many people do but simply don’t know how to handle it.  Probably most people don’t realize how sinful wrongful anger is and the eternal results of this sin. In fact, most people do slip into an angry disposition from time to time but we must realize that “the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God” (James 1:20). 

People may become angry with their co-workers on the job, angry with their parents or children in the home, angry with their spouse in their marriage, and angry with their neighbor because of his unkind actions. (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


Adultery, both within and outside marriage, has become an epidemic in our sex-saturated, relativistic, immoral, and sex-crazed culture.  Unfaithfulness to the marriage bond has touched the lives of countless millions and you may have been involved yourself. Our English term adultery is defined as “voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a partner other than the lawful spouse.”[i]  The Greek word translated “to commit adultery” is moicheuo.[ii]  The seventh commandment in the Ten Commandments is “You shall not commit adultery (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


Abusiveness is a broad word that can entail various meanings, all of them negative.  The term abuse may be defined as “to use wrongly or improperly” or “to hurt or injure by mal-treatment.”  Further, it may mean “to force sexual activity on; rape or molest” and “to assail with contemptuous, coarse, or insulting words; revile.”[i]  Another dictionary has, “to treat in a harmful or injurious way.”[ii]  We may speak and respond to a person in a harmful, cruel, and wrongful way—thereby abusing another. (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Sins of the Old Life and How to Overcome Them

The world generally fails to understand the nature of holiness that God wants for His people in the midst of living in an unholy world.  People around us do not comprehend the depths of sin in which we dwell or the heights of holiness to which God calls us.  We will value the salvation that Jesus Christ has provided for His people to the extent that we realize the heinousness of the iniquity that brings God’s judgment and eternal condemnation on an unbelieving and sinful world. (More)

General Topics

Why Did God Make Fathers?

It is human nature to wonder why things are as they are? Children learn by asking, Why? Have you wondered why God made fathers?

1. He knew that every child needs a daddy to love, provide for and protect him or her.  (More)


Beatitudes for Friends of the Aged

Blessed are they who understand my faltering step and palsied hand.

Blessed are they who know that my ears today must strain to catch the things they say. (More)

General Topics

Catholicism and Islam:

Ties that Bind

The above title became a source of controversy when I used it for a talk given at a recent prophecy conference. What I found curious about the commotion was that it came from Catholics (and some evangelicals) who had yet to hear my presentation. (More)

Exodus 20:11

In 6 Days

Consider the Sabbath commandment: "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six says you shall lavor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD your God. . . ." (More)


What's Wrong with Immodesty?

Immodesty is a sin that has to do with one’s attitude, behavior, and appearance.  The English word modest means “observing conventional proprieties in speech, behavior, or dress. . . . Free from showiness or ostentation; unpretentious.”[i]  Immodest is defined as “offending against sexual mores in conduct or appearance; indecent: immodest dress. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Exegesis of Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16

I have been asked to do an exegesis of Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16. I welcome this opportunity, but first I need to say a few introductory words about what I am attempting to do.


"Exegesis," generally speaking, refers to an explanation of a text. More

specifically, it is a critical interpretation of a text by the use of linguistic and historical tools. As applied to a portion of Scripture, exegesis seeks to arrive at the original meaning of a passage. (More)

Comments on the News

America Increasingly Sodomite

When the majority of the American public voted for Barack Obama as president, they knew what they were doing.  They were not blind about his positions and principles. They knew that he was the most pro-abortion president in our history.   And they knew that he was radically pro-homosexuality.  He demonstrated this both in his speeches as well as his promotions and practice. (More)

General Topics


The scary part about the Internet is, first, there are forms of perversion available there that almost defy description. The second and the most powerful problem with the Internet is that it's available in the privacy of your home. In the "old days," you had to go to various red-light areas. You had to drive; you had to expose yourself to public humiliation. (More)

Calcium, Vitamin D, and Osteoporosis

About 10 million Americans already have osteoporosis, and 34 million are at risk.1 Contrary to popular belief however, low intake of calcium is not the primary cause of osteoporosis. While Americans have the highest calcium intake in the world, we also have one of the highest hip fracture rates in the world.2 The standard American diet causes much of the consumed calcium to be lost in the urine. (More)

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A Christian Response to Osama Bin Laden's Death

Public enemy #1 is dead.  How should a believer respond?  Many of us are torn between rejoicing and grief.  (More)

Osama Bin Laden is Gone!

The news came by radio, by newspaper, by television, by internet, and by word of mouth.  Osama Bin Laden is dead.  Using two helicopters, United States troops located this founder of al Qaeda in a hideaway just north of Islamabad, Pakistan.  The report says that he was slain, along with his two couriers. (More)

John Paul a Saint?

Millions are rejoicing with the news that the Vatican will proceed on Sunday with the “beatification” of “Pope” John Paul II.  Especially in Poland, the home country of Karol Wojtyla, and the town of Wadowice, where Wojtyla was born, people are glad to know that soon their “home town boy” may soon be considered a Catholic “Saint.”  How does Saint John Paul II sound? (More)

General Topics

Faulty Approaches to Bible Study

Many people read the Bible to no profit. Their failure comes from the use of a faulty method or from a faulty motive. Some of these we consider below. * Some read Scripture without expecting to understand it. They labor under the impression that the Bible is a great mystery that cannot be understood. All their reading is from a sense of duty, but produces nothing of value. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Significance of Christ's Resurrection

Each spring, millions of people around the world acknowledge, in some fashion or another, that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead some twenty centuries ago. Modern society calls it “Easter.” The origin of this term is uncertain, though it is commonly thought to derive from Eastre, the name of a Teutonic spring goddess.


Lifting Our Voices!

During my graduate study days at Harvard, I lived in the same dormitory with a Greek Orthodox student who was a graduate of the University of Athens and a candidate for the master’s of theology degree at Harvard. I asked him if it was correct that the Greek Orthodox churches did not use instrumental music in their public worship. He said, “Yes.” Then, I inquired as to the reasons why. His reply was most interesting to me: (More)

What is A Cappella Music?

The phrase a cappella derives from a Latin expression which, by way of Italian, means “in the style of the church,” or “as is done in the church.” It reflects the historical reality that instrumental music in Christian worship was not practiced in the Christian movement for many centuries, and that the rather late introduction of it constitutes an innovation void of New Testament authority. (More)

What about the Iraq "War" Controversy?

The Christian has no need of developing a political “position” relative to any war in particular. The principal concern of God’s children should be the spiritual war between good and evil — one that is engaged with the “sword of the Spirit,” rather than with the carnal implements of world powers (2 Cor. 10:3ff; Eph. 6:12ff). (More)

A Rebellion in Heaven

Does the Bible indicate there was, at one time in the past, a rebellion among angels in heaven? Though there is no detailed historical record of such an event, there are key pieces of evidence that surely indicate there was some sort of revolt against God among the angels, and that such resulted in very serious consequences for the offenders. (More)

General Topics

Should Men Have

Long Hair?

This is one of those questions that is sure to arouse not only interest but also anger from a few of the readers.  On the other hand, we are confident that many readers will agree with the conclusions of these words of exhortation. When men in the Western World began to allow their hair to grow longer in the 1960s, there was a loud outcry of disapproval by churchgoing people as well as most people in the general public. (More)

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The Elizabeth Taylor Life, Legacy, and Tragedy

People are thinking about Elizabeth Taylor, the screen idol, who died yesterday (March 23, 2011) at age 79.  The story reads, “Elizabeth Taylor, the violet-eyed film goddess whose sultry screen persona, stormy personal life, and enduring fame and glamour made her one of the last of the old-fashioned movie starts and a template for the modern celebrity, died Wednesday at age 79” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, March 24, 2011). Many have seen her movies and millions followed her career and personal life through the magazines and tabloids.  She was surely one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. (More)

Biblical Subjects

What Should We Think of Ghosts?

Millions of people believe in ghosts.  They are convinced that they have seen a ghost or heard a ghost.  Especially they may think that the spirits of departed dead have returned to inhabit the house where they lived when they died.  Some think that ghosts frequent cemeteries, thus they wouldn’t think of walking through such a place in the dark!  What about you?  Do you believe in ghosts?  Do you believe in “haunted houses”? (More)

General Topics

The Devastating Damage of False Christendom!

I’ve often lamented over the vast deleterious effects that false religion has had on the world.  I am referring particularly to that element of religion that purports to be “Christian.”  When I come upon references to the idea that there are 2.2 billion “Christians” in the world, I’m aware that half of that number (1.1 billion) are Roman Catholics.  Additionally, there are 235 million Orthodox, 82 million Anglicans, and 385 Protestants that identify themselves as “Christians.”  (2010 World Almanac)  Thus, there is a conglomeration of different and competing groups that claim the label Christian. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Those Dreadful Final Words

From time to time, I receive letters or emails that inform me of the death of someone I may have known in years gone by.  Like messages out of the night, these death announcements touch me deeply for I realize that another life has been snuffed out, another soul has departed, another death has occurred.  And there is no further opportunity to change the person’s destiny. (More)

General Topics

The Blessings of Correction

When someone hears of correction, he may wonder how such a subject can be a “blessing” as our title has it.  But if God has given us a great amount of instruction on how to correct others and much instruction on how to respond to the correction of others, we can know that God considers admonishment, reproof, rebuke, and correction to be vital to our life and work as Christians.  Others can be blessed through our correction of them and we can be greatly blessed in rightly responding to others’ correction of our own faults and failings. (More)

Joel Osteen
Tells it Like it is--

So there we were outside a Bally Fitness Club in Fort Lauderdale several years ago, "questionnaires" in hand, looking for someone to ask about their faith or lack thereof. A buff gentleman leaving the gym stopped to answer our pop quiz, and being a friendly sort, he heard us out as we presented the Gospel.  (More)

Biblical Subjects

Let Your Light Shine

Christ is the sole light that radiates divine truth and sustains life. He declared, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8:12). (More)

The Preacher's Private Life: Study Habits

Dry wells cannot give forth water. Brethren will not long come to stagnate pools to drink. We cannot teach what we do not know any more than we can come back from where we have not been. A part of our cranium is not so arranged that it can be detached and knowledge deposited. There is no royal road to learning. (More)

Comments on the News

Straining Out a Gnat and Swallowing a Camel!

I never cease to be amazed at the hypocrisy that we see in public life in America.  There is little balance or consistency in many areas of public policy.  This came to my mind this morning as I glanced at a newspaper notice of a man’s sentencing.  This is how the article began: (More)

General Topics

Before You Marry

Since God designed marriage, we must ask what directions He gives for this divine union.  If you want to have a marriage that is planned in heaven and want to avoid the common mistakes married people make, we offer the following counsel from God’s own Word. (More)

The Meaning of Fossils

Would anyone have doubted the reality of the Flood fifty years after it happened? How about 500 years after the Flood? In Post-Babel times certain people groups lost the memory of the Global Flood, yet the rocks cry out and point to the Deluge. Neanderthals put fossils in their graves; could this be because they knew they were relics from the Deluge? (More)

Biblical Subjects

Christian Persecution Grows

It has been said that more people have been killed for their Christian views during the past one hundred years as compared to the previous 1,900 years!  Christian persecution seems to be growing. (More)

Mary's First Communion

Some seven centuries before the birth of Christ, Isaiah prophesied that a certain “virgin” would conceive and bear a son whose name would be called “Immanuel,” an expression which would suggest, “God is with us” (Isaiah 7:14). The name was symbolic, reflecting what the Person would be, not what his proper name would be called (Matthew 1:21). The inspired Matthew informs us that Isaiah’s prophetic utterance was “fulfilled” in the birth of Jesus to a virgin named Mary (1:18-25). (More)

Common Accusations
Against Us

It is not uncommon for people to misunderstand who we are as Christians or what we believe and teach.  They may hear something and wrongly make judgments that are not based on fact.  Or they may hear something and because of their own lack of Biblical understanding they may think that something is false. This is the way it was for the early followers of the Lord.  (More)

Should Christians Pray for the Forgiveness of Their Sins?

It is a tragic reality that some members of the church, though they may be sincere initially, evolve some of the most irrational ideas; and then, for reasons known only to them and God, appear to be set for the defense of these notions in spite of ample evidence against them. (More)

General Topics

Do You Really Want that Soft Drink?

Soft drinks have become one of the dietary obsessions in the United States.  And this passion for Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper, and other soft drinks has been exported around the world.  Tokyo, London, Quito, Johannesburg, Cairo, and Moscow drink these carbonated beverages just as they do in America!  Consider Coca-Cola.  This drink (better known as Coke) is found in more than 200 different countries! (en.wikipedia.org/wiki /Coca-Cola) (More)

Biblical Subjects

What's Wrong with the American Church?

(1 Corinthians 5)

1 Corinthians 5:1-13 is a startling chapter which shows problems they had in the early church as well as, in part, what is wrong with the American Church. The Bible shows there how to deal with immorality problems in a way unlike would be done today. We will see that the early church practiced church discipline in the form of excommunication, which is absent in our day. Also, the true, original grace message as opposed to the satanic counterfeit of our day is revealed in this chapter. (More)


Thoughts on Snow and a Winter Wonderland

Just last night I called my brother who lives in Pennsylvania, the state of my birth and upbringing.  I asked about how he and the family was and he told me that there were six to eight inches of snow on the ground, with more expected.  He said that just 100 miles north of their community, where the sister of his wife (my sister-in-law) lives, they had 24 inches of snow!  (More)

Biblical Subjects

False Ideas about Jesus Christ

Without question Jesus of Nazareth is the most dominating figure in human history. Who was he? Or in the words of the Teacher himself in a question to the leaders of the Jewish community, “What do you think of the Christ?” Every intellectually reflective person must come to grips with this engaging question. (More)


Changing Views on Marriage and Family

In our circle of friends and family, we probably know couples who are married and have children.  Others may be married but have no little ones.  Of course, there have always been single adults who never found a spouse or maybe didn’t want to be married.  These are not only arrangements and situations approved of God but they have traditionally been endorsed by society.

Increasingly, deviations from these marital and family arrangements are found around us—and may be found in our own families and circle of friends. (More)

Biblical Subjects

What about the Saturday Night Observance of the Lord's Supper?

Luke commences this section by discussing a church meeting that occurred on “the first day of the week.” The “first day of the week” is our Sunday. In the 2nd century, Justin Martyr wrote: “Sunday is the day on which we all hold our common assembly … Jesus Christ on the same day rose from the dead” (Apology, I.67). The rendition “On the Saturday night,” as reflected in The New English Bible, is entirely inappropriate. (More)

Infant Baptism and Baptismal Regeneration

When I was a little baby, my loving and deeply religious parents took me to church where the pastor poured a few drops of water on my tiny head, and said something like, “Richard, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”  He signed a Baptismal Certificate to prove that I had received Christian baptism.  I have that certificate to this very day. (More)




You may be one of the people who regularly visit these pages on our True Discipleship website.  Or this may be the first time you have come to our site to examine our contents.  We welcome you!  The fact that you have come must indicate some degree of interest in spiritual things.  You may even want to learn about God, about the Lord Jesus Christ, or about the Word of God. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Awesome Realities of Christ Jesus!

Some people only consider Jesus to be a famous Jewish teacher while others think of Him as a baby born in Bethlehem.  There are those who think of Him as an advanced Guru, others would say He was a great leader of people, and still others would think of Him as the founder of Christianity.  Professing “Christians” have varying views on who Jesus is and what He has done.  Some have a rather loose view of who He was while others have a precise and creedal view.

Are there any truths that come to us from Scripture that will help us to see the Lord Jesus more clearly?

Jesus Christ:

Who is He?

(What you don't know, understand, or believe can eternally hurt you!)

An age-long enigma has plagued the thinking of professing Christians since the time Jesus walked on earth.  It is this: Is Jesus actually God or is He the Son of God—or both?  What is the relationship between the Father and the Son?  Are the Father and the Son fully “one” or is there a distinction between them?  Is the Lord Jesus really deity and humanity, at the same time?

These are not just concerns of the academically trained educators and theologians, but the common person asks these questions and wonders how to understand what Scripture says about these matters.  They are a matter of life and death—of eternal life and eternal death! (More)

I Have a Dream!

The Scriptures reveal God’s desire for a people fully yielded to Him and His eternal purpose. God is calling men and women today to be indwelt by His Spirit, conformed to His likeness, committed to His ways, obedient to His will, and devoted to His beloved Son. I have a dream! It consists of this glorious theme of Scripture that is so close to the heart of God. What are the elements of this marvelous dream? (More)

Are Preachers to be Called "Reverend"?

"Do you have information as to when various denominations began to apply the term “reverend” to preachers?"

The title “Reverend” has been adopted in many English-speaking denominations as a courtesy designation for clergymen. Higher orders are designated as “Very Reverend,” “Right Reverend,” or “Most Reverend.” (More)

General Topics

Duggar House Guidelines

Many of you have heard of the Duggar family that now has 19 children.  You may wonder how they are able to maintain their family and enjoy good relationships with each other.  Here are their “house guidelines” that helps to keep their home running well. (More)

Metabolic Syndrome:

Cleaning up a Mess

The Metabolic Syndrome is not a disease, per se. It is a cluster of factors indicating a dysfunctional metabolism, and this malfunctioning metabolism often does lead to deadly diseases. Having the Metabolic Syndrome damages our blood vessels and greatly increases our risk of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, kidney disease, fatty liver, vision impairment, and many other woes.  (More)

Beginning the Day with God

How do you begin your day?  Do you push the “snooze” button on your alarm clock and roll over for a few minutes, only to have the clock buzz again before you are ready?  Some people push the button three or four times before they regretfully and reluctantly climb out of bed to meet the “daily grind”!  Is this the way you want to greet another day that God has graciously given to you? (More)

Letters to the Editor

Polygamy or Sodomy?

Is homosexuality any more acceptable in society than polygamy?  Or are they both unacceptable?  Ken Herman asks, “Are we sliding down the slippery slope toward polygamy?” (August 19). (More)

General Topics

Why Were Humans Created?

A student at a major university is troubled by questions his professors are asking. For example: Why did God create man? If one replies that God “needed someone to love,” why couldn’t he just have loved the angels? Whatever may be said about man could apply to them as well. If God already had angels, then why did he create us? (More)

Created in the Image of God

The first chapter of Genesis is a literary phenomenon. Though written 3,500 years ago, it still is unblemished in its accuracy and sublimeness of presentation. Some years back, one of the world’s foremost archaeologists declared that “modern cosmogonies show such a disconcerting tendency to be short-lived that it may be doubted whether science has yet caught up with the Biblical story” (Albright, 1948, 135). (More)

An Atheist's Daughter

Would you like to have an insight into the thinking of the daughter of one of the world’s most prominent atheists? Then read this article. It pertains to the daughter of Bertrand Russell, the famed British philosopher. Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), a British mathematician and philosopher, was applauded as one of the world’s profound thinkers. (More)

The Profile of a Godly Mother

I once came across an interesting article on motherhood by a man named W. L. Caldwell written back in 1928. Here's what he said: Well may we pause to pay honor to her who after Jesus Christ is God's best gift to men, mother. It was she who shared her life with us when as yet our members were unformed, into the valley of the shadow of death she walked that we might have the light of life. In her arms was the garner of our food and the soft couch for our repose. There we nestled in the hour of pain; there was the playground of our infant glee. (More)

Biblical Subjects

What is
the Sinner's Prayer?

In Protestant Fundamentalist and some Evangelical circles, people take it for granted that the Bible teaches a “sinner’s prayer” for salvation.  What do we mean by this term that is passed around with such familiarity that we assume it is the will of God for one who desires to be saved from sin? (More)

General Topics

Ways Parents Provoke

In Ephesians 6:4, Paul writes, "Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord." . . . .To "provoke . . . to anger" suggests a repeated, ongoing pattern of treatment that gradually builds up a deep-seated anger and resentment that boils over in outward hostility.Such treatment is usually not intended to provoke anger. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Doctrine of Open Theism

Perhaps one of the most confusing ideas to intrude into the world of “Christendom” over the past twenty years or so is an ideology commonly known as Open Theism. It also is designated as Free Will Theism, and Neotheism. Advocates of this theory claim that its goal is to rescue a distorted view of God that has resulted from a flawed interpretation of Scripture, combined with certain ideas long ago borrowed from Greek philosophers. (More)

General Topics

The Family of Man
(Acts 17:26)

The family of man is one, and the Bible was right about this issue 2000 years ago!

When Paul proclaimed the gospel of Christ in Athens, Greece, he set forth a number of profound truths regarding the Creator (the God not known by the Greeks—Acts 17:23). One of these truths is the fact that the human family shares a common origin. (More)

Calvinism and the Great Commission

John Calvin (1509-64) was a religious reformer and theologian. The basic premise of his theology was the absolute sovereignty (right to reign) of God, out of which evolved his misguided theory of “predestination.” The Swiss reformer believed that human “free will” was destroyed by man’s “original sin”; thus, the innate power to yield to the will of God was lost forever. (More)

Dietary Restrictions:
The Changing Will of God

If you are a parent, you know that what you forbid and what you permit your child to do depends on various factors.  Age is one factor, maturity is another, and location would be a further variable.  You would probably forbid your four-year-old child to cross a busy street alone.   But you wouldn’t think of maintaining the same prohibition for an eighteen-year-old son.  It depends on what stage of maturity your son has at a given time. The same is true regarding food. (More)

The Tongue:
One of Man's Most Dangerous Weapons

Jesus Christ gave a stern warning regarding the unseemly language that sometimes proceeds from a person’s mouth. It is not without significance that two of the Ten Commandments deal with speech — taking the name of God “in vain,” and bearing “false witness” against another person (Exodus 20:7,16). (More)

Biblical Subjects


Self-discipline is important in any endeavor of life. It's best defined as the ability to regulate one's conduct by principle and sound judgment, rather than by impulse, desire, or social custom. Biblically, self-discipline may be summarized in one word: obedience. To exercise self-discipline is to avoid evil by staying within the bounds of God's law. (More)

Questions Answered

Women with Short Hair and Men with Long Hair?


“I notice that most girls and women have fairly short hair and some of them have very short hair.  Sometimes their hair is not as long as the typical man’s hair length.  The opposite is also a question: some men do have fairly long hair.  Is this a problem that is addressed in Scripture? (Click for Answer)

General Topics

Should Christians "Respect" Other Religions?

The world we now know is marked by religious pluralism and the clash of worldviews. The modern world brings individuals and groups of different belief systems into both proximity and potential conflict. How should Christians respond when asked about this? Should Christians "respect" other religions? (More)

"Born Again" Catholics and the Rosary

Oftentimes the issue will arise over a particular person who attends a local Catholic church and professes to be "born again." These people staying in such a religious system have thrown some evangelical Protestants into confusion regarding Catholicism itself, especially since we hear of alleged changes within that system. (More)

The Earth:
A Planet Plagued
with Evil!

There are many remarkable features on this marvelous planet which God created. Warm sunshine and refreshing showers cause the Earth to produce a magnificent garden of beauty. Our world abounds with an amazing array of curious and delightful animals. The love that humans are capable of sharing in their domestic and communal lives is thrilling indeed. (More)

A Nation Out of Control

I am somewhat pessimistic about the future of this nation. And that concerns me for the welfare of my children and grandchildren—and yours. I am not unaware that a “Jonah” could arise, proclaiming a message of repentance that might turn the whole country towards a moral reformation (cf. Jonah 3:5ff). Thus far, though, I’ve not seen him. Sometimes a country has to “hit bottom” before drastic changes are made. (More)

Biblical Subjects

A Look Inside Sodom

The name of Sodom has become one of the most common proverbs of our world. When we would describe the worst kind of wickedness or when we think of Divine judgment, we use Sodom to illustrate it. Seemingly, most people are only aware of Sodom's sins of sexual immorality and perversion. However a careful study, especially in the prophets, reveals a number of other sins that made Sodom the object of God's wrath. Acquaintance with these underlying problem puts Sodom and her sister cities in much clearer focus for modern-day Christians. (More)

Life--A Precious Gift

Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into this city, and spend a year there, and trade, and get gain”: whereas you know not what shall be tomorrow. What is your life? For you are a vapor, that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away. Instead, you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall both live, and do this or that” (James 4:13-15). (More)

General Topics

Unholy Trinity--
What's Wrong with this Broadcasting

For many years TBN has been dominated by faith-healers, full-time fund-raisers, and self-proclaimed prophets spewing heresy. . . . I'm outraged at the brazen way so many false teachers twist the message of Scripture in Jesus' name. (More)

From God's Mind to Man--the Bible

In the long-ago biblical ages, there were occasions when God spoke personally to men (Gen. 3:9; 12:1ff; cf. Heb. 1:1). That method of communication is not operative today. Eventually, the Lord had his will committed to written documents (collectively known a the Bible). These literary narratives can be investigated and verified, thus establishing their claims of divine origin. (More)


Set Your Priorities for God!

If you are like most of us, you never seem to find the time to do all you would like to do.  Your activities, duties, and responsibilities crowd your schedule so that you just can’t seem to do all you want to do or even need to do.  We know that we need to find time for necessary activities, such as sleeping, working, eating, hygiene, and traveling.  But many other things also compete for inclusion in the schedules of many people—sports events, television viewing, music listening, home upkeep, visiting, shopping, and education.  Many of us feel overwhelmed when we consider all of these time-consumers! (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Resurrection of the Human Body

In his defense before Agrippa, Paul asked his Jewish audience: “Why is it judged incredible with you, if God doth raise the dead?” (Acts 26:8). There have always been those who found the concept of the bodily resurrection unbelievable, and their modern counterparts are appearing increasingly—even in within the framework of “Christendom.” (More)

The Trail of Tears

Human beings are the only biological creatures on earth to shed tears in times of emotional distress. And what is even more interesting is the fact that tears of emotion are chemically different than those caused by physical forces, e.g., wind, fumes, etc. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Can the Living Communicate with the Dead?

In his informative book, Understanding the New Age, Russell Chandler notes that nearly half (42%) of America’s adult population believe they have been in contact with someone who has died (1988). This was up 15% from a survey conducted in 1977. Of course there is nothing new about necromancy (attempting to communicate with the dead); it is almost as old as death itself. (More)

General Topics

Background of Gautama and Buddhism

Buddhism began as a reformation movement within Hinduism. Its founder was Siddhartha Gautama, who was born about 563 B.C. in the ruler warrior caste of Hinduism. (Died in 483.) His father, Suddhodana, was a Raja a chieftain of the Sakya clan, a family of the Kshatriya (warrior-nobility) caste of ancient Bharata. His father reigned over (Kapilavastu), a small district on the slope of the Himalayas on the Indian that borders between India and Nepal. (More)

5 Ds for a Healthy, Long-Term Weight Loss

Instead of dieting, focus on living. The following 5 tips will help you shed weight without feeling hungry, improve your health, and help you feel stronger and more vibrant than you have in years. This is living. (More)

The Christian and Work

What images come to your mind as you read the title of this article? Probably you are thinking of the sweatshops of Asia and third world countries where young children are being exploited as cheap labor. We think of them working in poor and dangerous situations producing inexpensive goods for those living in developed countries. You may even think of the earlier days in our country where children also worked long hours in unsafe factories. (More)

Toys and Play

Play and toys and children go together like summer and sunshine and grass. It is just natural for children to play. This helps them to develop other instincts and skills.

Toys can teach, train, and influence the children. My brothers and I often rode horses which were only sticks about five feet long. (More)

Robert G. Ingersoll:
Apostle of Infidelity, Robber of Hope

Robert Ingersoll (1833-99) was a mediocre Illinois lawyer whose flair for oratory thrust him into fame in the latter portion of the nineteenth century. He crisscrossed the nation lecturing to large crowds with vitriolic tirades against the Bible. He charged that the Scriptures contain “a great deal of error, considerable barbarism and a most plentiful lack of good sense.” (More)

Biblical Subjects

Forgive and Be Forgiven!

I’m confident that most people are unaware of the utter importance of human forgiveness.  Let’s explore what the Word of God says about this commonly misunderstood topic.  First, let’s look at the Lord’s teaching on forgiving others.  In His model prayer, Jesus says, “Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors” (Matthew 6:12). (More)

General Topics

Prophet or Pretender?

Predictive prophecy is one of the strongest evidences in support of the biblical claim that the Scriptures are inspired of God—only God knows the future. If the Bible contains genuine prophecy, such would argue for its divine origin (see Isaiah 41:21-23). (More)

The Television Set

The World in Your Home

"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world ..." (1 John 2:15).

Among the world's amusements, television is a great villain on the highway of time. It is rocking people to sleep morally and spiritually. Its sinister force of evil has crept into the living rooms of countless homes. Revolting scenes of lust and crime have gained (More)

The "Church" of Amorality

How do atheists determine what is moral or immoral? While they frequently claim there is a “standard,” closer examination reveals that the name of the game is “make up your own rules.” (More)

The Uniqueness of the Biblical Creation

Dr. George A. Barton served as a professor of Semitic languages at the University of Pennsylvania. At one time he also was director of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Jerusalem. He was recognized as an expert in biblical archaeology. In his massive volume, Archaeology And The Bible, first published in 1916, professor Barton makes the following statement: “[T]here is no better measure of the inspiration of the Biblical account [of creation] than to put it side by side with the Babylonian [account of creation]”(pp. 297-298). (More)

The Master Teacher

Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews, conceded that Jesus of Nazareth was “a teacher” from God, as documented by the “signs” which he did (John 3:2). A wealthy young ruler approached the Lord asking, “Teacher, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?” (Matthew 19:16). Even Jesus’ enemies addressed him as “Teacher” (Matthew 22:16, 24), though their use of the expression was not always genuine. The Lord is addressed as “Teacher” twenty-nine times in the Gospels. The noun (teacher) and verb (teach) combined are used of Jesus some ninety times. (More)

The Folly of Atheism

Jesus once warned: “Whosoever shall say, ‘You fool,’ shall be in danger of the hell of fire” (Mt. 5:22). And yet elsewhere, the Lord, in addressing the scribes and Pharisees, declared: “You fools …” (23:17). While the superficial student might see a conflict here, actually, there is none; the respective passages are addressing different matters.

In the earlier context, Christ is condemning the impulsive, insulting use of hateful epithets for the purpose of venting one’s personal hostility. “Fool” (Greek – more) may be designed to reflect upon the character of an adversary, in the sense of: “You scoundrel!” (Bruce, 107). (More)

The Age of the Earth

Dr. Hugh Ross, a theologian/scientist, who contends that the earth is billions of years old, has characterized the issue of the age of the earth as “a trivial doctrinal point” (1994, 11). Others allege that the Bible simply does not speak to this matter. (More)

Is the Bible Creation Account a Myth?

A student in my Bible class says he believes that the Genesis account of the creation may be a myth, or at least just symbolism. How do I respond to him?

There are several lines of evidence which may be employed to show that the Genesis record of the creation is not a myth, nor is it symbolic. (More)

The Baha’i

One of the rapidly growing religious movements today is the Baha’i group. Originating in Iran in 1844, this cult has been established in thousands of places around the world.

The founder of this movement was Mirza ’Muhammad, who claimed to be the forerunner of one who would be known as the great World Teacher. This Teacher, it is alleged, would be the holy prophet who would usher in the latest revelation from the Divine Source. He would unite the human family into a syncretic conglomeration of diverse peoples, and inaugurate an era of peace. (More)

Are Science and Faith Compatible?

Well are they? Can one believe in the concept of a universe that was created by God, and not be considered an anti-science ignoramus?

Many people have been led to believe that faith in God and the facts of science are mutually exclusive propositions. In one of his books, Vance Packard declared that “the discoveries of astronomers, geologists, and space explorers have undermined the faith of all but the most devout.” He asserted that most of those who still believe in God probably see him as some sort of “force,” rather than a Person who is observing human behavior (1968, 27). Has the god of “Star Wars” replaced the God of the Bible in the minds of many? Apparently so, but without justification. (More)

Swearing, Jesting and Joking

The Bible says: "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good: and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh" (Luke 6:45).

The use of profane words is very prevalent in many places and is looked upon as being up to date in many present day societies where the most Important thing—salvation—is neglected. Webster associates profanity with: Not sacred or holy, irreverent toward God and man, contempt for holy things, blasphemy and serving to defile that which is holy. (More)

Heart Attack!

Reduce Risk and Avoid Bypass Surgery

Can I reverse heart disease? If you’ve had a heart attack, or your doctor says you’re dangerously close to one, there may well be a solution.

Most heart disease results from atherosclerosis, which is cholesterol build-up, or plaque, in the artery walls. Many people are able to stabilize and even reverse atherosclerosis. (More)

Benefits of Walking

Walking seems like an enjoyable activity, but isn't it too easy an exercise to really provide much benefit in terms of fitness, weight loss, calories burned and general health?

It would seem that way in this age of “No pain, no gain,” “Give 110%,” “Just do it,” and other gung-ho catchphrases. How can something so simple, so easy, so relaxing, and so enjoyable actually be good for you? It doesn't hurt, there's no “wall” to hit; in fact it's actually fun! C'mon, how can walking the dog on a sunny day have any real health benefit?

It seems we've all been a bit misled during the fitness craze that's accompanied the baby boom generation into believing that something enjoyable can't possibly be beneficial. But the facts don't support that view. There is ample evidence that walking has a multitude of benefits. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Are You Putting Jesus First?

What is your passion? What really excites you? What provokes your interest, stimulates your thoughts, motivates your life? Is it your job? Could it be your boyfriend or girlfriend? Possibly it’s your spouse or your grandchildren. Maybe it’s your favorite sports team, your musical interests, your music, favorite food, or your hobby. Whatever it may be, this enthusiasm for something on earth really isn’t worth living for! (More)

The DaVinci Code and the Uniqueness of Christ

Among the many unsubstantiated accusations that author Dan Brown made in his bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code is one regarding the “unoriginality” of Christianity. Allegedly, “Nothing in Christianity is original” (Brown, 2003, p. 232). As “proof” of this statement, Brown’s fictional character, Sir Leigh Teabing,asserts: “The pre-Christian God Mithras—called the Son of God and the Light of the World—was born on December 25, died, and was buried in a rock tomb, and then resurrected in three days...." (More)

Living for the Lord
in a Wicked World!

With special reference to family life

Devoted Christians may long for circumstances that are “ideal” for their walk with the Lord.  They may wish they were in an ideal marriage with ideal children.  Surely then living the Christian life would be enhanced!  They may wish for a perfect job where fellow-workers are all God-fearing, sweet, and kind. Surely then it would be easier to maintain a constant sense of God’s presence!  They may wish for plenty of time, adequate money, a comfortable house, and agreeable friends—and with all of this, surely their Christian life would be positive and fulfilling!

The trouble is that few of us have the ideal situation. Most of us must live in less-than-ideal circumstances and a few of us must live in horrible life circumstances.  Particularly when a person comes to Christ after living in a totally worldly environment and among worldly people, he may be forced to live in difficult conditions even after his conversion.  How is it possible to live a deeply spiritual life when one must be in a worldly marriage, family, and environment?  How can one survive spiritually when he has a compromising job or must live with an abusive and unspiritual spouse? (More)


“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31).  One who is obese can hardly be said to be obeying the exhortation of Paul to “present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God” (Rom. 12:1).  A fat person is frequently lazy and laziness contributes to overeating.  A fatty often eats himself into bodily misery and a diseased condition.

According to cold insurance statistics, a fat person will not live as long as a person with normal weight.  These statistics tell us that for each pound of overweight after the age of 35 our life, expectancy is decreased by one percent. 

Do You Tithe Your Time?

While we do not stress the tithe and think that it has been the cause of much harm, it has occurred to us that we don’t do the same with our other stewardship—the use of our time.  God gives each of us 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week.  Do we tithe the time that God has allotted us?  If we insist on a tithe of our income, why not a tithe of our time?

How much would a tithe of our time be?  Since there are 24 hours in a day, a tithe of this would be 144 minutes, which is one-tenth of the 1,440 minutes in a day.  This would be two hours and 24 minutes tithe each day. (More)

Is it Wrong
to Smoke?

One of the most dramatic changes in the United States over the past years has been the change in smoking habits.  For instance, in 1964, some 44 percent of adults smoked, but today this has decreased to 23.5% of men (26.2 million) and 18.1% of women (20.9 million) in the United States.  We laud this change—one of the few changes for better in society!

However, in the world, smoking is increasing.  About 1/3 of the global male population smokes!  Every 8 seconds, someone dies from the use of tobacco!  Twelve times as many British have died from smoking as compared to all of the British deaths during the Second World War! (More)

Biblical Subjects

Have You Been

Exploring the Meaning of Repentance

The majority of the earth’s people are living in the realm of the world, directing their lives according to the standards and values of this present age, allowing their heart to be wedded to the passing pleasures and treasures of the present, and under the judgment that God places on those who do not know Him.  (More)

Your Mind!

Your mind is more important than you may ever imagine!  Your life now and life eternally is directly related to what is in your mind and the condition of your mind.  Since God created our mind—as well as our body—He is vitally interested in this aspect of our life and has much to say about it.

God says, “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life” (Proverbs 4:23).  In the Hebrew, the “heart” usually “refers to the mind as the center of thinking and reason.”  It includes the emotions, the will, and the whole inner being. (More)

Shocked and Surprised!

We have all been surprised to learn about some wonderful event, an unexpected benefit, and a pleasant visit of a friend.  On the other hand, we may also have been shocked with news of a horrible accident, a disastrous turn of affairs, a loss of a job, or the death of a family member.  We can’t go through life without having these surprises and being shocked with unexpected and unwanted news.

Imagine along with me for a few moments.  John Spencer is a decent neighbor, a responsible husband, and a good provider.  He likes baseball, camping, golf, pizza, his dog, and his green, well-kept lawn.  John is also a good church member and seldom misses a Sunday morning service at the church where he and his wife have been members for many years.  He has even held a few church offices and is generous with his charitable and church giving.  John is a friendly sort of person, well-liked by his fellow-workers at the plant where he works.  He assumes that everything is fine, that he will age gracefully, then go to heaven when he dies.  (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Narrow Gate
and the Narrow Way

Many of Jesus' profound teachings are so simple. So it is with His teaching about the strait gate and the narrow way. He said, "Enter ye in at the strait [narrow] gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it' (Matt. 7:13,14).The illustration Jesus used is easily understood, but the meaning wants to slip from us. (More)

General Topics

The Meaning, Purpose, and Importance of Baptism

In a day when many Biblical topics have been either underemphasized, overemphasized or even perverted in some significant way, we constantly need to search the Word of God to learn the will of Christ for our belief, life, and practice.  “What does Scripture say?” should ever be our concern.

            One subject that has suffered abuse for nearly two thousand years is that of baptism.  Some have elevated a water ritual they call baptism to the level of a saving sacrament that regenerates the soul separate from his conscious response of faith.  Others, in opposition to this historic practice, view baptism as merely a work the Christian does subsequent to an assumed salvation, an act that simply adds one to thevisible local church.  Both of thesetheological extremes may be corrected by a careful examination of the primary baptismal scriptures in the Word of God. (More)

The Seriousness of
Secret Sin!

We’ve all read of nationally known personalities who were caught in a private sin of some kind.  It may have been taking drugs, an adulterous affair, or a financial compromise.  Well known preachers have also been exposed in their sins.  We think of the televangelist who was twice discovered to have been seeingprostitutes, who later tearfully confessed before the TV camera.  More recently there was a mega church leader, the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, who was exposed as having a relationship with a homosexual prostitute for some length of time.


* * * * *

  Biblical Subjects


The word Hindu originated, not as the name of a religion, but as a geographical marker. Hindu derives from the Sanskrit word for river, sindhu, from which the Indus River received its name. Sometime in the first millennium B.C., the Persians, who were then South Asia’s closest neighbors, mispronounced sindhu, and designated the land around the Indus River as hindu. Over a thousand years later, in A.D. 712, the Muslims invaded the Indus Valley. To distinguish themselves, they called all non-Muslims hindus; the name of the land became, by default, the name of the people and their religion. (More)

* * * * *

Will We Ever Wake Up?

Suppose that you lived in New Orleans and the Weather Bureau issued an urgent warning of a huge hurricane that would reach the city tomorrow!  Would you continue your life as usual, unconcerned about the ominous storm that threatened?  Or would you desert your property, forsake your job, and immediately escape with your life for a safer area?  What would you do?  (More)

What the Bible Teaches

While God commanded war in the Old Testament, He set forth a new covenant of grace and peace in the New Testament. God's Son Jesus said, "Ye have heard that it hath been said...But I say unto you..." to contrast the old sayings with the new teachings. Through Christ, God more fully revealed His perfect will. He taught of loving instead of hating, blessing instead of cursing, forgiving instead of taking vengeance, and accepting mistreatment rather than fighting back. These new teachings were the rule by which the apostles and early Christians lived. They are also for Christians today. (More)

Drifting and Dreaming!

The Early Church
and the Present Church

Sunday had arrived and the fashionably attired members were filing into the large brick church edifice. The sanctuary bore the
unmistakable imprint of religion, with its towering steeple, stained glass windows, and ornate furnishings. The altar in front, with its candles, cross, and floral arrangements, was the center focus to the gathered worshipers. Some of the men halted on the stop step and took a last.


* * * * *

General Topics

Christian Giving!

We are living in an age of unprecedented financial prosperity!  While this is true of the United States, it is likewise true of other Western and developed nations.  Presently, there are some 5,000,000 (five million) millionaires in America, including 400 billionaires!  Bill Gates, with $39 billion, is the wealthiest man in the country!   Americans have more than $10 trillion worth of wealth!  (This is a long article!)

General Topics

Who Really
Are We?

It is common to ask a person we meet, “Who are you?  What is your name?”  We want to identify a new acquaintance and see if there is any connection to anyone else we may know or any place we have been.  This is the kind of question we read in the Bible itself.  Certain people came to John at the Jordan River and asked, “Who are you?” (John 1:19).  They wanted to know his identity and mission.  On one occasion Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do people say that I am?”  (More



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Biblical Subjects


A further virtue in our life is that of submissiveness.  The term “subject” or “submit” comes from the Greek hupotasso, meaning “to rank under.”  It comes from hupo, “under,” and tasso, “to arrange.”[i]  The word denotes that “one subjects or subordinates himself or herself to someone or something else.”[ii]  The Greeks and Romans did not consider this attitude to be virtuous or desirable, for they valued leadership, authority, and superiority. (More) 

Irresponsibility and Untrustworthiness

We all know how important it is that a person have a sense of responsibility and dependability in his daily life and especially in his relationships with other people.  The word responsible has several shades of meaning: “Liable to be required to give account, as of one’s actions. . . . Involving personal accountability or ability to act without guidance or superior authority. . . . Able to make moral or rational decisions and therefore answerable for one’s behavior. . . . Trustworthy or dependable; reliable.”[1]  Obviously, irresponsible means the very opposite: “Not responsible; unreliable or untrustworthy.”[2] (More)

The Current Perversion of John 8:1-11

In 1998, controversy swirled around then President Bill Clinton’s misconduct with an intern, Monica Lewinsky. With almost predictable regularity media personalities cited what is possibly the only passage in their biblical repository:

“He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.” This passage has been perverted in a number of egregious ways. First, as in the president’s example, this statement by Christ was hijacked to minimize adultery. “Oh, we all sin,” it is claimed. (More)

General Topics

Were All Men Vegetarians Before the Flood?

After the creation of man and land animals on day six of the Creation week, God instructed Adam saying, “I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food” (Genesis 1:29). There is no record of God telling Adam and Eve that they could butcher cows or smoke chickens, but He did authorize them to eat the seeds and fruits of plants and trees. (More)

Biblical Subjects


Do you have difficulty listening to a friend or family member speak while you feel forced to remain silent? You, therefore, force yourself into the conversation so you can tell others what you are thinking? This interference can become bothersome and disrespectful since you are more interested in telling others what you think than in listening to them. (More)

General Topics

The Real Superfoods Diet

The real superfoods are much simpler, and bulkier.  They’re in the produce aisle of every market across America.  They’re fruits and vegetables, plain but perfect.  They’re packed, naturally so, with nearly all the nutritional riches we need.  They can help us live not only longer but better. (More)

Biblical Subjects


Throughout history, people have been reluctant or even resistant to submit themselves to others.  This is especially true since the 1960’s that has been called “the decade of rebellion.”  In that degenerate period of time the door was opened to a new generation’s rebellion against properly instituted authority. (More)

Rebelling against Our Creator

We all know that there is a massive amount of evidence that God is our Creator—and that includes you and me.  Simply speaking, the creation testifies to the Creator. That which has been made witnesses to the Maker. (More)


Richard Dawkins probaly epitomizes the height (or depth) of insolence in the world today, as he ridicules the belief in God Himself. Insolence and blasphemy is found in abundance. The term insolent means “presumptuous and insulting in manner or speech; arrogant. . . . audaciously rude or disrespectful; impertinent.”[1]  It means “boldly rude or disrespectful; contemptuously impertinent.”[2]  As we survey the New Testament Scriptures, we can see that the Christian life is far removed from the trait of insolence.  Love “does not act unbecomingly” nor is it “rude” (1 Corinthians 13:5, NASB, ESV).  (More)

General Topics

Is There Intelligent Life in Outer Space?

There can be little doubt that the prospect of intelligent life existing in outer space has intrigued evolutionary scientists for generations. Pick up almost any evolution textbook, and you will find a reference to, brief discussion of, or whole chapter on, extraterrestrial life. Some years ago, Carl Sagan, the late astronomer of Cornell University, raised private funding for a radio telescope that would search the skies for a message coming in to us from supposed extraterrestrial beings. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Does the Case of David and Bathsheba Justify Adultery Today?

David was one of the remarkable men of the Old Testament. He was a capable musician and beloved poet. He excelled as a military leader and king. And as “a man after God’s own heart” he was an exceptional religious leader. Yet, in spite of his illustrious achievements, Israel’s greatest king was not without some grievous faults — not the least of which was his shameful conduct with Bathsheba. (More)

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Hospitality is a lost art and a forgotten virtue in our day.  It is true that even in some non-Christian cultures of the world, hospitality continues to be considered an important aspect of society.  We’ve read that in Arab lands, people are happy to open their doors (or their tent doors!) and invite visitors in for tea or a meal.  This is true in other cultures as well. (More)

Marriage: As Designed by God

The institution of marriage involves a covenant between a man, a woman, and God. Man and woman, by mutual consent, enter the arrangement. But the procedure, in order to be valid, must be consistent with divine law. (More)

Overcoming Sin through Christ


What about you? Are you consistent--or inconsistent? If someone says something one day and something very different the next day, he may be charged with inconsistency.  If a person says with his mouth that he loves God but his life denies this, he is being inconsistent in his commitment (cf. 1 John 2:3-6). (More)

Fruit of the Spirit


Although this term is not precisely found in the Bible, we know what it means.  It means that a person is willing and eager to study the Scriptures to please God and understand what He requires.  There are a massive number of passages that speak to this important topic.  How vital it is that we read the Scripture with understanding and apply its divine teachings to our life. (More)

General Topics

The Founders on Homosexuality

Of those living today in America who were alive 50 years ago, few could have imagined, let alone predicted, that homosexuality would encroach on our culture as it has. In fact, it would have been unthinkable. The rapidity with which homosexual activists continue successfully to bully the nation to normalize what once was universally considered abnormal is astonishing. And toleration has not satisfied them. Allowing their views to be taught in public schools has not appeased them. No, they insist that societal endorsement extend to redefining marriage to include same-sex couples. (More)

12 Frightening Facts about Milk

A large observational cohort study[1] in Sweden found that women consuming more than 3 glasses of milk a day had almost twice the mortality over 20 years compared to those women consuming less than one glass a day. In addition, the high milk-drinkers did not have improved bone health. In fact, they had more fractures, particularly hip fractures. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ

Implacability, Unappeasable, Irreconcilable

Most people don’t frequently use these terms but they are good ones and they convey important meanings. When there is a difficulty between you and another person, are you slow to be appeased?  When there has been a separation between people, are you unwilling to be reconciled? Beware—for such sins do have eternal consequences! (More)

General Topics

Do Not Sin Against the Children

Sin always is wrong—at any time, at any place, and when perpetrated upon anyone. Somehow, though, we are especially incensed when innocent children are assaulted. There is a great cry these days against child abuse. And yet society sins against youngsters in so many ways in today’s cruel world, and much of it is calculated and headstrong. (More)

Must a Woman Fear Her Husband?

In the American Standard Version of the New Testament, there is a statement in Paul’s writings that troubles many. “Nevertheless do ye also severally love each one his own wife even as himself; and let the wife see that she fear her husband” (Ephesians 5:33). Is a woman actually to “fear” her husband? (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ


How well would you do if someone were to give you a test on your patience? When you are in a traffic jam, or when you miss your appointment because of being late, or when children around you are unruly, do you practice patience?  Do you commit your situation to the Lord or do you allow ungodly frustration to lead you to impatient responses? (More)

General Topics

Digging Your Grave with Your Spoon!

People often look at overweight men and women and simply condemn them for appearing the way they do, or denounce them for spending too much money at the fast food establishments. This is an oversimplification that needs to be corrected. There may be unknown factors that reveal causes for obesity that we simply cannot fathom. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Immorality and Fornication

In our present age, many people have virtually eliminated these terms from their working vocabulary. People talk about “living together” and “shacking up.” They may refer to “premarital sex” or other more neutral terms. They seem to want to deny the immoral acknowledgement in using a term like fornication.  Although some people may way to candy coat sexual immorality, still it is sinful and wrong. (More)

Did Adam and Eve Actually Live?

Some of our readers may think that asking this question is entirely unnecessary. If you have this thought, I commend you—for you are taking God’s Word seriously and rightly concluding that if the Bible says something, it must be true. I totally agree with you. However, not all people would concur. While claiming to be Christians, they deny that these two Biblical personalities were actual historical characters. Instead, they think that the Bible’s reference to Adam and Eve is false, that these two names were made up to refer to unknown persons of the past. (More)

The Devastating Effects of Divorce

Through the prophet Malachi, Jehovah God said to ancient Israel: “I hate divorce” (2:16, NASB). The Lord hates divorce because he loves people and divorce is devastating to humankind. Man did not live one day upon this earth apart from the environment of a home. In fact, the very foundation of society is the home. (More)

Is a "Loveless Marriage" Scriptural Grounds for Divorce?

“There is no spiritual law that demands you stay in your loveless marriage,” wrote “Reverend” Norman L. Conaway. He prefaced his remarks by saying, “I am a spiritual advisor.” Mr. Conaway was responding to a woman whose depressing circumstance was shared with “Dear Abby,” and published in newspapers nationwide. (More)

Were Adam and Eve the First Humans?

Can a person accept the Genesis account of creation without believing that Adam and Eve were actually the first humans? (More)

What Does "Makes Her an Adulteress" Mean?

One of the most frequently debated teachings of Christ is that of his restrictions on divorce and remarriage. Many of those discussions revolve around the meaning of one particular phrase found in Matthew 5:32. What does the phrase "maketh her an adulteress’ (in Matthew 5:32) mean? (More)

Some Questions about Divorce and Remarriage

Question: Recently the view has been advanced that when two single people commit fornication, by that act they become “married” and must remain together for life. Would you respond to this? (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


Do you know what idolatry is?  How do you use it in your own conversations?  Could it be that you, yourself, are an idolater?  Let’s study this sin from the pages of Scripture and it may be that we’ll discover something new and interesting. It is a sin that we all must avoid! (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


This is a term often used in our contemporary life. People seem to freely make the charge, “She is a real hypocrite!”  A man may be labeled as a “rank hypocrite.” Someone may disparage a church by saying, “They are all hypocrites!”  A militant unbeliever may refer to Christians as a whole, “All Christians are hypocrites!” (More)


General Topics

The Steepest Generation (1963-2013)

Every roller coaster has its ups and downs.  You really can’t go down unless you make that slow, clicking, tension-heightening, thrill-building climb to another expected crest.  But what if you built a roller coaster that had one final slide down that picked up speed but never rounded the bottom of the valley…it just kept going down? (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ

Hypersensitivity, Oversensitivity, Touchiness

Have you known of a friend, family member or working associate who is so sensitive that we are forced to say that he or she is hypersensitive or over-sensitive?  Sometimes we refer to such a person as being touchy. Maybe you recognize this sin in your own life and personality.  Indeed, it can be difficult to get close to such a person. (More)

Are the Gospels Part of the New Testament?


Letters to the Editor

The Issue is Not Church Doctrine

Different churches debate whether to accept homosexuals within their membership. Today we read that Erika Munson (“Mormons Building Bridges”) urges her church to “be more accepting of gays.” She complains that Mormon hierarchy insist on opposing sodomites in the membership. (More)

The Paintbrush is Too Big!

Recently Robert Cappa wrote a reactionary, bitter letter denouncing all religion (“Enough is Enough”): “I have had it. I now totally reject every form of religion on earth.”  He castigates “religion” because he finds examples of hypocrisy and inconsistency. What if we denounced all men because some are cruel and unloving? Would this be fair? (More)

Biblical Subjects

Should We Pray to Jesus?

I just finished reading an article with the above title.  A few days ago I was in a public place and noticed some old issues of “The Watchtower” that is published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. As you may know, this is a regular publication of Watchtower Witnesses (they like to call themselves “Jehovah’s Witnesses” but they really are not accurate and genuine witnesses for Yahweh God). I picked up the copies for later perusal, although I don’t recommend this for others. (More)

What is Adultery?

Several years ago it would hardly have been necessary to discuss the meaning of “adultery.” Virtually every educated person knew that adultery is a sexual relationship that somehow or another breaches a marriage relationship. In recent years though, a new view of adultery has been espoused by a minority element within the church. It is the notion that adultery is merely the act of repudiating one’s marriage vows (whether or not the covenant-breaker ever enters a new marital union). (More)

General Topics

What You Need to Know about Vegetarian or Vegan Diets

All types of diets—vegetarian or non-vegetarian--have potential health risks as well as associated benefits. My patients frequently ask me questions about the most nutritious foods, and positive aspects and the dangers of different types of diets, particularly vegetarian and vegan. (More)

Foolish Reasons for Getting Married

There are a number of good reasons, in harmony with God’s design for the home, for desiring to be a part of a marriage relationship. One may meet a winsome Christian person who has attractive spiritual and personal qualities that appear to be ideal for a life-long marital union. Certainly children of God, who opt for marriage, ought to seek companions who are compatible with them, and with the Lord —someone who will be able to enhance their journey toward heaven. (More)

How The Health and Wealth Gospel Twists Scripture

Most Christians have heard some of the following: "You can have what you say," "The reason you haven't been healed is that you don't have enough faith," "We can write our own ticket with God if we decide what we want, believe that it's ours, and confess it," "He wants you rich and healthy," "What is the desire of your heart? Name it , claim it by faith, and it is yours! Your heavenly Father has promised it. It's right there in the Bible." (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ

Hopelessness and Despair

Sometimes the trials of life become so pressing, the circumstances become so disappointing, and the pain becomes so unbearable, that we are tempted to arrive at a point of hopelessness. We despair of finding a solution to our dilemma and we don't know where to turn. If this is true of followers of Jesus, how much more would it be true of people who don't know God! (More)

Hatred and Enmity

Have you ever hated someone?  Has anyone ever hated you?  People use “hatred” in many ways. They “hate” the weather, they “hate” barking dogs, they “hate” a certain food, and they “hate” a job. But we are particularly concerned here about hating another person. Let's see how devastating this sin is! (More)

General Topics

Living Longer:
4 Lifestyle Factors

In a large newly published study* of more than 6,200 Americans, researchers from Johns Hopkins and other universities found that four lifestyle behaviors were associated wit. . . . (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ

Gossiping and Whispering

Have you ever known a gossip?  Have you ever heard gossip?  Have you ever been guilty of gossiping yourself? This is a sin of the mouth that is quite common in every age.  It’s an everyday sin that people enjoy! But it is deadly! (More)

General Topics

God's Not Dead

Movie Review

Today, Christianity is under attack more than ever. Christians with a biblical worldview seem to be the ‘underdogs’ in the university, culture, and media. So when a film affirms a Christian worldview in any sense, it’s hard not to be excited. When we viewed the trailer for God’s Not Dead, we hoped that it would be an example of how to argue for one’s faith in the university, as the stats show that this is one area where young Christians struggle and even lose their faith. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Is Lust the Equivalent of Fornicaton?

The word “fornication” derives from the Greek term porneia, one of a cognate group of five words that together occur fifty-five times in the New Testament. The noun form is found twenty-five times, predominately in the letters of Paul. The word is generic in scope in that it refers to a variety of physical sexual acts between persons who are not married legitimately. (More)

Woman's Role in the Church

The divine portrait of woman, as painted on the Biblical canvas, is remarkable indeed. The Genesis narrative distinctly lends itself to the impression that Eve, as the culmination of the creative week, was a climactic jewel in Jehovah’s handiwork.

As one wanders down the corridors of Old Testament history he is ever refreshed by encounters with such as Sarah, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, Miriam, Deborah, Abigail, Ruth, Esther, and other noble women. Thus could the apostle Peter direct attention to those “holy women” who aforetime “hoped in God” (1 Peter 3:5). (More)

Lex Talionis and Christ's Law of Love


Most people who have read the Bible for any length of time know that one of the basic regulations of the Law of Moses refers to lex talionis, Latin for the“law of retaliation.” (More)

General Topics

Diet vs Exercise:

Which Matters More?

Are you trying to shed weight but getting meager results? This "diet vs exercise" article offers advice for what really works for long-term weight control.

My brother Joe, a 56-year-old physical therapist from Southern California, can’t resist steering into a fast food drive-thru at least three times a week. He figures his morning run makes up for his poor food choices. What does science say? Find out. (More)

Biblical Subjects

May I Divorce My Wife and Remain Unmarried?

Once a marriage has been entered, unless it is dissolved for a biblical reason (i.e., death or sexual infidelity — Rom. 7:2; Mt. 5:32; 19:9), it is a lifelong obligation. “…the woman that has a husband is bound by law to the husband while he liveth (i.e., as long as he remains alive)” (Rom. 7:2; cf. 1 Cor. 7:39).The Bible is very clear on the abiding nature of marriage. (More)

Overcoming Sin through Christ: A Comprehensive List of Sins


The terms glutton and gluttony are seldom used in our day, as they may have been in previous years—but the sin is still the same.  Some may joke about a person being a “glutton” at Thanksgiving time, but it is possible to commit this sin at any time of the year and in many different ways. The glutton or gluttonous person is condemned in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. (More)

Overcoming Sin through Christ: A Comprehensive List of Sins


Have you ever gambled in your life? Maybe you gambled as a child with pennies and perhaps you gambled as an adult with dollars.  Have you gambled on a sports event, or at a horse race track, or at the car races? Have you played poker with the fellows? Or have you visited a casino—whether in Las Vegas or elsewhere—and there indulged in the carnal activity of gambling? (More)

General Topics

The Atonement and Word-Faith Theology

The obvious abuses of the Word-Faith movement concerning the "health" and "wealth" gospel are readily acknowledged by most evangelical Christians. However, the most serious errors of the movement involve the "faith" teachings on the atonement of Christ. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Ascension of Christ--A Most Singular Event

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the foundation truth of the gospel (1 Corinthians 15:13-19).For that reason, occasionally the “resurrection” narrative has overshadowed the “ascension” record. But the ascension event is of equal significance, and careful attention should be given to it. (More)

Dealing Treacherously with One's Spouse

The book of Malachi, the final document of the Old Testament, contains a series of scathing rebukes against the Hebrew people in the post-captivity period (c. 457-432 B.C.) of the nation’s history. The Israelites had drifted into a state of spiritual lethargy and were involved in numerous manifestations of sin, not the least of which involved flouting the vows of their marriage covenants. (More)

General Topics

Was Paul's Reference to His "Cloak" a Meaningless Triviality?

Some have charged that the Bible contains a lot of trivial information, such as Paul’s request that Timothy bring the apostle’s “cloak” and “books and parchments” when he comes to Rome (2 Timothy 4:13). These items had been left in Troas (in western Asia Minor) with a brother whose name was Carpus. Critics say this sort of personal and superficial reference negates the idea that the Scriptures are verbally inspired of God. (More)

Is Capital Punishment for Today?

The death penalty is a barbaric relic of the past, according to our enlightened age. Is capital punishment for today? . . . Genesis has the answer. When passages from the Old Testament are used to justify or condemn a modern practice, many respond with the all-or-nothing argument. . . . (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


I well recall the incident as a child. My brother, six years my junior, must have done something I considered unwise. Although the circumstances are lost from my memory, I can still hear my mother warn me: “Richard, the Bible says that we must not call someone a fool!”  I had never thought of this and probably didn’t know what Scripture she had in mind, but her words did burn into my heart and I don’t think I’ve used the term in this way again. (More)


General Topics

The "Pope" on Evolution

Roman Catholics consider Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio, b. 1936) to be the successor to the Apostle Peter, and therefore having authority over Christians worldwide. Protestant creationists today have another reason to be glad that we reject this error. (More)

Comments on the News

Only One Crucifixion can Save the Soul

Probably you have heard or read of those people who seek to be crucified in our day for one purpose or another. We’ve read of this happening in the Philippines. These misguided Filipinos seek to identify themselves with Christ, the One who was crucified for our sins. These contemporary experiences of people being nailed to crosses have no bearing whatsoever on our soul—or theirs. Although they may seek to atone for their sins, there is no saving power in what they do. (More)

General Topics

Ten Best and Worst Foods for Health and Longevity

I am often asked for my list of the best foods to eat — the foods that contain the most micronutrients, phytochemicals and other health-promoting compounds. People want to know which high-nutrient foods provide the keys to optimum health and longevity. They are searching for a simple answer to the question, “What should I eat to reach my ideal weight, achieve immunity to disease and feel my best every day?” (More)

Comments on the News

A New Year--2015

This is the first of a new year—2015. If you are like me, as these New Years remembrances come and go, you are struck with how rapidly they pass us by. When I was in elementary and high school, it seemed that the time would pass by slowly, especially when I looked forward toward a special event in life—or summer vacation. But as we age, we look back and wonder where all of the time has gone. It appears to pass by so rapidly! (More)

General Topics


Fog imposed serious danger for ships prior to modern global position systems (GPS). In the early 18th century, British Admiral Shovell was engulfed in a blanket of fog for 12 days as he led a fleet of 21 warships near the rocky shores of the Scilly isles. All his navigators said they were safe. Only one humble crew member said they were in grave danger. He was hanged for mutiny shortly before many of the ships were wrecked, killing about 2000 in a watery grave… killed in ignorance of position. (More)

Read the Bible in 2015

It is the only book God wrote. There is none like it. There is no substitute for what it says. The Bible’s take on every subject it touches is the truth. It will judge us all eventually. That being the case, we ought to be at least as acquainted with Scripture as we are with sports, movies, music, entertainers, hobbies, politics, local news or video games. It is vastly more important than all of those, combined. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Killing and Murder

The Destruction of the Image of God

We all recognize that killing another person is one of the most serious crimes that a person may commit.  Society has generally recognized murder as worthy of the severest of punishment, although some forms of killing have often been seen as acceptable in certain societies. Just today in the newspaper, I read this headline. . . . (More)

General Topics

Television in the Christian Home

According to the Boston Globe, the average American child watches 25 to 30 hours of television weekly. By the age of eighteen, a child has viewed some 15,000 hours of television! This compares to 11,000 hours spent in the classroom. The only thing a child does more than watch television is sleep. But numbers don't tell the entire story. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ


We’ve all been in conversations when someone flattered—even insincerely flattered—another person. Some people are known for their excessive flattery while others occasionally engage in this sinful verbal expression. Have you been guilty of flattery and maybe later became aware of what you had done? Since we think that people like to hear wonderful things about them, we all have a temptation to engage in this subtle sin! (More)

General Topics

Food is the Fuel for Muscle Growth

For years, protein powders have been a common dietary supplement used by bodybuilders and other athletes in training. The prevailing theory among these groups has been that the additional muscle-building properties of protein powder would provide them with a competitive advantage. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Have you ever seen a man and thought to yourself, “That man is surely a filthy person!” Have you ever met a person, conversed with him, and later remarked, “He has such a filthy mouth!” Maybe you had parents who would wash your mouth with soap when you were young—because they accused you of having filthy language. When we refer to "filthiness" in Scriptural terms, we refer to a moral and spiritual filth. Let’s see what Scripture says about this matter of filth! (More)

Is All Remarriage after Divorce Condemned?

There are numerous diverse views in the world of “Christendom” regarding the matter of divorce and remarriage. One novel idea is that the New Testament allows no cause for divorce and remarriage. This is the position of the Roman Catholic Church. (More)

General Topics

Bone Health

The National Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that 50% of women and 25% of men over the age of 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture during their lifetime.1   The best protection against osteoporosis is a combination of weight-bearing exercise and excellent nutrition. (More)

What Happens to a Person at Death?

When the human body dies, it goes back to the dust of corruption (Genesis 3:19; Ecclesiastes 12:7; 2 Corinthians 5:1) where it remains until the “last day” of earth’s history (John 6:44, 54). At that point it will be raised in a new form, an immortal body (Daniel 12:2; Matthew 10:28; 1 Corinthians 15:54). The human body is not “recycled” successively into a series of fleshly bodies, as advocated in those religions that subscribe to the “reincarnation” dogma. (More)

Jesus Calling

(Review of the Book)

I had no knowledge of either the book or the author when I began reading Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling (having been asked by some of the readers of this site to do so). I had seen the book as a fixture on the Christian bestselling lists, but had never taken a look at it. The first thing I learned is that it has over 450 reviews on Amazon where it is holding down a 5-star average, something that is no small accomplishment. I downloaded it to my Kindle and began to read. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ

Fearfulness and Cowardice

There has been much misunderstanding in this subject of fear.  Some are fearful and constantly are aware of this. Others are entirely unaware of having this attitude of fear. People often condemn others because they perceive an attitude of fear. We must also consider whom we fear—do we fear Satan, or other people, or circumstances, or even God?  Can fear be a sin—or can it be a virtue? (More)

General Topics

Skepticism and the "Uniformitarian" Principle

One of the major concepts championed by the skeptical community is known as “uniformitarianism.” This is the notion that Earth’s processes, as they always are, reflect that which always has been. (More)

Atheistic Religion in the Classroom

We are constantly being told that religion is not taught in the public school system. Such, it is alleged, would be a violation of the principle of the separation of church and state. For instance, the claim is made that in science classes students will be taught only scientific facts; religious ideology will be excluded. That simply is not so. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Was Christ Mistaken About His Second Coming?

The late Bertrand Russell of Great Britain was a confessed atheist and a bitter opponent of Christianity. He once wrote an essay entitled, Why I Am Not A Christian. A brief portion of that infamous literary (?) production was a blasphemous section subtitled, “Defects in Christ’s Teaching.” (More)

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Hugh Ross Twists The Bible to Fit Man's Fallible Opinion

Progressive creationist [2] Dr. Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe recently appeared on Canadian talk show 100 Huntley Street [3] to promote his newest book, Navigating Genesis: A Scientist’s Journey Through Genesis 1–11. Hugh Ross believes God created the universe gradually over six overlapping time periods only figuratively called “days,” spread over billions of years since the supposed big bang. (More)

October Should Be Breast Cancer Prevention Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…is there anyone out there who has never heard of Breast Cancer? It should be called Breast Cancer Prevention Month! All women are aware of and concerned about breast cancer. What they may not be aware of is the scientific evidence that has accumulated in recent years that can enable them to avoid breast cancer. (More)

Blogging with Atheists and Evolutionists

(Part 4)

In our last article (Part 3) we continued this subject and now we wish to further show you some of the comments that were found in the internet blog. I don’t at all claim to be an expert in the sciences or in apologetics. But I do know enough to know that God is the true and living God, that He is Creator, and that His written Word is reliable and truthful. All of this serves as background to what follows. (More)

Comments on the News

Should We Subsidize Sexual Immorality?

This issue has become increasingly common in our modern world. We know that there are various kinds of immorality and, in the sexual realm, we are aware that it is wrong to commit fornication, adultery, sodomy, and the like. All of these sexual sins have disastrous effects in this life and in the life to come. (More)

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Judge with Righteous Judgment

A very discouraging and destructive trend has been growing in the body of Christ. The world has formed people into its mold rather than the minds and lives of people being transformed by God's word. Too many Christians have adopted pragmatism or substituted feelings and experience in place of the truth of God's word. Theology and doctrine are regarded as being 1) reserved for the pastors, 2) boring and irrelevant, 3) not practical, 4) divisive. (More)

Misunderstood Verses

"To Every Creature Under Heaven"?

Colossians 1:23

Only about 30 years after the Lord’s church was established on Pentecost (Acts 2), the apostle Paul reminded the Christians in Colossae about their reconciliation in Christ. He then mentioned to them how the Gospel had been “preached to every creature under heaven” (Colossians 1:23). However, according to skeptics who have commented on Colossians 1:23, “Never at any time has every living person heard the gospel. Millions of people have come and gone without having had any contact whatever with Christianity or the Bible” (More)

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Ten Strategies for Preventing Prostate Cancer

1) Eat your G-BOMBS.
G-BOMBS (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds) have powerful anti-cancer effects. For example, cruciferous vegetables (greens like broccoli, kale, bok choy, arugula, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage plus cauliflower, radish and more) contain phytochemicals that stimulate the body to detoxify carcinogens, and higher cruciferous vegetable intake is associated with lower prostate cancer risk.1 (More)

False Ideas Regarding Death

Each day of our existence we are reminded of the grim reality of death. It haunts us. We know so little about it. In fact, we know almost nothing regarding this ultimate physical experience, except for what is revealed in the Bible. But the biblical information is limited, and so false notions about death permeate society’s thinking. The following discussion represents a brief survey of some of these erroneous concepts. (More)

Exercise Daily for Excellent Health

Exercise is much more than just burning calories.  The calories burned during exercise, unless you're a professional athlete, make up a very small portion of our total calories burned for the day; what we eat has a much greater influence on our body weight.  So why should we bother to exercise? (More)

Cosmological Confusion

The Greek word for “world” is kosmos. The original term had to do with “order” or “arrangement.” Cosmology is a study of the origin and structure of the universe. How did the universe arise? Modern science hasn’t a clue, because the question of origins is beyond the pale of scientific investigation. Nonetheless, in their confusion, skeptical scientists and philosophers attempt to postulate various cosmological theories. (More)

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Overcoming Sin Through Christ


Evolutionism is one of the most popular, widespread, deceptive and sinful philosophies to be found in our day, especially from the time of Charles Darwin in the mid-nineteenth century.  Evolution is a theory claiming that “change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift.”  It is “the theory that all existing organisms developed from earlier forms by natural selection,” as originally formulated by Darwin.[1]  We have no space to offer a formal refutation of this destructive and unbelieving view, but this has been done by many able scientists and authors.[2] (More)

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From Miller's Prediction to Koresh's Rise

Victor Houteff is hardly a household name. Yet he is the father of a notable religious organization. Houteff's Davidian SDA movement prospered for 26 years before it disbanded in 1961. Houteff was born in Bulgaria in 1885. His family immigrated to the United States and he became a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in 1919. By the early 1930's, Houteff had developed Biblical views which were in conflict with his fellow Seventh Day Adventists. (More)

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Overcoming Sin through Christ

Evil Thoughts

You have thoughts and I have thoughts. This is part of what makes us human beings. Thoughts are neither right nor wrong in themselves. But do you ever have evil, wrong, and sinful thoughts?  Be honest with yourself—and with God. All of us have had to admit our falling into thoughts that were not the highest, the noblest, the purest, and the most loving. (More)

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Marriage Defined

As legislators are fighting over the legitimacy of same-sex marriages, activist judges are claiming constitutional sanction in their redefining of marriage, and the rank and file citizens of these United States are embroiled in a polarizing culture war, it is nevertheless unthinkable that the President of these United States has announced his approval of homosexuality. If God exists and the Bible is His revealed Word, then America is facing imminent peril. The evaporation of Christian principles from American civilization will lead to the extinction of civility, freedom, and morality. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Throughout Scripture, we see envy’s evil hand ruining personalities and darkening relationships.  We might think of Sarah’s envious thoughts toward Hagar (Genesis 16:5-6; 21:9-10), Rachel’s envy of Leah (Genesis 30:1), and Joseph’s brothers’ envy of Joseph (Genesis 37:4-11, 18-20; Acts 7:9). (More)

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Positive Confession

Positive Confession is the belief that if a believer speaks "spiritual" or "faith-filled" words then he can have what he says. Unfortunately, this influence has invaded the church and continues to cause much turmoil and confusion. Many of the teachers of the word-faith movement believe that words are so powerful that they can influence the physical and spiritual worlds. (More)

Cure for Diabetes

Over 25 million people in the United States (about 11% of the adults) have type 2 diabetes, and diabetes accounted for 6.8% of global deaths in adults (age 20-79) in 2010.1,2 (More)

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Capital Punishment and the Bible

The Bible is the written Word of God. Within its pages, we find the wisdom of God. We find what is best for the human race—how God intends for life to be conducted. What is God’s view of capital punishment? Both the Old Testament as well as the New Testament address this subject. (More)

Overcoming Sin through Christ


There are millions of drunkards ("alcoholics") in the United States and many more "problem drinkers." We all know that drunkenness ("alcoholism") in Russia is particularly a national problem. In fact, the use of alcohol in its various forms constitutes a major social and moral issue around the world. (More)

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Scripture Exposes False Prophets!

Both the Old and New Testaments are replete with warnings of false prophets. The following is intended to provide biblical criteria for discerning false prophets and teachers. If a preacher engages in any of the following behaviors, be very wary of him or her: (More)

Careers that May Not be Possible for Consistent Christians

On these pages, we have discussed the problem that Christians face on the job when they discover that their particular career doesn’t please the Lord.  We have dealt with jobs that require a Christian to do something that is not in harmony with the Lord’s will or jobs that forbid the Christian from doing something that his or her faith in the Lord requires. Quite frankly, many jobs do pose a problem for consistent and sincere followers of the Lord God. (More)

Three Things that We Like about Homeschooling

When I tell people about my wife’s job, they are usually very impressed. Their sentiments are usually expressed in statements like “Wow, that is amazing” or “I could never do that.” What does she do? She is a diligent homemaker who homeschools our children. I should add that we have five children (two preschoolers, one elementary age and two middle-schoolers). (More)

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Character Traits of the Spiritual Life


How often have you noticed the callousness of some people when they encounter the needs and hurts of other people?  How can people remain unmoved when confronted with poverty, sickness, tragedy, and loss?  They have hardened hearts that don’t have a proper sensitivity to people and their needs.  How about you? Do you have a genuine sensitivity toward people, toward needs, toward God Himself? (More)

Overcoming Sin through Christ

Drug Abuse

There are different views on how we are to understand a “drug” in our culture. Is tobacco a drug? Are nutritional supplements drugs?  What about over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol or aspirin?  Could certain “junk foods” be considered drugs? Or would this only refer to illegal substances? What about you? Are you taking any drugs? (More)

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What about Socialization?

fI only homeschoolers had a nickel for every time they heard the question, "... but what about socialization?"  That infamous socialization question, for any seasoned homeschooler, is quite a humorous one!          Although non-homeschoolers worry that homeschooling may turn children into social misfits, we know that the opposite is true and that POSITIVE socialization is one of the best reasons to homeschool your children. (More)

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The Calling of the Church is not Social Justice

Our response to the poor should be influenced by Scripture. The compassion of God is perhaps his most incredible communicable attribute, and is certainly His most discussed attribute in Scripture. Understanding this should guide any discussion about showing compassion to the poor. (More)

Letters to the Editor

Wasting Time on Moral Matters?

Rudy Oeftering, of the sodomite organization, “Metroplex Republicans,” tells us that Texas Republicans should not make homosexual immorality a part of their platform. He objects to this Republican affirmation of morality: “We affirm that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of our society and contributes to the breakdown of the family unit. Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country’s founders and shared by the majority. . . .” (More)

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Is the Maitreya the Second Coming of Christ?

Have you "bumped" into him lately and not known it? Have you heard him on the radio or seen him on the television and failed to realize it? Who is this mysterious person? "The Christians know Him as the Christ. The Jews await Him as the Messiah. The Hindus look for the coming of Krishna. The Buddhists expect Him as Maitreya-Buddha. And the Muslims hope for the appearance of the Imam Mahdi.... (More)

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Overcoming Sin through Christ

Disunity and Division

Wherever we look, we see signs of disunity, discord, enmity, and ill-will. Whether we are speaking of personal relationships or national conflicts, the world seems to continue under the dominion of disunity. What is your relationship with other people and their relationship with you? We know that Jesus Christ emphasized the unity of those who would follow Him as their Savior and Lord.  (More)



My God and Father, while I stray

Far from my home on life’s rough way,

Oh, teach me from my heart to say,

“Thy will be done.”


Biblical Topics

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Do you have a respect for your spouse, your parents, and your children? Do you respect law enforcement officers and those who hold political office? Do you respect people, regardless of their status, their color, their national background, or their language? Are you a respectful person? (More)

Disorganization and Disorderliness

Are you an orderly person? Do you leave things lying around in your house, in your yard, in your car, or at your workplace? What does your office or kitchen look like? Would people consider you messy, sloppy, cluttered, undisciplined, unsystematic, and disorganized? How do you conduct your life and what do you promote in your family?


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A History of False Prophecies

The appeal of End-of-the-world or Armageddon-type prophecies has a very powerful effect on people's lives. It is partly because of this fascination with The End, that people flocked to the Branch Davidian compound in the 1940's and `50's and why many of them stayed. (More)


For a Time of Sickness

When languor and disease invade
his trembling house of clay,
‘ Tis sweet to look beyond our cage,
And long to fly away.


Biblical Subjects

The Sin of Women Preachers

One subject you'll never hear a woman preacher preach about is feminism. As with the Homosexual Movement, the Feminist Movement has changed the Word of God into a lie, "Who changed the truth of God into a lie..." (Romans 1:25). Feminists have even fabricated their own Feminist Theology. This is rebellion against God. (More)

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Yoga and T'ai Chi

Many Christians bemoan the many decisions of the judicial system concerning the separation of church and state. But actually these decisions may prove to be important for Christians in using the government to respond to certain forces that are opposed to Christ (Romans 13:1-3). (More)

Cancer Alert:

Your Best Defense: Go Cruciferous

We may not have eaten so healthfully our entire lives. We may have a family history of breast, prostate or colon cancer. What should we do? Just wait until cancer is found? Getting medical screenings is certainly a personal decision, but if we really want to win the war against cancer, we must improve the nutritional quality of our diet. (More)

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The Disaster of Deliberate Sin!

Sin is the greatest enemy of our soul.  It is the great ruiner of relationships, the great destroyer of our future, the great master that makes us slaves.  Sin definitely is a tragedy beyond description. Although some holiness people claim that they can perpetually live without sin for months, years, or a lifetime, they are blinded to their own failures. (More)

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The Jesus Seminar:
Slippery Slope to Heresy

Any relativizing of Scripture, not only undermines "the faith once and for all delivered," but will inevitably, if not corrected, lead to blatant heresy. This is true regardless of one's religious background. Those who lose faith in the Bible ultimately and naturally lose their other Christian beliefs as well. Having lost the rudder of a trustworthy Bible, they usually drift toward cultic doctrine. (More)

Biblical Subects

The Seriousness of Secret Sin

We’ve all read of nationally known personalities who were caught in a private sin of some kind.  It may have been taking drugs, an adulterous affair, or a financial compromise.  Well known preachers have also been exposed in their sins.  We think of the televangelist who was twice discovered to have been seeing prostitutes, who later tearfully confessed before the TV camera.  (More)

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Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale, publisher of Guidepost magazine and writer of many books including the best selling Power of Positive Thinking. Our conclusion after much research is that Norman Vincent Peale is a universalist, that is, he believes that everyone is going to heaven if they believe in a god, and have some redeeming value, which is just about everyone. (More)

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Then and Now

In 2 Peter 2:1-2, the apostle states, But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. The apostle accurately observed the spread of heresy in the first-century church, and his warning that false teachers would continue to arise can easily be seen in the growth of cults and pseudo-Christian religions in our time. (More)

For Ever, O Lord, Thy Word is Settled in Heaven

(Cultic Translations)

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12)
Pseudo-Christian groups are particularly cognizant of this passage. Because the Bible is the unchanging Word of the unchanging God, groups whose doctrines are not in tune with biblical truth are forced to somehow alleviate the problems caused by the discrepancy. (More)

A Question of Hair Length

Question: I have a question. Reading your website about how to dress modestly I really I agreed with you and many other things you said in conjunction to what the bible said. One of the things that confused me is the long hair and trying to get hair to the length of woman of a certain race or background. Now nothing is wrong with long hair, I personally love long hair. But to aim for something so artificial and  impossible is  beyond me. (More)

Letters to the Editor

Growing Unbelief

I was saddened by the report (12/31/13) that 60% of Americans now believe in evolution. Only 90 years ago, it was illegal to teach the false theory of evolution in American public schools. Now, the reverse is true: It is illegal not to teach evolution; it is illegal to say the truth that God created all things! (More)

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The Five C's of Christian Courtship

Next to your decision to receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour, and next to your resolution to crown Him the Lord of your life, comes the vital question of whom you shall marry. A wrong choice here can tragically wreck your entire life. On the other hand, the right choice here can promise that your future years will be a bit of heaven on earth. There is perhaps nothing more normal and more natural than for young people of the opposite sex to be attracted to each other. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Are you content with what you presently have, or do you feel a resentment against God for not giving you what you want?  Are we always looking for bigger things, more things, greater things, and more luxurious things?  Are you discontent with your job, your appearance, your physical limitations, and even the weather?  If we can’t obtain what we want, do we feel dissatisfied, angry and bitter? (More) 

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What is Television Doing to our Youth?

It seems to me that television is the greatest menace of modern times, and how Christians are going to cope with it I don’t know. Anyone who has seen it must be convinced of its danger. Television can be used for good. It has tremendous possibilities, but I am afraid it is being used for evil almost exclusively and that it will do more harm than Hollywood to demoralize the youth of our country. It has been proved that the eye-gate makes a much greater appeal than the ear-gate, and while there are good programs on TV, there are so many of the other kind that it is most difficult to put on the one and blot out the other. (More)

Contending with the (Alleged) Contradictions of Scripture

It is very common for someone to object to Christianity on the basis of the belief that there is a wide array of contradictions in the Bible. It is also very common that, if pressed, the person raising this objection cannot name a single contradiction. However, it doesn’t take but an internet search of “Bible contradictions” to provide an abundance of opportunities to think about possible inconsistencies. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Modern Day Arians--Who are They?

One of the greatest of the heretics in all of Church history was Arius of Alexandria. He lived from about AD 280 until 336 and had a profound influence upon the Church. Arius was a presbyter (member of the governing body) of the Alexandrian Church and he taught that doctrine must be completely reasonable to the human mind or it was not biblical. (More)

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The Scriptures and the New Report on Obesity

Quite frequently we read reports on the detrimental effects that being overweight has on the body. A new report illustrates the danger that being obese (very overweight) will have on one’s longevity. The report that I read was entitled, “Obesity Found to Shorten Lives by 4 Years.” (More)

Biblical Subjects

Elders in the New Testament:

The Terms

Although it should be a fairly simple matter to study the New Testament and make certain conclusions about the leaders of Christian assemblies, many people are confused in our day. . . . What do we think about some of the popular assumptions today? What about young men being chosen to be a “pastor”? (More)

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Planet Kolob – Chariot of the gods?

Are Mormons Christian?  Are there infinitely many gods?  According to Mormonism, Elohim lives on planet Kolob with his goddess wives and they procreate a plethora of spirit children evolving into godhood. In 1973 the Osmonds put out a record, The Plan, promoting Mormon teaching regarding Kolob and was actually recorded in Kolob studios in Los Angeles. (More)

Eating to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

By age 85, nearly half of all North Americans will be affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The American Academy of Neurology predicts that these rates will triple over the next four decades unless preventive measures are established. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Who Do You Say I Am?

The apostle Paul was deeply concerned about the Corinthian Christians being led astray from the true faith. In their day, just as in the last quarter of the twentieth-century, rampant religious pluralism not only called the exclusive claims of Christianity into question,1 but also presented serious challenges to the maintenance of pure and sound doctrine within the household of faith.2 Various voices clamored to be heard, no doubt demanding in the name of "tolerance" to be recognized as legitimately Christian. (More)

Letters to the Editor

Speaking the Truth in Love

Although I don’t have a TV in the house, I know that millions of Americans are devoted to the Duck Dynasty series. They consider it more wholesome than much offered on television. I was shocked and saddened by the announcement today that Phil Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty, has been taken off the air indefinitely because he told the truth. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Jesus of the Bible

With many different beliefs about who Jesus is circulating in the religious world, we need to ask "Who is Jesus?" Is He the Jesus of the Watchtower Witnesses, or the Jesus of the Mormons, or the Jesus of the liberal Protestants, or the Jesus of Islam? Just what Jesus is portrayed on the pages of Scripture? (More)

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A Christian as President?

Many “Christian” political activists of our day hope and long for the day when a Christian will be elected to the presidency of the United States of America.  Many professing “Christians” rejoiced when Jimmy Carter became president, only to be deeply disappointed with this president who was assumed to be “born again.”  Others campaigned for Ronald Reagan but soon were dismayed with this president who professed to be a Christian (but was the first divorced one of which I am aware).  Then numerous religious, conservative people campaigned for Pat Robertson but were disillusioned when he failed to even win the nomination. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The "Changing" God of the New Theologies

Modern man seeks autonomy, or independence, especially when it comes to his relationship to God the Creator. It seems that man is forever running from his Creator and, in essence, he is escaping from reason. In his great little book, Escape from Reason, Francis A. Schaffer talks about a theology that would result when man chooses to go his own independent way, not seeking the God of the Bible, or taking the Bible as the authoritative word of his Creator. (More)

The Value of the Kingdom of Heaven

As the Lord’s ministry progressed, the hostility of the Jewish leaders intensified. Accordingly, at a certain point in time, Jesus began to teach in parables. Christ’s parables were human stories with a heavenly meaning. Their design was two-fold. First, his parables effectively communicated divine truths to those who were honest of heart. (More)

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Violent, Lustful, Worldly Movies

Our age is characterized by traits that defy the holy and right ways of God. It would seem that Hollywood is determined to lead this nation astray with its raunchy, wicked, and lustful fare. Satan has sent his demonic host into the world to fight against the right ways of God and one of their prime means of influence is the perverse Hollywood film. As John reminds us, “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19). (More)

Biblical Subjects

Living in Hope!

Would you say that you are a hopeful person? Do you live from day to day with a great hope and expectancy for the future? Or are you weighed down with a feeling of dread, defeat, and despair? Are you hopeless about the future? As we look out on our world, we see many things that could bring a spirit of pessimism for the future.  The mounting astronomical debt of America as well as other countries weighs us down. (More)

General Topics

Does the Bible Teach Reincarnation?

Why are so many people with traditional Christian backgrounds, participating in New Age spirituality? There are many possible reasons: not truly being born-again, a lack of discipleship and thus discernment, anemic churches or weak Christian experiences to name a few. But one undisputable factor is the intentional and dishonest attempts to "redefine" historic Christianity and to blur the distinctions between the New Age and Christian beliefs. (More)

Biblical Topics

Women Pastors, Preachers, and Teachers

A Blessing--or An Abomination?

Our society generally looks with favor on the full participation of women in every phase of public life.  It is not only tolerated, but applauded by our egalitarian culture. “It is the American way!” declares the majority.  “It’s only fair!” adds nearly everyone.  “Equality is the right way!” asserts many others. (More)

General Topics

The Tragedy of Living and Dying in a False Religion

The interesting and fascinating account of a couple who died on the same day!

From time to time we read the interesting story of a couple who have lived their lives together and then, strangely, they die at nearly the same time. We all marvel at how close a husband and wife can be and then it seems that they can’t bear to live alone. These kinds of stories are not frequent but when they do come, we find them interesting and inspiring.  Recently two of these stories came to light and I read of both of them. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Are you a deceiver?  Do you deceive others?  Universally, people don't like to be deceived. If they think that you may be deceiving them, they may respond, "You are deceiving me!" Or they may condemn you with the accusation, "You are a deceit!" Closely connected with lying, deceitfulness is surely widely condemned and yet almost universally practiced! (More)

General Topics

The Study of Biblical Words

God not only wants us to read His Word but also study it. We need to do more than be "daily Bible readers." We also neeed to become diligent Bible students--ones who search out the meaning of God's word so that we might believe it, understand it, and obey it. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Goodness of God and Eternal Punishment

The late Bertrand Russell, a renowned British agnostic, wrote a small publication titled, Why I Am Not A Christian. One of the reasons he cited for his unbelief was that Jesus Christ taught that there is an eternal hell for the wicked. Russell could not harmonize Christ’s doctrine about hell with the biblical position of a just and benevolent God; hence, he rejected the teaching of Jesus and inclined toward the belief that there is no God. (More)

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Would you consider self a cruel person?  A better question would be, “Would other people consider you to be a cruel person?”  Sometimes we can’t see ourselves as others see us.  More important yet is what God knows about us—does He consider us to be filled with cruelty in our words and actions? (More)

Comments on the News

Man Wants to be Treated as a Woman

By this time, most of us have read or heard of the betrayal of Bradley Manning, the soldier who “leaked” 700,000 classified documents in 2010. Manning served in Iraq in 2010 and it was at this time that he posted these classified American documents to the website WikiLeaks. Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison but will be eligible for parole in only seven!  (More)

General Topics

Arguments for the Inclusion of Mark 16:9-20

We realize that Mark 9-20 has been the subject of much debate and speculation. Is it inspired or not? We believe that the following discussion is worthy of consideration. Personally, we believe that if there is any question of its authenticity, prudence would have us accept it provisionally as true. Consider this article to decide for yourself. (More)

"Word of Faith" Teaching

Word of Faith Crosses the Heresy Line!

“Satan conquered Jesus on the cross.” “He died spiritually! …Jesus Christ understood that spiritual death is union with the satanic nature.” “Man was created on terms of equality with God, and he could stand in God’s presence without any consciousness of inferiority.” “He [God] doesn’t even draw a distinction between Himself and us. …I have His name. I’m one with Him…I am a little god! Critics, be gone!” (More)

General Topics

Survival on the Road

Whether you are taking a road trip or flying to some distant destination, summer is the season for travel and adventure. . . .If you are committed to following a nutrient-dense diet style, you do not have to leave your healthy eating habits at home. With a little pre-planning and thinking outside the box, it is possible to relax and make healthy food choices even when you are not at home. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life


Are you righteous—truly righteous?  Are you righteous not only outwardly in your external behavior, but also in your heart and soul—the inward part of you? Do you have the kind of righteousness that the Pharisees had--or do you have the righteousness needed to enter God's kingdom? (More)

False Prophets and Lying Wonders

Have you noticed that no matter how many times charismatic televangelists make outlandish false prophecies, they never lack for followers, and they don’t stop claiming the Lord has spoken directly to them? (More)

Are You Absolutely Sure of Eternal Life?

People generally are interested in being sure about important life decisions. Who will they marry, what profession or occupation will they pursue, what position will they take, where will they live, and what car should they buy? What is the best alternative to various health issues that may arise, such as cancer treatments or heart disease conditions? If these matters call for some concern and consideration, how much more important is it that we think carefully about our eternal future! (More)

General Topics

A Healthy Heart

Heart disease is our nation’s number one killer. Americans suffer 715,000 heart attacks a year, resulting in 125,000 deaths, due to this largely preventable disease.1 Making significant lifestyle modifications, including regular exercise and dietary changes, allow people who suffer with coronary heart disease to reduce and eliminate their dependence on medications and avoid major surgeries such as heart bypass and angioplasty. (More)

Biblical Subjects

What is the Meaning of "Not Under Bondage"?

Would you address First Corinthians 7:15? Does desertion by a non-believing mate grant the abandoned Christian the right of remarriage? In First Corinthians, chapter 7, the apostle Paul responds to a number of questions that had been submitted to him by various members of the church at Corinth (cf. 1 Cor. 7:1). Some of these queries had to do with the relationship of a believer who is married to an unbeliever. (More)

General Topics


We are living in unusual times when what is considered normal and natural has been turned upside down.  Many of us are shocked at the way society in America has degenerated increasingly over the past half century. There seems to be no end to the way Satan is turning right things upside down so that they become base and perverse and even sinful. (More)

Why Did the Resurrected Jesus Not Appear to His Enemies?

“When Jesus was resurrected from the dead, why did he not appear to the Jewish and Roman officers, instead of simply showing himself to the disciples? Would not the former have been more convincing?”


General Topics

Teaching Youth the "Work" Ethic

My father was not a Christian. Occasionally, he expressed doubt about the existence of God. I never heard him pray, and he never taught the Bible to me. But I loved him and he loved me, and he did teach me some important values, not the least of which was the worth of honest, diligent labor. In other words, the dignity of hard work. (More)

Exercise Keeps Your DNA Young

In addition to the many well-known benefits of exercise for reducing the risk of chronic disease, evidence has emerged in the past few years suggesting that exercise may slow the aging process at the DNA level.  (More)

The Pain of Lingering Regrets

Nathan Hale elevated the term “regret” to a new high in 1776. Hale, a lad of twenty-one years, was a captain in the colonial army. He was arrested by the British as a spy and sentenced to hang. His courageous, final words were: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” More often than not, however, “regret” has a troubling connotation. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Why Do People Refuse to Come to Jesus?

Jesus was in Jerusalem attending one of the annual Jewish feasts (probably the Passover). On this occasion, he encountered a disabled man who had been in his affliction some thirty-eight years. The Lord asked the poor gentleman if he would like to be made whole. After a brief exchange, Christ instructed the man to “Arise, take up thy bed, and walk.” (More)

General Topics

Compromises with Catholcism

Over the years many people who profess Christ have opposed the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Bishop (aka the Pope).  They have openly spoken and written against countless doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church for nearly two thousand years. When the Roman Church rose to a place of prominence in the third and fourth centuries, there were some writers and leaders who opposed this arrogant claim to superiority. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin through Christ


Are you a conformist?  Have you been willing to conform to the society around you?  Conformity means an “action in accord with prevailing social standards, attitudes, practices.”[1]  It is “action or behavior in correspondence with current customs, rules, or styles.”[2]  Does God want us to “conform” to society around us?  Is He pleased when we act like the world, talk like the world, dress like the world, drive like the world, spend our money like the world, and have the same perspectives as the world?  Do we conform to our culture? (More)

One Little Tract!

Have you ever considered the great possibilities of one little pamphlet that tells something about God, Christ or the gospel of Christ?  Perhaps it is a very short tract but still it may be powerful in accomplishing the will of the Lord in your own life or the life of someone you know. Some people seem to know little or nothing about gospel tracts although they were popular in previous generations. During the past several centuries, a little pamphlet that treats a Christian theme could be passed to another by almost anyone and taken home to read in one’s leisure. (More) 

Overcoming Sin Through Christ


Are you a compromiser?  Is compromise good or bad?  Actually, compromise can be either.  Compromise may be defined as “a settlement of differences by mutual adjustment or modification or opposing claims, principles, demands, etc.; agreement by mutual concession.”[1] Compromise can be a positive quality when we are willing to come to agreement with someone who has a different view from us, if the issue is of no consequence or if it is a matter of opinion. (More)

Varieties of Universalism

There are Five main variations of Universalism. What are they? (More)

Who am I in Christ?

Who are you? Who am I? Those who are not saved (or not born again by the Spirit of God), are in a dreadful state and condition! They are "separate from Christ, excluded from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world" (Ephesians 2:12). On the other hand, those who have been forgiven of God, reconciled to Him, and redeemed by the blood of Christ, their condition is entirely different! (More)

The Lie of Pie:
An Examination of the Lie of Religious Pluralism

At the introduction of Christianity within their borders, many Indians began to acknowledge Jesus as just another god worthy of praise alongside Krishna, Vishnu, Ganesh and the other objects of their worship. This is the background presented in “Life of Pi” which is a story of an Indian boy’s childhood and his experience of being lost at sea with a Bengal tiger. (More)

General Topics

Is Sexual Self-Stimulation Wrong?

I must say at the outset that unfortunately it is the case that some, held in high regard in the world of Christendom (some of whom I admire for several of their moral stands) have, in my considered judgment, compromised biblical truth on this issue. They allege that just because the New Testament does not explicitly condemn the practice by name, no one can oppose it legitimately. (More)

Understanding Death

Most of us came to a harsh realization of our mortality, even as children. It’s a very gloomy prospect to comprehend that we will all eventually die. And I know from crushing personal experience that this sometimes happens to our loved ones sooner rather than later. None of us like death. Whether someone has lived a full life or dies ‘too young’, we grieve at their passing. (More)

Misunderstood Verses

"Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse"

Does it mean to bring one's contribution into the local church?

How often we have heard over-zealous and perhaps unscrupulous pastors and preachers coerce their members to bring their tithe (10%) and additional “offerings” to the local church so that God will bless them! They urge the attendees to drop their money into the offering plate with the declaration that this is what God requires! (More)

Biblical Subjects

What is the Eternal Sin?

 “What is the ‘eternal sin,’ mentioned in Mark 3:29?”

Here is the text that is the focus of this question.

“Verily I say unto you, All their sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they shall have blasphemed: but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin: because they say, ‘He has an unclean spirit’” (Mark 3:28-29). (More)

General Topics

False Teachers and False Doctrine

The Scripture has much to say about false prophets, false teachers and the false doctrines they proclaim. Jesus warned, "Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves..." (Matt. 7:15). Just as wolves are dangerous, so are false teachers. (More)

Word of Faith Crosses Heresy Line

“Satan conquered Jesus on the cross.” “He died spiritually! …Jesus Christ understood that spiritual death is union with the satanic nature.” “Man was created on terms of equality with God, and he could stand in God’s presence without any consciousness of inferiority.” “He [God] doesn’t even draw a distinction between Himself and us. …I have His name. I’m one with Him…I am a little god! Critics, be gone!” Shocked? (More)

Yes, "It is a Shame"!

Sometimes a person may ask, "Were you ashamed for what you did?" A teacher may seek to detect a repentant attitude in a student and inquire, "Are you ashamed about the way you behaved in class today?" All of us have had a sense of shame about what we have done. But, sadly, not everyone is ashamed about what they do. There are some things that some people do of which they should be ashamed, but they are not. Here are three things. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Complaining, Whining, Grumbling, Murmuring

The sin of complaining is found wherever people are found for it is very common in all levels of society. Do you hear people complaining about the weather, complaining about their family members, or complaining about the traffic?  When you are at work or in the office, do you overhear others murmuring about their working conditions, the jealousy or unkindness of their fellow-workers, or the depravity of government officials? (More) 

General Topics

Should a Christian Marry Outside the Faith?

Is it wrong for a Christian to marry outside the faith? If so, how does he or she repent?

This is a multifaceted question and it would not do it justice to answer it hastily. A preliminary foundation must be laid. We would offer the following thoughts for careful study. First of all, we must observe that marriage is a sacred relationship which was initiated by the Creator for the benefit of humanity as a whole (Genesis 2:18ff). Any two eligible people (male and female, unfettered by a previous marital tie) may enter into this divine relationship with the assurance that the union is recognized by God. (More)

5 Tips for Teaching Children about Making Healthy New Year's Resolutions

The sugar plums and candy canes are gone. So are all those holiday hours your children probably spent lounging around the house playing with their new toys (and snacking on treats). To rev up your children’s motivation to make – and be successful at – healthy New Year’s resolutions, here are five tips (More)

Biblical Subjects

Do the Imprecatory Psalms and Christian Ethics Clash?

Does Psalm 69:22-28 bother you? Do you find it difficult to reconcile the “harsh” language of this passage with others so brimming with love like this one?: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16). (More)

Comments on the News

The Depths of Sodom Found in Washington D.C.

The 2013 Inauguration of President Obama on Monday, January 21, offered a slap in the face of God Almighty that places this country at a new low of immorality, similar to Sodom of Old Testament fame. . . . The man chose for this infamous prayer was “Father” Luis Leon of St John’s Episcopal Church in Washington D.C. This is the official Washington Cathedral that represents the stance of the United States in official functions and it is also where many presidents of the past have chosen to attend. (More)

Biblical Subjects

God's Care for His People

After more than two centuries, God brought the nation of Israel out of Egypt and into the bleak wilderness of Sinai. Ideally, the Hebrews should have gone directly into Canaan (150 miles to the northeast), which would have taken about a month. However, due to their lack of faith, they were forced to wander in the harsh desert for 40 years. (More)

General Topics

Celebrate Transgenderism or Support Suicide

A recent Boston Globe front-page article tells about Camp Aranu'tiq in Connecticut, which was founded in 2010 by Nick Teich, a female who dresses as a male. Her camp allows boys to pretend to be girls, and girls are allowed to pretend to be boys. She tells the Globe that the "other choice" for many of the children is "suicide." (More)

Biblical Subjects

Is Universalism Biblical?

Universalism states that sooner or later all people will be saved. This position holds that the concepts of hell and punishment are inconsistent with a loving God. The older form of universalism, originating in the second century, taught that salvation would come after a temporary period of punishment. The newer form of universalism declares that all men are now saved, though all do not realize it. (More)

The Growing Trend toward Universalism

We recently received a letter from a courteous reader who asserted his belief that all people will be saved ultimately. He feels there is Bible support for this position, though he introduced not a solitary passage in defense of the theory. Perhaps there is some value in discussing this theme—in this day of widely diversified religious views, and a growing tendency to excuse or justify every conceivable ideology. (More)

General Topics

Biblical Blasphemy vs Islamic Blasphemy

Those who have studied both the Bible and Muslim literature, including the Quran, will notice huge differences between the views of blasphemy held by both groups.  What can we find in the Bible and what does Islamic law state about this? (More)

Where is Your Trust: In Jesus or in Mary?

The message of Scripture, from first to last, is that we must place our ultimate faith in God and in Christ Jesus, His beloved Son.  The Hebrew writer says, “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him” (11:6).  Our faith must be focused on God who is the Rewarder. Jesus declared, “Have faith in God” (Mark 11:22). (More)

Biblical Subjects

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life


Have you found the key of prayer in your fellowship with the Lord?  Do you remain in close and continual contact with God through the meaningful means of prayer?  Is prayer a meaningful, regular and vital part of your life in Christ?  The most common Greek word for prayer is proseuchomai (the verb) and proseuche (the noun).  It simply means “to pray” and the word always refers to prayer to God. (More)


The following letter was printed in a local paper some twenty years ago. “Sometime ago our Minister announced that he would be speaking the following Sunday on ‘Heaven’. During the week a beautiful letter was received from an old man who was very ill, and the following is part of his letter. (More)

General Topics

What We Teach and Why


As partners with God in creation, we call our children into being. Certainly, God designs them. In his marvelous wisdom he takes cells from our odies—every one with a pattern that calls for certain looks and character traits—and fuses them into brand new individuals. New personalities. New souls—unlike any other that lived before or since. Every child is a miracle of God’s creative design! (More)

Two Horrible Sins in the Balance

It is hard to imagine that two horrible sins are in the balance in the political realm today.  These sins have traditionally been seen as clearly, unequivocally and plainly a matter of right and wrong, of black and white.  I refer to sins so black and perverse that it is difficult to overestimate their importance. (More)


Freedom of Speech and Religion and Illegal Police Repression

I’ve appreciated the fact that we can depend on the police department to provide safety and protection in many different ways and on many diverse occasions. We can all vouch for the officers’ tireless service and responsible activity in the city of Fort Worth. Sadly, there is one area that needs improvement. (More)

Don't Vote on Moral Grounds?

I was saddened by the Star-Telegram’s liberal columnist Bob Ray Sander’s article, “Black preacher’s epistle on gay marriage is a must-read” (Star-Telegram, Sept. 26, 2012).  Sanders is combating the black bishop’s suggestion that African-Americans should not vote for either of the present candidates for the presidency of the United States—Barak Obama and Mitt Romney. (More)

A Place for Spanking

The Star-Telegram (Sept. 26, 2012) ran an editorial today entitled, “Swatting students is archaic, wrong, counterproductive.”  A number of letters were also carried in the same day’s paper, most of which were against corporal punishment in the school and some were against it both in the school and in the home. The article above pointed out that Texas is one of 19 different states that allow spanking as a form of discipline but the unnamed editor called it an “archaic disciplinary practice.”  (More)

General Topics

What about "Mom" and the "Kids"?

How often have we heard people referring to their mothers as “Mom”! And how frequently do you hear people speaking of their “kids”?  In fact, do you also claim to have a mom and kids? For some decades now people in general seem to commonly use these terms and even prefer them.  We are convinced that in many cases this usage lowers the respect that our mothers and children deserve. (More)

Comments on the News

Just Who Supports the Obama Campaign?

With the upcoming election much on our minds, it is interesting to observe the groups of people who continue to be devoted to our current leader, President Barak Obama.  Studies do indicate that at this time he has a lead over the other major contender for the presidency. But who are the groups of people or classifications of voters who prefer him over Governor Romney? (More)

Society Continues the Downward Slide to Destruction

The Issues of Homosexuality and Abortion of the Democrats and Republicans

An article appeared in our local newspaper with the title, “Divide Widens between GOP and Democrats” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Sept. 5, 2012).  The article says that the Democratic convention has taken “unmistakable liberal positions . . . notably abortion and gay marriage, planting the party as firmly on the political left as Republicans are on the political right.” (More)

General Topics

Moon or the Son?

On September 3, 2012, Sun Myung Moon died at age 92.  Known for his charismatic personality and business acumen, this cultic leader has an amazing record of outreach and achievement. Born in Korea in 1920, Moon was known for his anti-communist activities.  He spent time imprisoned in his native North Korea, from 1948 until 1950, when the UN troops were responsible for releasing him. (More)

Is it true Jesus never addressed same-sex marriage?

Today it is popular among those promoting same-sex marriage to say that Jesus never addressed the issue, that He was silent on the subject.

Those who affirm the historical and traditional understanding of marriage between a man and woman often are admonished to go and read the Bible more carefully. If we do so, we are told we will see that Jesus never addressed the issue. So the question that I want to raise is: "Is this assertion correct?" Is it indeed the fact that Jesus never addresses the issue of same-sex marriage? (More)

Our Highest Priority

Guard Yourselves from Idols!

There seems to be a basic tendency of man to reject the true and living God and to fashion idols or false gods of their own imagination. Constantly through history, God called people back to a pure worship of Him, the unseen God and Creator, and away from their own imagined deities. The prophets pointed out that the false gods were worshiped by means of the grossest of immorality, whereas our Creator God demands purity and holiness! (More)

General Topics

He who Mistreats his Parents Brings Reproach

In the midst of two lengthy New Testament series of condemnations, a somewhat surprising entry appears. The first appears in what we call the initial chapter of Paul’s letter to the first century church of Christ at Rome. It describes the behavior of certain pagans who did not see fit to acknowledge God and did what ought not have been done–a list of sins that includes the expectable murder and maliciousness, but which also adds being “disobedient to parents.” (More)

Biblical Subjects

Fury of Fire!

The readers of what we call the Hebrew letter were a people in great distress, convinced of the lordship of Jesus Christ, but overwhelmed by the persecution and ostracism that came with it. To dissuade them from abandoning their faith in the son of God, the now anonymous writer assembled a number of arguments around a theme of the superiority of the new covenant to that of Moses. Like all disciples, they had the free will to choose faithfulness or apostasy, and the stakes involved their very salvation and eternal fate. (More)

General Topics

Preaching John into Heaven!

Have you ever gone to a funeral home or a church building for a memorial service and the speaker lamented that the deceased person had gone to hell?  I have yet to go to such a funeral.  Whether the dead person was likable or obnoxious, whether the person was kind or harsh, generous or stingy, or any other character trait, somehow the preacher assumes that he or she is now in heaven. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life


Every day we are reminded that there is a realm of evil, of disobedience, and of rebellion that is all around us.  Satan’s agenda is to place this worldly spirit within us!  Scripture is replete with descriptions and warnings of this anti-God sphere for it has deceived and destroyed the masses.  W. E. Vine says that “world” (kosmos) refers to “the ‘present condition of human affairs,’ in alienation from and opposition to God.” (More)

Entertainment in the Church:

The Sensational and Spectacular!

Have you ever wondered why people aren’t content to live a simple, common Christian life while they enjoy a simple fellowship with other followers of the Lamb?  Isn’t this the way it was in the beginning?  Luke tells us, “[The believers] were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer” (Acts 2:42). I see nothing spectacular about this description, other than the overwhelming love for God and each other and their profound fear of the Lord. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life

Orderliness, Neatness, Cleanliness

A virtue that sometimes people overlook is neatness, orderliness, and cleanliness. Some people dismiss this as an indifferent trait. However, the orderliness with which we conduct our affairs tells people something about us and what we value. It is a characteristic of far-reaching magnitude, one that affects many areas of our life. Orderliness has been described as “keeping everything that is under our jurisdiction neat, clean, functional, and its proper place.” (More)


Do you sincerely seek to obey the Lord under all circumstances, at all times, regarding everything that He commands?  Or do you make choices in what you obey?  Obedience is a leading trait of one who loves and trusts God.  In the Hebrew Bible, obedience was a leading response of Israel to Yahweh God. (More) 

Nonresistance and Nonretaliation

When someone hurts you, is unkind to you, or treats you disrespectfully, what do you do? What do you think? Do you plan to retaliate and "get even" in some way? Or do you even think of doing this? These words, per se, are not found in the New Testament, but the essence of the words is found repeatedly on the sacred pages.  By them, we mean the willingness to not resist evil men and the determination to not retaliate for wrongs done to us. (More)

General Topics

My Experience with the "Jehovah's Witness" Visitors

Two weeks ago, my wife and I had an interesting experience, one that illustrated once again the power of Satan to close the minds of the unbelieving. I want to make clear as I begin that, although I use the name “Jehovah’s Witness” in the title, I am not under the mistaken impression that these people are really Jehovah God’s witnesses.  Scripture says, “A trustworthy witness will not lie, but a false witness utters lies” (Proverbs 14:5).  Members of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society are not true witnesses of Jehovah (whose name is more accurately rendered, Yahweh), but are actually false witnesses who speak against many truths of Scripture. (More)

Comments on the News

Black Clergy Usually Oppose Sodomite “Marriages”

Black preachers presently face a dilemma.  They support President Barack Obama in some issues and African-Americans generally actively support the Democratic party, along with its liberal agenda. But they face the problem that the President has raised. Democrats in general support and promote sodomite unions. (More)

Self-Deceived Snake-Handler Dies

By now you have probably read or heard of the snake-handler from West Virginia who was killed by a poisonous timber rattlesnake a week ago.  This tragedy was proclaimed across the country and surely caused non-Christians who oppose the Bible to deride its teachings by citing this infamous case. (More)

General Topics

Can Intelligent Design Save Your Soul?

Intelligent Design (ID) advocates reject the common view that life is due to a random cause.  All forms of life show signs of design such as the mechanics of a horse’s walk, trot, cantor and gallop and how this is facilitated through its special anatomy.  Is ID the best alternative in the origins controversy?   (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Wrath of God

Among the visions seen by John was God's judgment on his enemies. "And they say to the mountains and to the rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: for the great day of their wrath is come; and who is able to stand?" (Rev. 6:16-17). (More)

Comments on the News

President Obama and Sodomite "Marriage"

On May 8, 2012, North Carolina voters passed the so-called Amendment One that President Obama, former President Clinton, and Arne Duncan, the present Education Secretary, all urged North Carolinians to defeat.  Vice-President Joe Biden also sided with the sodomites, saying that he is “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex “marriage.” (More)

General Topics

Reducing Cholesterol Naturally

Almost 50% of American adults have total cholesterol levels above 200 mg/dL, placing them at risk for cardiovascular disease--elevated cholesterol is one of the most important risk factors for heart disease.1 Elevated cholesterol is also associated with increased risk of several cancers.2 A high nutrient diet is by far the most effective method of reducing cholesterol while avoiding side effects. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life


Do you generally wait for things to happen to you or for you—or do you actively seek opportunities to grow and learn and do the works of God?  Initiative may be defined as “the power or ability to begin or follow through energetically with a plan or task; enterprise and determination.”[i] (More)

What About Salvation in "Hard Cases"?

A case made the news media recently that has breathed new life into an old quibble that seeks to nullify the necessity of baptism for the remission of sins. In the Bakersfield area, prison officials, in collusion with a Pentecostal chaplain, were instrumental in blocking (at least for the time being) the baptism of an inmate who sought to obey the gospel of Christ. (More)

General Topics

Those Bogus "Bible Codes"

The idea that certain pieces of literature are characterized by numerical codes that smuggle important messages to those who are able to decipher them, has roots that reach far back into antiquity. Within the past few years, interest in this issue has emerged again — with considerable sensationalism. (More)

Did These Witness "Prophecies" Fail?

How important is it that we speak the truth?  How serious is it that we lie?  What if a person speaks or promotes prophecies that are not true—and that fail to be fulfilled?  Notice the following warnings on false witnessing—which would include witnessing to a false prophecy. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life


It has been said that humility is “recognizing and acknowledging my total dependence upon the Lord and seeking His will for every decision.”  It is “realizing that we ourselves are nothing, but we are everything in Christ.”[i]  In the Greek world, the word tapeinos was considered a shameful state and was considered an attitude of contempt.  “To be low on the social scale, to know poverty, or to be socially powerless was seen as shameful.” (More)

Comments on the News

$640 Million Jackpot!

Finally, we all know whether a person was a winner in the largest Mega Millions lottery in history!  The Mega Millions lottery was played in 42 states and Washington D.C.  and the jackpot increased to an astronomical $640 million (2/3 of a billion) dollars! This is an unimaginable sum!  The previous record was a $390 jackpot in 2007, divided two ways between two winners. (More)

It's Springtime!

We are entering a refreshingly beautiful time of the year. This is springtime! This is the time that many of us have eagerly looked forward to during the cold and wintry months that are now past. The arctic temperatures, the winter storms, the two feet snow drifts, and the astronomical heating bills, no longer make the news. Instead, the days are lengthening, the birds are busy building nests, the trees are leafing, and the flowers are blooming. Yes, the beautiful flowers with the multicolored blossoms make their arrival! Even the aroma of spring is in the air! (More)


Biblical Subjects

Are All People Children of God?

“Why are there some people who think they are the ‘children of God,’ but that others are not. Isn’t it a fact that all human beings are children of God?” This is a concern that many express. Is there a legitimate biblical response?

In the first place, it is not man’s prerogative to arbitrarily determine who is, or is not, a child of God. The Lord himself decides that, and no one can draw any conclusions regarding that issue independent of what the scriptures indicate. (More)

The Curse of Covetousness

In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon1, king of Israel, explored the various avenues that men pursue in their quest for happiness. One area of particular interest was that of material wealth. Surely, it is frequently believed, if a man accumulates wealth he can be contented. The richest man of the antique world repudiated that assumption! (More)

The Unrepentant Repenter

The believer in Christ is a lifelong repenter. He begins with repentance and continues in repentance. (Rom. 8:12-13) David sinned giant sins but fell without a stone at the mere finger of the prophet because he was a repenter at heart (2 Sam. 12:7-13). Peter denied Christ three times but suffered three times the remorse until he repented with bitter tears (Mt. 26:75). Every Christian is called a repenter, but he must be a repenting repenter. (More)

General Topics

The Bible Doctrine of Sanctification


The Greek terms that are rendered into English by “sanctification,” “holy,” and “saints” convey important biblical truths. Unfortunately, in the world of “Christendom” many erroneous ideas have grown up around these expressions. Some interpret “sanctified” as the equivalent of “saved.” Practically speaking, the “saved” and the “sanctified” represent the same class of people, but the terms have different points of emphasis. (More)

A Further Sign of Family Disintegration

What is the “new norm” in childbirth?

A sure sign of societal decay and personal degeneration is the breakdown of the family.  From the very beginning, God’s will declared that, under normal circumstance, a husband and wife would have children and they, in turn, would have children of their own (cf. Genesis 2:18, 24; Deut. 6:5-7; Psalm 128:6).  In keeping with this, the traditional family in the United States consisted of a husband and wife (father and mother) and they would have children, generally a large number of them. (More) 

The Day Christopher Hitchens Met His Maker

Over the last score of years Americans have been exposed to the virulent anti-Christian writings and televised interviews of Christopher Hitchens, archenemy of Jehovah.  On December 16, 2011, Mr. Hitchens breathed his last breath. He died of esophageal cancer.  When diagnosed with cancer, he "insisted he had not revised his position on atheism." (More) 

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life


Do people know that they can find a warm welcome in your house?  Have you freely opened your doors to feed your fellow-believers and others?  Have you even given a bed to the weary as an act of hospitality?  Have you hosted gatherings of saints in your home for worship and instruction? 

Hospitality seems to be one of the most lacking of virtues in the Christian’s life, but it should be our common experience in God’s family. (More)


Do you have trouble pulling yourself out of sadness and depression?  Are you constantly gloomy and focus all of your attention on the negative aspects of life?  Are you overwhelmed by the conflicts and wars, the natural disasters, the sins of society, and the sad state of the religious world?  Do you feel negative about your own life and feel hopeless about the future?  If you are a child of God, you have many reasons to be hopeful about your future with God even when the world around you is chaotic and under God’s righteous judgment. (More)


Would you consider yourself a holy person?  How do you look on the subject of holiness?  False religion may refer to a man as “Holy Father” or a religious place as a “Holy Sanctuary.”  People talk about "holy days," the "holy land," and "holy cathedrals." However, the Biblical view of holiness is far different from this.  (More)

Gratefulness or Thankfulness

Do you consider yourself a thankful person?  Are you grateful to God for His rich blessings that are given every day?  Do you thank Him for His bountiful grace?  In fact, do you also express your thankfulness to others for the way they have blessed your life?  According to Paul’s description of the pagan Gentiles (Romans 1:18-32), one of the leading charges against them was that “though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks” (v. 21).  A thankless spirit will bring one under God’s righteous judgment! (More)


Are you a good person?  Do you know other people who are good?  Some people--even preachers--claim that we cannot be good. They cite Paul's words in Romans 3:12: "There is none who does good, there is not even one." Does this mean that we can't be good or relatively good? We know that in one sense only God is completely “good.”  (More)


Sodomite Training for City and College

I was saddened by the Collegian article, “TREE discussion focuses on schools’ diversity training.”  The Trinity River Equality in Education “brought issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, transgendered and allied youth” in a panel discussion on the TR Campus. (More)

The Immoral Plunge of the United States

Daily news continues to document the plunge of America into ever-increasing immorality, perversion, and open wickedness.

On December 7, the announcement was made in the Star-Telegram, “Foreign aid to promote gay rights.”  Aid would only go to sodomite-friendly nations.  President Obama delivered a speech in Geneva, stating, “It should never be a crime to be gay.”  (More)


A New Beginning!

After several weeks of absence, we have returned to work on the True Discipleship website.  To inform you of our circumstances, for the first time in my life, God has provided a house in which to live and labor.  We now have a study or work room where the computer is located, along with basic books in the library and cabinets to store important papers.  (More)

Biblical Subjects

I Have a Dream!

The Scriptures reveal God’s desire for a people fully yielded to Him and His eternal purpose. God is calling men and women today to be indwelt by His Spirit, conformed to His likeness, committed to His ways, obedient to His will, and devoted to His beloved Son. I have a dream! It consists of this glorious theme of Scripture that is so close to the heart of God. What are the elements of this marvelous dream? (More)

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Who are the Evo-Zombies? They are the walking dead (Rom. 4:17) who have lost the skill of critical thinking and blindly (Mt. 15:14) follow the dictates of Big Science. They feed on the minds of young children and keep them from denying Darwin. Evo-Zombies are mindless followers, origins agitators and support the biased media and darwiniac academia. For Evo-Zombies, morality is relative. Evo-Zombies are not scientific – they’re darwintific. (More)

Comments on the News

World Population Reaches 7 Billion!

The United Nations marked October 31, 2011 as the day when the world population reached 7 billion souls!  Although it is impossible to determine exactly when this population milestone was reached, we can say that there are approximately this number of people on earth at this time. This is an astronomical number of people!  (More)

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Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Bitterness or

The English word bitter may be defined as “proceeding from or exhibiting strong animosity” or “marked by resentment or cynicism.”[i]  Resentment is defined as “indignation or ill will felt as a result of a real or imagined grievance.”[ii]  Cynical can be defined as “selfishly or callously calculating. . . . negative or pessimistic. . . . Expressing jaded or scornful skepticism or negativity.” (More)

A History of the "Baptism" Apostasy

The theme of “baptism” is one of the simplest and easiest to understand of most any theological subject in the New Testament. How tragic it is, therefore, that there should be so much confusion, indeed such uncommon error in the community of “Christendom,” regarding this important New Testament doctrine. (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

or Disparaging

The English word belittle means “to regard or portray as less impressive or important than appearances indicate; disparage.”[i]  It means “to represent or speak of as contemptibly small or unimportant.”[ii]  It can denote such words as “make light of, deride, scorn, disdain, sneer at, malign, minimize, underrate, and depreciate.”  (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Argumentativeness, Quarrelsomeness, Strife

Have you ever known a person who seemed to delight in arguing whatever the subject of interest might be?  Such people seem to take a position different from others, just to be different or to create strife.  This is an attitude that the servant of God must avoid.  Paul writes, “I urge Euodia and I urge Syntyche to live in harmony in the Lord” (Philippians 4:2).  We have the impression that they were filled with argument and strife.  God calls for agreement and harmony. (More)

Overcoming Sin Through Christ

Apathy, Complacency, or Indifference

Apathy is a “lack of interest or concern, esp. in matters of general importance or appeal; indifference. . . . lack of emotion or feeling; impassiveness.”[i]  Complacence is defined as “contented self-satisfaction. . . . Total lack of concern.”[ii]  Complacency is the very opposite of diligence, industry, and fervency.  Paul writes, “Not lagging behind in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord” (Romans 12:11).  He says that we are to be “always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord” (1 Corinthians 15:58).  If we know and serve the living God, this should be the most wonderful, exciting, and eventful experience possible on earth.  There should be no room for a complacent, apathetic, or indifferent attitude toward the Lord or to life in general! (More)

Women are Disciples Too!

Sometimes people read through the New Testament, noticing the many references to men, and assume that women where not very much involved in the life of the body of Christ. They notice that Christ chose only men to be His apostles (Matt. 10:2-3). They learn that only men could be elders or over-seers of the assembly (1 Tim. 3:1-2) and men took the lead in making decisions (Acts 1:16; 15:7,13). They read that women are to be silent in the assembly (1 Cor. 14:33-37) and are not permitted to teach over the man (1 Tim. 2:11-15). From this evidence, many men and women alike conclude that women had little to do in serving the Lord in the body of Christ. This conclusion, however, is far from accurate. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:

Decisiveness and Determination

Do you waver in your commitment to the Lord?  When you have a large question to settle in your life, are you able to choose what to do and then do it—or are you dubious in your decisions?  Decisive means “having the power to decide; conclusive,” and “characterized by decision and firmness; resolute.”[i]  Synonyms would include resolute, determined, positive, definite, absolute, and firm.  Antonyms would be indecisive, irresolute, wavering, fluctuating, and hesitant.[ii] (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


Do you find yourself being constantly dissatisfied?  Are you discontent with your situation and blame God for your deficiencies and lack?  Are you constantly complaining of your life and everything in it?  Do people know that this discontented and complaining attitude fills your speech?  Or, on the other hand, do people know that you are contented with God’s provision of Himself?  Contentment is the very opposite of “covetousness” or “greed.”  This pertains to a desire for more and more, a discontent with what God has given. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


We’ve all known people who were changeable, “driven and tossed by the wind” (James 1:6), or “tossed here and there by waves” (Ephesians 4:14).  They are fickle, or “characterized by erratic changeableness or instability, especially in affections or attachments.”[i]  In contrast, we also know that consistency is to be desired.  This is “steady adherence to the same principles, course, form.”[ii]  Consistent means “being in agreement with itself; coherent and uniform,” and “reliable, steady.”[iii] (More)

General Topics

Technology Dictates Morality

Really? Isn’t technology morally neutral? How can it dictate morality? Is not the truth, Morality dictates technology? What is the truth here?

Western society has been trained to worship technology. Technology has proven humanly beneficial in so many ways. It has relieved suffering in incredible ways. Technological advances in medicine save lives and speed recovery for those afflicted. Moving from point A to point B is so much faster and easier today than it was just one hundred years ago. Cars, trucks, and airplanes have made so much difference. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


In our day, when the authority of the Word of God is in decline, the conscience of many is dead or seared and is no longer reliable of thought and behavior.  In America half of all couples live in fornication (sexual immorality) without marriage or before marriage.  Divorce rates are rampant.  Cheating in school is frequent.  Drug and alcohol use is high.  Abuse of God’s name and Christ’s name is widespread.  The conscience is no longer a reliable guide. (More)

Compassion and Mercy

Do you have an attitude of compassion when you see a person who wallows in the degradation of sin?  Do you want to have mercy on those who are lost and without Christ?  Does your heart melt with compassion when you see a friend or anyone else who is hurting physically or emotionally?  Do you have compassion for the sick, the disabled, the poor, the rejected, and those who suffer abuse? (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:

Boldness and Courage

Do you ever find yourself in a public place and want to speak to another person, but your fear gets in the way?  Have you ever wanted to speak to a friend about the Lord Jesus but your boldness melted in light of the task?  Have you wanted to take a stand for truth and righteousness on the job, but you were afraid you would get into trouble with the management or even lose your job?  We all need boldness to live for the Lord Jesus in the midst of an unbelieving and ridiculing world. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


Some may wonder whether this term is to be considered in a negative light or a positive one.  Ambitious may be defined as “eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining success,” or “showing or caused by ambition,” or “strongly desirous.”[i]  There are two words that are translated “ambition” in the NIV and the NASB.[ii]  The negative term is eritheia, where it is translated as “selfish ambition.” (More)

To Be a Spiritual Person

Christ is set before every Christian as the goal toward which we strive. The more we grow to be like Christ, the more "spiritual" we become. One can be a Christian and yet not be "spiritual." Such was the plight of the Corinthians (I Cor. 3:1). Hopefully the thoughts of this lesson will help us all grow to be more like Jesus, hence more spiritual men and women. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual Life:


We begin with love since it is the foundation for all of our virtues.  Do you have difficulty wishing the best for someone who has harmed you?  Do you reach out with genuine concern toward one who has been unkind or hurtful toward you?  Do you go out of your way to help another person in need of your aid?  Do you choose to put aside your personal interests and welfare if you can manifest a sincere regard for another person?  These expressions will show whether or not you have true love in your heart—a love that is actively seeking the welfare of another. (More)

Character Traits of the Spiritual


Our life in Christ consists of genuine faith and worthy behavior.  We have faith when we believe in God through Christ Jesus and rely on His redemptive death and resurrection for our sins.  We have worthy behavior when we allow God’s Spirit to work freely in our life and produce His gracious fruit by His power.

In this series of articles we are concerned about the qualities that God wants to work in us.  We may call these the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) or the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:11).  (More)

General Topics

How Many Porn Addicts are in Your Church?

Could half of Christian men have a problem with porn, as so many of the statistics say? Porn is reported to be a 12 billion dollar industry in the U.S… 50 percent of men viewed pornography within one week of attending a Promise Keepers stadium event… 54 percent of pastors said they viewed porn within the past year in a Pastors.com survey… in a 2003 Focus on the Family poll 47 percent of respondents said porn is a problem in their home. (More)

Dangers on the Internet!

The Web, as a medium, is neutral. Like other communication methods (TV, video, radio, books and magazines, telephone or the postal service), it has no intrinsic moral attributes. The Internet can be used for bad or good. In a fallen world, where easy money can be made by exploiting people, we must expect that the Web will often be used for evil purposes. (More)

Biblical Subjects

At Least One Time!

Have you ever considered how vital it is that someone hears or reads the good news of Christ?  It is absolutely essential.  It is necessary for you and for me—and for all others on earth.  Although certain ones hold to an inclusivistic view, thinking that people around the world without Christ can be saved without a personal faith in Him, we know that only those who know God through Christ (and through a deliberate repentant faith in Him) can be saved (Mark 16:16; John 3:36; 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 Timothy 2:5). (More)

The Atheists's Explanation for Earthquakes and Tsunamis

It’s a frustrating time for atheists—they can’t blame God for tragedies, because they think there’s no evidence for God. Blaming Him would make as much sense as blaming Snow White for a snow storm. But atheism would suggest that there is a good reason for Japan’s massive killer quake and the horrific tsunami that followed: it was nature making improvements. Everything is gradually getting better. People being crushed to death or drowned in a tsunami is just part of the work of nature. (More)


The "NO GOD" Religion

The term “atheist” derives from two Greek components—a negative prefix, a, which signifies “no,” “not,” or “without,” and the noun theos, “God.” A kindred form of the term is found in Ephesians 2:12, where Paul notes that pagan Gentiles were “without God” (atheos), i.e., without a relationship with the Lord. (More)

God's Providential Use of Nations

As informed Bible students have observed so many times in the past, the providential activity of God is beyond human analysis. I sometimes refer to it as a provable-nonprovable proposition. This is what I mean: the Lord’s providential operations are certain; for, in principle, Bible examples emonstrating such are very clear. (More)

General Topics

How to Become

an Atheist

There are two main hard and fast rules for anyone who would like to become an “atheist.” If you are tempted, beware. It’s not an easy thing to do.

The first rule is to ignore design in nature. You will see it everywhere—from the planets, to the atoms, to the seasons, to the design of the human body, to the design of the birds and the bees, flowers, fruit, feet, and even fungus. (More)

Early Evidence for

Mark 16:9-20

The often-repeated statement that some early manuscripts and other witnesses do not include Mark 16:9-20 is a reference to seven pieces of evidence. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Growing Interest in Angels

In recent times there has been a revival of interest in angels. This interest has been accelerated by certain movies and television programs. There was the old television program, “Highway to Heaven.” Later came the movie “Michael,” and then the popular TV series, “Touched by an Angel.” Many believe that angels are appearing all around us, virtually every day. Others allege that no such creatures exist at all. (More)

Bruce Lee and the Martial Arts:
The Christian Perspective

Bruce Lee was dubbed,"the little Dragon" by many.  In fact he was born in the year of the Dragon in 1940 in San Francisco.  Millions of martial arts enthusiasts around the globe are followers of his fame and fighting concepts.  He is the first name that comes to mind to almost everyone who is queried on te most popular and respected Martial Artist of all time. (More)

The Authorized Elements of Church Music

Jesus Christ declared there are three elements to appropriate Christian worship. It must be directed to deity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit); worship must be rendered in “spirit” (sincerely), and it must be offered consistent with revealed “truth” (John 4:24; 17:17). (More)

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The Doctrine of "Determinism"

What is It?

 “Determinism” is a term widely used in philosophical and religious circles with varying connotations, depending upon the convictions of those employing the expression. This article will focus upon two of these theories. (More)

Seven Best and Seven Worst Foods for Health and Longevity

Because food has the power to heal, my patients often ask me for my top list of healthy food – the anti-oxidant foods, heart healthy foods, and nutritious foods that are central to the Eat To Live program. These high nutrient foods, consumed regularly, will contribute to your health and longevity. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Tool for Christian Evangelism--or Zen Buddhism?

On the cover of Bob Jones University's . . . BJU Review is a picture of black belt karate master and senior at BJU, Jim Pitts, in full karate garb, Bible open, giving the "invitation," while the rest of the members of BJU's "Champions for Christ karate team" are kneeling in prayer by their cinder-block bricks. On the inside cover is a picture of Mr. Pitts breaking four bricks with his right arm, while the other team members are watching, with Bibles open. (More)

General Topics

On Jehovah

One of the truly thrilling passages of the Old Testament is nestled in the book of Isaiah. “[T]hey that wait for Jehovah shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint” (40:31). (More)

Funeral Customs--
Past and Present

From the time of Adam and Eve, until the days of Abraham, the Scriptures are silent as to how our early ancestors disposed of their dead. . . . A careful study of the New Testament in conjunction with certain Jewish writings reveals much about the funerary customs of the Jews during the time of Christ. (More)

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Be Confident of Your Salvation (Part 2)

Knowing the Father and His Son is fundamental to Christianity. How wonderful it is that we have the living Word of God that teaches us how to know God and live according to His will. John said, “These things I have written unto you, that ye may know that ye have eternal life” (1 John 5:13). (More)

Be Confident of Your Salvation (Part 1)

John wants Christians to “know” that they have eternal life. He desires that they come to a fuller understanding of what it means to be in fellowship with God and what is required to maintain that fellowship. By so doing, they can be confident as Christians and sure of their salvation (cf. Hebrews 4:16; Romans 8:1-3). (More)

General Topics

Is There Life in Outer Space?

Those who believe that life exists on distant planets usually base their belief on the following reasoning: Life evolved on Earth because the universe is so Immense and contains so many heavenly bodies, life probably began and evolved on other plants as well. This reasoning is flawed. (More)

Eating Healthier Means Living Longer and Better

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains was found to increase longevity and lead to a better quality of life. (More)

Biblical Subjects

12 Reasons Why I Must Reject Universalism

Universalism is a theological term for the belief that every person will have salvation. Of the proponents that embrace this fallacious doctrine, one of the best known and esteemed was Scottish William Barclay, the author of the New Testament commentaries—The Daily Study Bible Series. Another well-known person from the past was the so-called church father Origen, who ridiculously thought some would go to heaven via hell. (More)

Did Christ Literally Bear Our Sins on the Cross?

Some scholars allege that when Jesus died he literally bore our sins in his body on the cross. Others believe that Christ only bore the penalty for sin. Which view represents the truth of the matter? (More)


The Futile and Final Stand

Over the past several decades numerous articles, books, and even a television mini-series have drawn considerable attention back to the ancient Jewish/Roman conflict that culminated at Masada (just west of Israel’s Dead Sea) in A.D. 73. Unfortunately not all presentations have been accurate, thus leading to a distorted perception of that startling historical episode. The truth of the matter is this: the tragedy at Masada was but a further fulfillment of those biblical prophecies that foretold the punishment that was to be inflicted upon the Jewish nation as a result of its rebellion against Jehovah God. (More)

Stephen's Final Prayer

Stephen is widely known as the first Christian martyr. He is mentioned initially as one of the seven servants who ministered to the Grecian widows in the Jerusalem church (Acts 6:1-6). These were Jews born outside of Palestine who frequently returned to the Holy Land in their declining years, to die and there, be buried. (More)

General Topics

From Adam to Abraham: The Dating Game

Orthodox Protestants who take Genesis as Historical Narrative (OPGHN, “opgane”) believe the Genesis record gives us a clear chronology from Adam to Abraham. There is no evidence of gaps. [1] Seth named Enosh (Ge 4:26) so he was his direct descendant and not a distant relative. In Jude 14 we are told that Enoch was the seventh from Adam, so no gaps are possible there. Lamech named Noah (Ge 5:29) so he was his biological father and not his great great grandfather. (More)


in the Church

The 2nd Epistle of Peter was written by Simon Peter, an apostle of Christ, who also penned First Peter (see 2 Peter 3:1). The principal design of this letter was to “stir” Christian minds to a greater level of spirituality, and to fortify them against the danger of certain false teachers who threatened their faith. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Was Paul's Theology Consistent on "Conversion"?

J. Carl Laney is a Professor of Biblical Literature at Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Laney is a respected scholar but in some serious particulars his theology is flawed. (More)


Is this Really a "Christian" Nation?

Repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy

Frequently people assert that the United States is a “Christian” nation.  Yes, we have “In God We Trust” on our coins and bills.  We have a Congress that begins it sessions with prayer.  We have signs and monuments in public places that recognize some Christian connection.  All of this is good. (More)

General Topics

Our Visit to the Creation Museum

A couple weeks ago, my wife Moni and I took a very quick trip to Pennsylvania to see my aged mother as well as my brother, sister and relatives.  It was short but needed, as well as enjoyable.  As we traveled home, through Ohio, we drove through Cincinnati to northern Kentucky, where we came to a place I had read about on many occasions but wondered if I would ever have the opportunity to visit—the “Answers in Genesis” Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Value of the Old Testament for Today

In our writings we repeatedly emphasize the divine ideal that men and women exalt the New Testament as the sole creed for the people of God in this dispensation of time. The New Testament constitutes the pattern for the establishment of Christianity in any nation upon the planet. These twenty-seven sacred documents embody Heaven’s final revelation to humanity. (More)

General Topics

Why I Don't Eat

Junk Foods

The subject of food is an ever-popular topic of conversation and a frequent focus for written articles.  This ranges from the newest recipe, to the latest diet, to the TV cook’s recommendations.  Many of these articles and talk shows deal with how we can make our diet more delicious and appetizing or how we can cut the calories to lose the extra pounds.

What does God think about our diet?  Specifically, what does He think about the ubiquitous “junk food” that most people make a major portion of their daily fare?  Is He at all concerned about such a mundane subject?  If so, what does He think about what we eat? (More)

Ways to Use Tracts

Have you ever wanted to have a more effective way of reaching your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances with the truth of God’s Word?  Consider the use of tracts!  Maybe you have wanted to distribute tracts in many ways to many different people?  Notice, we are saying “tracts” and not “tracks,” as some people mistakenly assume. (More)

Can Man Forgive Sins?

Shortly before His ascension, Jesus said to his apostles: “whosesoever sins ye forgive, they are forgiven unto them; whosesoever sins ye retain, they are retained” (John 20:23). The Roman Catholic Church teaches that Christ was actually granting to the apostles the authority to forgive sins, and that the apostles passed on to their successors (supposedly the Roman priesthood) the same license to pardon sin. This position is false. (More)

General Topics

Early in the Morning

A Matter of Priorities

It may surprise you to discover the many references in the Bible to people who arose early in the morning for various reasons.  This may be of interest to us since contemporary people seem to value sleeping longer in the morning, particularly on the weekends.  Since people had no electric lights in the past, they would generally go to sleep earlier than we do, thus they were prepared to awaken earlier to begin their day.  Besides this, it seems that diligent and responsible people simply wanted to get up early and begin their daily activities. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Who Led You to Christ?

If you are an obedient believer in Christ, walking in the light and life of God, you have a glorious destiny! But let me ask you a question: Have you ever pondered the debt of gratitude you owe to not only the God who called you, the Savior who died for you, the Holy Spirit who gave you life, but also to the human being who reached out to you with the saving message of truth? (More)


How Does it Work?

I was newly married and now, for the first time, this verse applied to me. The only question was; what did it really mean to submit? I asked my husband, Paul, and he told me not to worry about it, that I was doing just fine. I concluded that submission to my husband was essentially something I would have to work out in my own heart between God and me. (More)

I am A Legalist!

When one is careful to try to discern just what Jesus said, and then to do and teach it, there are a few preachers who charge: “You are a legalist!  You follow the letter of the law and not the spirit.  The letter kills and the spirit gives life. The church needs a prophet to lead it out of the wilderness of legalism.”  Is this legalism? (More)

The Letter Kills!

2 Corinthians 3:6 (The letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life) is allegorized in its interpretation to mean that Scripture is a dead letter and only the Spirit is what is important. So we need to heed new and fresh words from the Spirit. But this is not what the Apostle Paul is saying. (More)

Logic and the Plan of Salvation

In his classic work, Biblical Hermeneutics, Milton S. Terry, one-time Professor at the Garrett Biblical Institute, declared there is a “general harmony” which pervades the entire Scriptures. Consequently, “no single statement or obscure passage of one book can be allowed to set aside a doctrine which is clearly established by many passages” (1890, 449). This procedure is called “the analogy of faith.” (More)

Questions Answered

Is Vegetarianism Biblical?


“Vegetarianism has become an increasingly popular dietary choice.  Does Scripture have anything to say about this?”


The Bible reveals that several different arrangements were found in the history of mankind.  When God first created man and woman, He specifically limited their food to vegetables, grains and fruits, along with seeds and nuts, and perhaps grains. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Christian and Civil Government

In order to properly understand the relationship of the Christian to the civil government, it is necessary to briefly consider the function of governments in the verall scheme of divine redemption, as viewed in the context of the Bible as a whole. There are great principles which must be carefully considered by way of introduction to this important theme. (More)

Comments on the News

Roy Rogers Memorabilia

The “old time” readers will remember the popular singing cowboy of the 1930 to 1960 era, Roy Rogers.  This movie and television personality came to mind as I read several articles recently in the local newspaper. Born Leonard Sly, he changed his name to Roy Rogers when he began to play the leading role in Hollywood western movies and came to take first place in popular appeal. 


Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Falls to a New Low

Another major American denomination has fallen prey to the wicked philosophy that the Bible is not to be our guide and is not to be trusted.  Adam and Eve disbelieved God in the beginning and it plunged them into sin and death, and the Presbyterian Church’s leaders refuse to believe God in our day.  What would John Calvin and John Knox think if they knew that their spiritual heirs took the stand that Presbyterian clergy have just taken? (More)

Biblical Subjects

Will There be Personal Recognition
in Heaven?

Does individual personality survive the death of the body? Does recognition of friends and loved ones exist beyond this present life?

The question is of more than passing emotional interest; it involves the very essence of the human spirit. The biblical evidence firmly supports the position of personal identity after death. (More)

General Topics

Making Sense of the Bible

Some books you can take or leave — one way or the other, and it won’t make much difference — if any. The Bible is not in that category. If you “leave” it, you’ve lost the most important body of information in the world — and the key to your access to heaven. If you “take” it (to be the word of God), you labor under the serious responsibility of understanding as much of it as you possibly can. (More)

Biblical Subjects

A Letter from an Atheist

"You are really convinced that you've got all the answers. You've really got yourself tricked into believing that you're 100% right. Well, let me tell you just one thing. Do you consider yourself to be compassionate of other humans? If you're right, as you say you are, and you believe that, then how can you sleep at night? When you speak with me, you are speaking with someone who you believe is walking directly into eternal damnation, into an endless onslaught of horrendous pain which your 'loving' god created, yet you stand by and do nothing. (More)

A Reflection upon the Three "Crosses"

Crucifixion was probably the most horrible form of capital punishment ever devised by man. The ancient Persians practiced it (ca. 522 B.C.); for example, when Darius, a Persian ruler, conquered Babylon (the second conquest), he had three thousand leading citizens crucified (Herodotus, The Histories 3.159). Later crucifixion became a mode of Greek execution. (More)

General Topics

How to Really Enjoy Reading the Bible!

  • Do you regularly read your Bible?
  • Do you really find joy in your reading?
  • How can you read with excitement?  

Every sincere Christian wants to read God’s Word, the Bible, and each one has heard again and again the importance of being a daily Bible reader.  However, too often people don’t find the deep satisfaction that reading the Bible can give.  They want to enjoy God’s Word but sometimes find that they must force themselves to read on a daily basis.  They feel obligated to read, although they may not really want to read.  (More)

Biblical Subjects

Is Womanly Submission Really Biblical?

(The Unpopular Truth)

In our day, many Biblical topics are being restudied, reconsidered, and reinterpreted.  Occasionally this results in a more accurate understanding of God’s will revealed in the Holy Scriptures.  However, very often this rethinking of Scriptural subjects results in a rejection of God’s truth in exchange for man’s fallible wisdom and desires. (More)

Biblical Expositions

Songs of Trust
(Psalm 23)

Pity the sheep I see almost every day. They have no shepherd, at least not in the Middle Eastern sense and practice. The sheep I see generally fend for themselves; they have no idea of what it's like to have a real shepherd.

"He maketh me to lie down in green pastures." The sheep have walked a long way to reach the green pastures. They are so tired, but also so hungry. (More)

Stephen's Final Prayer
(Acts 7)

Stephen is widely known as the first Christian martyr. He is mentioned initially as one of the seven servants who ministered to the Grecian widows in the Jerusalem church (Acts 6:1-6). These were Jews born outside of Palestine who frequently returned to the Holy Land in their declining years, to die and there, be buried. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Where Can We Find True Security?

Everyone seeks security.  From the very beginning until the present time, one of the greatest desires of the human heart is to find a sense of security.  We spend money and untiring efforts in this unending quest, but how many of us really find it?

Try as we might to find and achieve it, we discover that nothing in this life gives physical and material security and protection. (More)

Are the New Testament Books Historically Credible?

The twenty-seven documents of the New Testament, as they came from the pens of the original inspired writers, are referred to as autographs. None of these compositions survive today.

Does that then mean that our copies of the New Testament Scriptures are somehow suspect? (More)

General Topics

Do You Feel Misunderstood?

A number of years ago I found myself in that difficult situation of trying to explain myself to a man who was convinced I had wronged him. I thought a simple explanation would clear up the matter because I really did have his interests at heart. But the more I explained, the less he seemed to believe me. (More)

Doing What No Man Can Do

I think it's no exaggeration to say that the Christian counseling scene today is in total shambles. I'm not talking about true Christian counseling–that which trusts the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit to conform a person to Christ–that kind of counseling has been successfully changing sinners since the apostolic age. I'm talking about pseudo-counseling–the attempt to fix people with a blend of secular psychological theory and the Bible. (More)

Disease Proof!

Fruits and vegetables provide only modest protection from cancer?

You’ve probably seen these headlines on the internet or television recently, claiming that fruits and vegetables provide very little protection against cancer. Of course something like this makes big news – it makes eaters of the typical Western diet feel validated in their unhealthy choices. But is it true? Do fruits and vegetables really offer only weak protection against cancer? Let’s look at the details of the study. (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Conscience, Revisited

In 1984 an Avianca Airlines jet crashed in Spain. Investigators studying the accident made an eerie discovery. The "black box" cockpit recorders revealed that several minutes before impact a shrill, computer-synthesized voice from the plane's automatic warning system told the crew repeatedly in English, "Pull up! Pull up!" (More)

The Deadly Sin of Anger!

What constitutes sinful anger? We all experience anger but few have considered the essence of it. The ancient Greeks viewed anger as primarily an irrational passion. The Bible calls it "wrath." Wrathful anger is a perversion of an emotion with which God endowed us. Anger is an emotion innocent in itself, even necessary and good in some occasions. God gave us anger for self-protection when we or others are endangered. We pervert our anger by lashing out at those who challenge or threaten our pride-filled ego, or when we attack those innocent of wrong-doing. (More)


The foulest word in the vocabulary of many religionists today is that nasty noun, “legalism.” The most scandalous doctrine afoot is “legalism.” The harshest accusation that can come from some quarters is that of being labeled a “legalist.” Humanists, liberals and neo-evangelicals gladly join forces and raise their voices in unison to chant intonations against the awful dangers and various ills of “legalism.” (More)

General Topics

The Alleged Perpetual Virginity of Mary

Both the Greek Orthodox Church, and the Roman Catholic Church (along with a few Protestant scholars), contend that Mary and Joseph, even after the birth of the Lord, remained celibate for life. (More)

How Dr. Spock is Destroying America

In the last 50 years our nation has taken a moral nosedive. 

Since 1960 the rate of violent crimes has more than tripled. Every day there are news reports of heinous crimes unheard of in America a generation ago. Children murder their playmates, their teachers, and their parents. Teenage mothers abandon their newborn babies in trashcans, and every year students commit carnage on their classmates. Our culture has sunk so low that children are no longer safe with their teachers in school or at church. (More)

Timely Talks with Teenagers

Disease is not the only thing that is contagious. Laughing, crying, coughing, stammering, and every known habit are to some extent "catching." Did you ever discover yourself laughing without knowing what you were laughing at? Why did you laugh? Because others laughed. It is hard to be in a room where others are weeping or sorrowful without ourselves having a feeling of sadness. (More)

General Topics

Basics of Buddhism

Generally Buddhism does not believe in a personal God or a divine being, it does not have worship, praying to, or praising of a divine being (although some sects do.) It offers no form of redemption, forgiveness, no heavenly hope, or a final judgment to those practicing its system. Buddhism is a moral philosophy, an ethical way to live for the here and now of this world to gain the ultimate state. It has more in common with humanism and atheism than its original religion Hinduism it separated from. (More)

Biblical Subjects

Judas Iscariot: From Apostle to Apostate

There is likely no character in the Bible who lives in such infamy as that of Judas Iscariot. But the treachery of the traitor is not the entire story, though it is most prominently displayed. Unfortunately the dark side has become the exclusive characterization of Calvinists. This article will consider two aspects of Judas. (More)

The Crucifixion of Christ: The Real Emphasis

Mel Gibson’s extravaganza, “The Passion of the Christ,” has made its public debut, and, contrary to the dire financial forecast of the liberal prognosticators, it is hundreds of millions of dollars.

As expected, though, it has received mixed reviews. Some have charged that it is “anti-Semitic,” that is, that it portrays a misleading view of the first-century Jews and, at the very least, it will generate hateful, anti-Jew emotions in an unstable society. (More)

Sin Can't Condemn Us?

Does sin have the power to condemn a Christian?  If a saved person chooses to sin, will that sin keep him from heaven?  One of the popular teachings in our day is that a Christian who has been saved from sin cannot do anything that will allow him to be lost in hell.  Is this a Biblical teaching?  Did Jesus teach it?  Did the New Testament writers proclaim it? (More)

Literal, or Merely Symbolic?

All four of the Gospel accounts affirm that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead (Mt. 28:6; Mk. 16:6; Lk. 24:6; Jn. 20:9). Later, the apostle Paul argues that the resurrection of Christ is the very foundation of the Christian’s faith. (More)

Love Never Fails

My love for and relationship with others is a very tangible way in which I can continue the work of the Lord Himself. Jesus wants me to love other people as He would love them were He here in the flesh. What a solemn opportunity; what an incredible challenge. Of our own, we simply are not up to it, but by His grace and love continuing to work in us. (More)

The Fruit of the Spirit

Numerous times in the Apostle Paul's writings, he shows the contrast between the flesh and the Spirit. The flesh is the hothouse of wrong desire and thus of sin and all its consequences. Following the flesh, minding the flesh, or walking after the flesh leads to a darkened mind and a dulled conscience. (More)

General Topics

Islam Explained in Layman Terms

Islam is not a religion, nor is it a cult. In its fullest form, it is a complete, total, 100% system of life. Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, social, and military components....   Islamization begins when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their religious privileges. (More)

Baptized in One Spirit

Acommon iterpretation of John 3:34 is that God gives different measures of the Holy Spirit. The last part of the passage reads: "for God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto him" (KJV). The line of reasoning has been that if God does not give the Spirit by measure to Christ he must to others. This has produced a fourfold classification of the measures of the Spirit: the unlimited measure (given to Christ), the baptismal measure (given to the apostles and the household of Cornelius), the miraculous measure (given to some first-century Christians), and the indwelling measure (given to all Christians). The result is to draw a distinction between being baptized in the Holy Spirit (the baptismal measure) and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit (the indwelling measure). (More)

The Historicity of Jesus Christ

E.F. Harrison wrote: “Some religions, both ancient and modern, require no historical basis, for they depend upon ideas rather than events. Christianity is not one of these” (1968, 11). The religion of Jesus Christ stands or falls upon the events of history. Did Jesus of Nazareth ever live? Is the New Testament data regarding him reliable? This is a crucial issue. (More)

My Name is Gossip

Many people consider gossip to be a harmless pastime.
What about you?

“My Name Is Gossip. I have no respect for justice. I maim without killing. I break hearts and ruin lives. I am cunning and malicious and gather strength with age.

The more I am quoted the more I am believed. I flourish at every level of society. My victims are helpless. They cannot protect themselves against me because I have no name and no face. (More)

Times are Changing!

In some ways, the times are better, but in other ways, times are worse...

Probably one of the chief signs of advancing age is looking back to the past and comparing it to the present. Young people aren’t able to do this as well. Their perspective is limited to a few short years and even these years are not easily judged. The only way they know about the past comes from reading history and learning the account of those who have lived through periods of time before them.

As one grows older --through middle age, younger old age, and into older old age—he can see differences and make comparisons. With the aid of history, he is able to draw patterns and see trends in society and life in general. Of course, he must beware of imagination—that of imagining the past as “the good old days” and forgetting the real negatives that were found in his youth and before. (More)


What Does the Bible Say?

"In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was something shocking, now anything goes!" Too true with too many implications. The moral standards of our country, and even more so of the world, have been in a tail spin for decades. Sexual promiscuity has become all too common among the young unmarried and the married as well. (More)

Is America
the Great Satan?

The regular accusation by radical Muslims across the Islamic world is that America is “the Great Satan.” Surely they say this because of what they see in the United States that they find wrong. They believe that America is full of corruption, immorality, debauchery, licentiousness, and unspeakable perversion.

Additionally, they think that this country is opposed to Islam on many fronts, that it supports the Muslim enemy of Israel, and that there is little good in the nation. They oppose the principle of freedom and insist that entire nations should be ruled by the Koran and Sharia Law. Many Muslims do appreciate the technological advancements and the abundant resources in America, but this is not sufficient for them to overlook the wickedness they find in the country. Is America “the Great Satan”? This may be answered in more than one way. (More)

Modern Psychology and the Bible

For the past several decades, “psychology” has been a popular theme in American society. Countless students become “psychology majors” as they matriculate through school. The Yellow Pages of the phone book are filled with listings for psychologists and psychiatrists. For many, it is the “in” thing to have a therapist. Exactly what is “psychology,” and how does this area of interest relate to the Bible? (More)

Our Amazing Zip Code System

A thousand years before the birth of Jesus, David, king of Israel, exclaimed: “I will give thanks unto thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). Truly, the human body is a masterpiece of design. The late George G. Simpson of Harvard University, one of America’s all-time leading advocates of the theory of evolution, once characterized man as “the most highly endowed organization of matter that has yet appeared on earth” (1949, 293). The professor spoke more than he knew!

According to medical authorities, the human body is estimated to contain one hundred trillion cells. The cell is the most fundamental unit of biological life. And it is intricately structured. (More)

Show Her!
Don't Just Tell Her!

I read an article recently that touched me deeply; it also prompted me to try to be a more demonstrative husband. That of which I was reminded I would like to pass along to others who may need a little nudge as well.

A delightful Christian lady in another state wrote an excellent article in which she discussed the fact that many men have a difficult time verbally expressing their emotions. (More)

Scientific Errors In The Qur'an

If the Qur'an is the infallible Word of God, then it stands to reason that it would not contain factual errors of science. By "factual errors" we mean errors that can be physically examined. We are not talking about contradictions between scientific theories and the Qur'an. We are talking about hard evidence that can be checked out.

But first, there is a question we must answer: "Is it legitimate to judge the Qur'an?" Many Muslims believe in the Qur'an as a blind leap of faith. They really do not care if it is filled with mistakes and contradictions. As far as they are concerned, they were born Muslim and they will die Muslim. The more closed minded they are, the more fanatical they become in their religion. When ignorance unites with arrogance, fanaticism is born. (More)

An Evaluation of the Key Doctrines in the Health and Wealth Faith Movement

The Christian Church has always seen divergent groups arise from among its ranks that have emphasized certain doctrines to such a degree that they have become synonymously associated with their teachings. (1)

Likewise, 'the health and wealth faith movement', sometimes also called 'the name it and claim it movement' (2) has arisen deriving its titles from its primary teachings, namely that all mature and spiritual Christians should be living lives of total success, health and wealth, attained through positive confession.

In addition to these beliefs, many observers have discerned other doctrines peculiar to the movement that have deviated from the beliefs of the traditional historic Christian Church. This essay will therefore seek to expound and evaluate the key doctrines of this movement. (More)

Did Jesus Authorize Situation Ethics?

Matthew 12:1-8

In this article I have been asked to explain, in its context, Jesus' defense of his disciples in Matthew 12. The Pharisees had accused them of unlawful activity on the Sabbath. This is a difficult passage, and in misusing it, some are led to dangerous conclusions regarding what God allows in our response to his laws. Among these conclusions is the belief that on occasion, necessity outweighs the precepts of God's law, and al-lows us to engage in unlawful activity without guilt. I trust you will open your Bible and read the entire passage, in its immediate context, in con-junction with this writer's explanation of the text. (More)

Should A Christian Go to the Movies?

The movies are evil, and they are made by evil people. The people who make the movies would teach us that evil is good, that there is no harm in doing evil things, and that crime does pay. Let us notice some warnings in God’s word. "Wash you, make ye clean; put away the evil of your doing from before mine eyes; cease to do evil; learn to do well; seek the judgment." (Isa 1:16,17) Can we learn to do well if we participate in evil things? (More)

Biblical Subjects

Love Your Loved Ones before They Die!

A friend of mine just lost her mother a couple of days ago. She and her husband needed to travel across the country to attend the funeral and care for the father who remains after the loss of his wife. I understand that the death was not unexpected, although the quickness of death did surprise everyone.

Everyone must face death—and this includes our friends and family members. Paul reminds us that “in Adam all die” (1 Corinthians 15:22), and the Hebrew writer adds, “It is appointed for men to die once” (Hebrews 9:27). After Adam sinned in the Garden, death has been the common lot of everyone who has lived, for “through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned” (Romans 5:12). Death has always been regarded as “the king of terrors” (Job. 18:14). (More)

Simple, Sensible Savings

Balance your budget and eat sensibly with these simple tips that add up to surprising savings. (More)

The Wages of Sin and the Free Gift of God

It is a text of dual emphases. The one is darkly foreboding, the other magnificently exhilarating. Paul wrote: “For the wages of sin is death; but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

It cannot be determined exactly when the church in Rome was established. Perhaps those Jews and proselytes who were present in Jerusalem on Pentecost (Acts 2:10) migrated back to the Imperial City and planted the cause of Jesus. By the time Paul penned the epistle to the Romans (perhaps a quarter of a century later), the glowing reputation of this church was known throughout the empire (Romans 1:8). The letter is doctrinal (chapters 1-11), practical (chapters 12-15), and personal (chapter 16). (More)

Things God
Cannot Do!

Both Christians and atheists generally have assumed that if the God depicted in the Bible exists, He can do anything—since He is represented as being all-powerful. However, this assumption is incorrect. The Bible does not claim that the omnipotence of God implies that He can do anything and everything. In reality, “omnipotence” does not, and cannot, apply to that which does not lend itself to power. Skeptics and atheists have posed queries that they feel nullify the notion of omnipotence, thereby demonstrating the nonexistence of God. For example, “Can God create a boulder so large that He, Himself, cannot lift it?” (More)

Is "Re-Baptism" Scriptural?

What about the issue of “re-baptism”? Some say that “re-baptism” should never be practiced—no matter what the circumstances of one’s original baptism were. But what do the Scriptures say? Read this article and reflect upon the nature of your own baptism, in light of the biblical teaching regarding this divine ordinance.

Is there ever a justification for being “re-baptized”? I have questioned my baptism. I was very young and really did not comprehend the seriousness of what I was doing. I have considered being baptized again, but some say that it would not be right to be baptized a second time. (More)

General Topics

Living with a Girlfriend
or Boyfriend?

Is it Really Wrong?

Years ago I was speaking with a fellow-worker who claimed to be a Christian. He off-handedly said that he was living with his girlfriend. I asked him how he reconciled living with a woman while claiming to be a Christian. He expressed surprise that living with one of the opposite sex was sinful! I went on to point out that the Bible calls this “fornication” and God considers it to be a serious sin that will condemn those who remain unrepentant. (More)

I'm a Good Christian!
So Why am I
Sick and Poor?

One should never allow life’s difficulties to distort his view of God. A gentleman who professed an identification with the Lord, became quite disenchanted with Christianity. When an interested friend inquired as to the nature of his problem, he replied:

“According to the Bible, God promised that those who follow him will be blessed with health and prosperity. As I observe Christian people, I see vast numbers who are sick and poor. I can no longer believe, therefore, in the promises of God.”

What response should be made to this troubled man? (More)

Biblical Subjects

The Value of Human Suffering

It has been said that there is no greater education than matriculating through the University of Hard Knocks. One thing is certain; many who have passed through the crucible of suffering will acknowledge that they have found themselves infinitely better for the experience—bitter though it may have been. . . .

Atheism, of course, alleges that the problem of human suffering represents one of the more formidable arguments against the existence of a powerful and loving God. (More)

Seven "Laws"
to Pray By

Does the privilege of prayer apply equally to every one? Are there limitations on objectives for which one may pray? Are there conditions regulating the effectiveness of prayer? Let us reflect upon these challenging questions.

Prayer comes very close to being a basic human instinct. When one is in a life-threatening danger, the inclination is to pray. When the sorrows of human existence come crashing in and the heart is crushed under the burden, one can scarcely restrain himself from calling out for help—even when no discernable person is present. (More)

A Quick Look at a Scriptural Assembly

If Lucius should walk into a modern cathedral, would he recognize it as being the same religion he lived as a member of the community at Antioch (Acts 13:1)?  Should beloved sister Dorcas visit one of the luxurious religious edifices, would she identify it as the same Christianity she practiced in her home town of Joppa (Acts 9:36)?  What would these early saints think about our form of church government?  What would they say about the pope, bishop, archbishop, nuns, friars, presidents, synods, resident ministers, and all such?

Would they question our formality in worship?  And how about the organ, choir, altar, pulpit, candles, incense, and the like?  Would they recognize the modern clergy as the counterpart to such preachers such as Peter and Paul? Would they draw a bold contrast between the modern stereotyped “sermon” which is delivered from a pretentious pulpit by a hired preacher who sells his wares much like a merchant sells his goods and the simple, unassuming worship of their day where each brother was a minister, not because he was paid to be but because he was saved to be? (More)

How Serious is Remarriage?

Many religious people, ones who are good church members, enjoy hearing sermons about the love of God.  They may even read books that speak of self-achievement and self-fulfillment with God’s help.  But when it comes to instruction on the will of God, they turn away in unconcern.  Some even are repulsed when it comes to teaching from Scripture that makes demands on their life.

Since divorce is so common and remarriage often follows a divorce, many people just assume that this is acceptable to God.  Or they may admit that it is not part of God’s “perfect will,” but He will accept it as part of His fallen creation.  After all, He is a loving and merciful God and surely He will not hinder our happiness in life, including our romance and love life.  He is not a demanding God, One who issues commands and really expects obedience.  So goes the common ideas of our society.  Sadly, it is also the perspective of far too many religious and church people and not only the entirely unchurched society! (More)

Living for Time
--Or Eternity

Few of us treat the issues of eternity and one’s eternal destiny with the awesome respect that this deserves.  This is one of the clearest demonstrations of misplaced priorities and mistaken perspectives. 

Someone has well said that to be diligently concerned about the passing things in this life is like straightening the pictures on the wall in the Titanic as it was sinking!

This world and everything in it will be destroyed and this may occur very soon (2 Peter 3:9-14).  If this all will pass away (1 John 2:17), why do we insist on being preoccupied with these passing things?  Paul wrote, “Knowing the time, that it is already the hour for you to awaken from sleep; for now salvation is nearer to us than when we believed” (Romans 13:11). (More)

Are We to Fear God?

The word “fear” appears in the New King James Version of the Bible 367 times. In some of these occurrences, the text is expounding upon “the fear of the Lord” and its relationship to wisdom (cf. Job 28:28; Psalm 111:10; Proverbs 1:7). In numerous other passages of Scripture, one can read where God commands that His creation fear Him (Leviticus 25:17; Deuteronomy 6:13; Matthew 10:28; et al.). It is widely known that one of the repeated truths in the Bible is that God’s “mercy is on those who fear Him” (Luke 1:50).

It also is well known, however, that in the New Testament Paul informed Timothy that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7). The apostle John went even further, saying, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment” (1 John 4:18). (More)

General Topics

Families Divided!

God’s plan is always best.  He knows what is good for each person, each marriage, each family, and for society at large.  In the beginning, the Lord wanted a man and a woman to marry, bear children, and raise those children in the nurture, discipline, and love so that His will would be followed and bring glory to Him.  Those who respect God and His Will seek to please Him in this way today.  

Sadly, God’s will concerning marriage and the family is largely ignored.  Even among the people of God before Christ, we often observe marital and family strife.  There was strife between Sarah and Hagar and between Rachel and Leah.  There was disharmony between Moses and his brother and sister.  Eli’s sons as well as Samuel’s sons were disobedient and rebellious.  There was much strife and disrespect among David’s children.  Solomon often wrote of marital strife and disrespect of children in the book of Proverbs.    (More)

The Test of Money

When we go to school, we can expect to be tested.  When we want to drive a car, we face a driving test.  When we have a medical condition, we may be tested.  The most important tests we have come from God!

God places tests before us to determine the condition of our heart.  He allows circumstances to develop so that our real self, the condition of our heart, may be manifested.  It may be a sickness, a rejection by a loved one, the loss of a job, the slander of neighbors, or a prominent personal defeat.  On the other hand, it may be something that the world considers a success—a marriage, the birth of a child, a raise at work, a new house, a personal achievement, a financial gift, or an inheritance.  God uses a variety of events in life to test the condition of our heart. (More)

* * * * *

Restating the Obvious about Bible Translations

George Orwell (pseudonym for Eric Blair) of ANIMAL FARM and 1984 fame is commonly quoted as saying that circumstances have "sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of the intelligent man." I have been unable so far to track this quote down to its exact reference, but inasmuch as I have seen it ascribed in three different sources to Orwell, I feel safe in assuming that it really is hisremark.

 The churning, muddied waters of the present English Bible translation dispute have sadly obscured the obvious and most basic truth of the whole matter. That basic and obvious truth which cries out to be repeated is this--The whole PURPOSE for having aBible translation--the very reason for itsexistence--is to convey in words which people DO understand the meaning of words (in the Greek and Hebrew originals) which people DO NOT understand.

From Questions and Answers


"Was Jesus raised as a spirit after He died or was He bodily raised from the dead?"


"Christ was not raised in a fleshly body. His old earthly body that died on the cross was no more. In fact, the Bible says that ‘the last Adam became a life-giving spirit’ (1 Cor. 15:45). The Scriptures also say that ‘flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God’ (v. 50). Therefore, Jesus must have been raised as a spirit person after He died on the cross."


The classic view of the so-called "Jehovah’s Witnesses" is that Jesus is a "spirit" at present and that he has a "spiritual body." One of their official writings states: "Jesus was raised to life as an invisible spirit. He did not take up again that body in which he had been killed as a human sacrifice to God" (Let Your Name Be Sanctified, p. 266). (More)


* * * * * * *


"Many of us find ourselves in an adulterous remarriage. In other words, we may have divorced a husband for cruelty or may have divorced a wife for incompatibility. Then we married another person and now find ourselves with the second mate. What should we do if we wish to be right with God?"


The difficulties and entanglements of the marriage relationship can be among the most distressing possible. Our hearts cry in anguish as we observe people whose marriages have been destroyed in the storms of life while they have sought solace in the arms of another person.

We all acknowledge that God’s perfect will in the beginning was that a man and woman unite in a one-flesh relationship and find fulfillment in life together, bearing children for the glory of God, and serving God together as husband and wife. (More)

Questions Answered

Is It Okay to Lie


“I know that Christians say that we should not lie.  The Bible tells us this.  But isn’t it okay to tell a ‘white lie,’ one that doesn’t do any harm?”


Lying and dishonesty is a subject relevant to our daily life.  The dictionary defines a “white lie” as “a minor or harmless lie.”  Sometimes “white lie” is used to mean a lie that is told to benefit others.  Defenders of “white lying” like to give examples that they assume proves their position.  They may say, “Suppose you were living in Germany during the Nazi regime and you were hiding a Jewish family.  The Gestapo pounds on your door demanding, ‘Do you have any Jews hiding here?’  Desiring to defend those hiding in your house, you answer, ‘Not at all officer!  We wouldn’t hide any Jews!’  This would be a ‘white’ or justified lie!” (More)


Bible Quizzes!

How well do you know your Bible? People who have read and studied their Bible for many years still have much to learn! Here is an opportunity for you to test your knowledge of some of the facts of the Word of God. Just choose the topic that interests you and see what you know! (more)

For a quiz on Reactions Against Jesus, click here.

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Identify the Speakers (Acts of the Apostles), click here.

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Sins of the Bible (Part 1): click here.


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Walking in the Cemetery

I just returned from walking in the cemetery. It is the largest graveyard in the city, with acres upon acres of land where tens of thousands of people are buried. Years ago I regularly walked at this solemn spot and found spiritual enrichment in the experience. You may think that this is unusual, particularly in an age in which popular entertainment places are the rage. Most people of the world would rather resort to the amusement parks, the lake, the swimming pools, the movie theaters, or the sports stadiums than be reminded of their demise. As for the matter of death and dying, they would rather not think about such morose topics—until they happen to lose a loved one or are forced to face their own inevitable death. (More)


From Challenging Scriptural Statements

An Unrivaled Love!

(Matthew 10:37)

  • "He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me."

Jesus was utterly aware of the fact that He was the Son of God and the Savior of the world. He knew that our eternal salvation depends on Him and our relationship with Him (John 14:6). He also knew that we must have absolute, uncompromising loyalty to Him if we would be His true disciples and walk worthy of Him (Mark 8:34-38). Yet Jesus was very conscious of the fact that other people would compete for our devotion. Friends, religious leaders, and family members would seek to draw us away from our commitment to Him and His way of life. Even the natural family bonds may draw away our hearts from a love for Jesus!

In the context of the passage above, Jesus says that we will be "hated by all" because of our devotion to Him (Matt. 10:22). We will face persecution because of Him (v. 23). We must confess Him before other people and never deny Him if we expect Jesus to confess us before the Father (vv. 32-33). He then shows the extent of the persecution we must endure for Him. He came to bring a "sword" or "division" on earth rather than peace on earth (v. 34; cf. Luke 12:51-53). He goes so far as to warn, "A man’s enemies will be the members of his household" (v. 36). (More)

From Our Highest Priority

A Sincere and Friendly Invitation

I Invite You ...

Yesterday I sat at the bedside of a friend whom I’ll call John (all names have been changed).  I felt helpless.  John’s body was invaded with cancer in multiple organs and he was filled with pain.  I spoke but this friend was speechless.  I prayed but there was no response.  I was powerless to change the situation and knew that I could not reach his heart or bring conviction to his conscience under these circumstances.  Three hours after I left, John’s earthly life ended.  He departed to meet God in judgment—the God he had neglected in life.  There is no indication that he ever seriously considered God, showed a sincere interest in his soul, or thoughtfully pondered where he would spend eternity.  And now it is too late—it is forever too late.  All opportunity to change has vanished. (more)


If you drop it,
Pick it up!

If you spill it,
Wipe it up!

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From General Topics

Christian Schools
and the “Hothouse” Issue

You’ve seen them, those semi-translucent glass or plastic structures called “hothouses” or “greenhouses.” They are specifically designed to protect seedlings from the extremes of freezing cold or the scorching heat of a burning sun. Without greenhouse protection, young plants destined for vital food production would be stunted, gnarled, or even burned or frozen out of existence. (More)

From General Topics

An Examination of the Word-Faith Movement

"You don't have a god in you, you are one."(1)

"Pray to yourself, because I'm in your self and you're in Myself. We are one Spirit, saith the Lord."(2)

"I say this with all respect so that it don't upset you too bad, but I say it anyway. When I read in the Bible where he [Jesus] says, 'I Am,' I just smile and say, 'Yes, I Am, too!'"(3) (More)

* * * * *

Why I Left
the Lutheran Church


My experience as a searching teenager!

How the Bible became the Living Word to me!
What I discovered in my
Biblical studies!
The Reasons whyI Left
the church of my youth!

This is of Interest to:

  • The Methodist Church
  • The Catholic Church
  • The Orthodox Church
  • The Presbyterian Church
  • The Episcopal Church
  • The Anglican Church
  • The United Church of Christ

Good News for You!

A Message for Boys and Girls

What is the most important thing you can think about?  Maybe it’s the challenge of growing up and having a life of your own.  Maybe it’s doing interesting things every day or going to exciting places.  Maybe it’s the music you listen to, the TV programs you watch, or the entertainment you like.  I have some good news for you!  There is something far more important, more exciting, and more vital to your life now!  I hope you will think very careful as you read this little message. (More)


The Story of Aishath
and Her Quest for the Truth of God

(This story comes from the pen of an 18-year-old homeschooled student. You will find it worth reading)

It was late in the afternoon, and the hot sunshine blazed down on the Pakistani village of Kamalia. Little barefooted, brown-skinned children ran about on the dusty road, shouting in their play. The slender, graceful form of a young girl bent over the village well, filling two aluminum pails. Aishath took a sip of the cool, refreshing water from her cupped hands, and splashed the rest over her hot face. (More)

Record List of People

  • Earlist: Adam, world's first human being (Gen. 2:7)
  • Oldest: Methuselah, son of Enoch, who lived to be 969 (Gen. 5:27)
  • Strongest: Samson, carnal Nazarite whom God used to deliver Israel from the Philistines (Judg. 14:6, 15:5)
  • Wisest: Solomon, king of Israel and son of David (1 Kings 3:12)
  • Richest: Solomon (1 Kings 10:23)
  • Tallest: Goliath, over nine feet tall, killed in battle by David (1 Sam. 17:4)
  • Shortest: Zacchaeus, who climbed a sycamore tree to see Jesus (Luke 19:3-4)
  • Fattest: Eglon, Moabite king killed by the judge Ehud (Judg.3:17)
  • Meekest: Moses, Israel's great lawgiver and author of the first five books of the Bible (Num. 12:3)
  • Cruelest: Manasseh, who shed blood from one end of Judah to the other but later repented (2 Chron. 33:1-13)
  • Fastest: Asahel, described in Scripture as "light of foot as a wild roe" (2 Sam. 2:18)
  • Greatest of the Prophets: John the Baptist, forerunner of Christ (Matt. 11:11)




From Biblical Subjects


Different Questions,
Different Answers

What Must I do to be saved?
Differences in the Great Commission
Are there contradictions
in the Bible?


From General Topics



In the first article on “Helpful Hints on Saving Time,” we looked at the principles that should lie beneath our efforts to save time.  If we can see these Biblical principles, we will be better motivated to apply ourselves to practical time-saving.  These principles are ones that have guided my life and use of time. 

But what can we do in a practical way to use our limited time?  Paul prayed that the Philippian brothers might be able to “approve the things that are excellent” or “distinguish between the things that differ” (Phil. 1:10, margin).  The Net Bible puts it this way: “You can decide what is best, and thus be sincere and blameless for the day of Christ.”  (more)

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Tips for Parents


A small child needs a foundation that is stronger than a friend. Knowing he/she is loved unconditionally is more important that having a pal. Parents really help a child form their first opinion of what God is like. (More)

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Jesus Christ or Mickey Mouse?

For ALL parents to consider...

This world is a vast fantasy land for children. America leads the way. Seventy percent of all Americans have been to either Disneyland or Disney World. Children give great adoration towards fantasy characters from Mickey Mouse to SpongeBob. Television, movies, cartoons, video games, computer games, and theinternet all compete for a child's undivided attention.

On the other hand, sixty percent of all children in America , twelve years of age or under, have never been inside of any type of church [building]! The average youth in our country can only name two or three of the Ten Commandments. Fantasy and relativism have kept our childrenfrom considering the claims of Jesus Christ. (More)

Who Killed Jesus?

Did the Jews kill Jesus?
Did the Romans kill Jesus?
Did you kill Jesus?

Many of you have heard of Mel Gibson’s popular movie, entitled, “The Passion of the Christ.”  It has been much discussed and promoted by both Catholic and Protestant people.  The movie, which focuses on the last twelve hours of Christ’s earthly life, was filmed in Italy and financed by Gibson himself.  Interestingly, the characters speak Aramaic (the language of Judean Jews in the first century) and Latin (the language of the Roman occupation forces inJudea). (More)

From Biblical Subjects


Is Jesus the only way to heaven?  This question has been asked for 2,000 years and answered in a variety of ways.  Many people in urworld deny that Christ is the only possible way to be forgiven of sin, to come to God, to experience eternal life.  What is the truth on this critical issue?  This is a fact that will determine our ultimate, eternal destiny—therefore we must discover the answer now!


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